Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 7


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in morning rohan at gate of swaragini mansion calling swara.
rohan: hi swara.come down we have to go to college.
swara: but I always go with ragini and laksh.
rohan: I’m ur bf come on.
swara; OK I’m coming.
meanwhile laksh reaches there.
laksh: shona ragini come down.
ragini: coming.
laksh notices rohan there and ask him
lak; what r u doing here.
rohan : I’m waiting for my gf.
lake: what who is ur gf here .
rohan: she must be coming.
laksh goes near the door seeing swara coming.he sits on knees .
laksh: shona I’m sorry plz forgive me.
swara: u know na I can’t be angry from u.
laksh: but what about ur partner.
swara: I have founded one.
laksh: who
swara: come I’ll make u meet.
swara takes laksh to rohan
rohan; hi baby.
rohan hugs swara.swara in a little discomfort
swara; hi .
laksh: why is he calling u baby shona.
rohan: bcoz she is my gf.by the way we r getting late so we are leaving.bye laksh.
they leave.

laksh to himself: what happened to shona how can she do this..
rohan and swara reaches college .everyone shocked to see swara with rohan.
swara: rohan let’s go for practice.
Rohan: come sweety let’s go.
laksh reaches there.
laksh: swara may I talk to u.
swara: of course .
laksh: shona he is not a good boy plz leave him.
swara: u mind ur own business.
swara leaves with rohan .
in the way.
rohan : baby who is this laksh.
swara: he is my bestest fend.
rohan ; o oo.
rohan; baby I want to tell u something.
swara: what.
rohan : I luv u a lot and will die without u.
swara feels little strange.
they reach khandar.
swara: tomorrow is the prom .so last day to practice.
rohan: let’s start baby.
swara; y do u always call me baby
rohan ; because i like it.
ragini calls swara.
ragini: what’s going on swara.enjoying with bf.
swara: I m not able to adjust.
ragini: u just do what I told u yesterday. just behave like typical gf then see.everything will be fine.
swara: really.
ragini: really shona.bye
swara: bye.
swara goes to rohan and hugs him.
she tries to behave like typical HF but can’t do it.
rohan : r u fine baby.
swara: yes darling.
they dances very close to each other.
rohan; u r so beautiful swara.
swara: thanks baby.
rohan; let’s go for lunch.

they reaches restaurant.
rohan books a closed cabin orders food and tells waiter not to come in.
he comes in cabin sits very close to swara.and keeps his hand on her waist.
swara fells strange and uncomfortable.
swara:what r u doing.
rohan: loving my gf.
swara: rohan but.
rohan: b quiet and enjoy.

he opens her hair and is. about to do a liplock but swara stands up .
swara: I have to go well meet u tomorrow.

precap: rohan trying to kiss swara again and laksh comes

Credit to: Shloka

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