swaragini ……….ep 6


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swaragini calls sanlak
swara; guys guess what.
laksh: our parents r going out so u r calling us to ur home
ragini: how do u know.
sanskar: v know everything as v r not Mad like u.
swaragini: OK smartis come on time tomorrow.
next morning.
sanlak: see v are on time.
swaragini: OK come inside.
swara: see this time there will be 2 best Jodi’s in prom
laksh: so.
ragini: so duffer we want to win
sans: so let’s practice.
ragsan dances very nicely.
now swalak turn
swara: can’t u do a step properly.
laks; no.
swara: OK I’ll select anyone else as my partner.ragini I’m going to college.
laksh: sanskar I’m also going.
swara reaches college.
swara: do anyone want to bcom my partner.
a boy rohan come forward.he loves swara.but never confessed it as she don’t pay attention towards him
rohan; I’ll be ur partner.
swara: good.
rohan: so let’s practice on terrace.no one will disturb us
swara: OK.
they go on terrace meanwhile sansk. call laksh.
sans; laksh papa has called me to tell that I have to go to Mumbai for 1 week.
laksh: OK bahi
sans: so u become raginis partner
laksh: gr8 idea Bhai.
San: bye
laksh; bye
swara on terrace with rohan.
rohan : let’s start.
swara: OK.
rohan puts his hand on swaras waist and pulls her closer.swara feels little discomfort but ignores it.
rohan: may I tell something to u
swara: what
rohan: u r very beautiful.
swara: thanks,by the way I have to go home. so we’ll meet tomorrow.
rohan: at my home or somewhere else.
swara: there is a khandar na we’ll meet there.
rohan ; may I drop u home on my bike.
swara: OK
he drives meanwhile his phone ring he talks
rohan: swara: today I have to go to a party and I need a partner.
swara: so
rohan: will u come.
swara; OK.
rohan: but wear a sari OK.
swra: fine.
at home swara sees ragini and lakshpracticing
swara: what r u doing.
ragini tells her the reason.
swara: o.by the way I have to get ready for a party.
ragini: which party.
swara: I’m going with rohan.
she goes up and wears a black and blue sari and comes downstairs.
rag; u look awesome.
swara: thanku and bye.
rohan at gate.
rohan: omg swara: is looking so beautiful.
swara: what r u thinking let’s leave.
rohan: OK
they reach the place.
rohan: swara I have to say something will u plz become my girlfriend for today.
swara: what.
rohan: I told my frnds I’ll come with my gf.so plz do acting for today plz swara.
swara: OK.
in party hall.
rohan puts his hand on swaras waist and pulls her close to him and introduced her as her gf.
rohan: baby are u fine.
swara: what r saying.
rohan; understand.
swara: yes darling.
rohan; let’s dance.

swara: OK.
they dance .
rohan: may I bring something for u
swara: ya orange juice.
rohan ; OK
rohan spills something on floor and calls swara.while she was coming she gets sprain.
rohan: r u fine baby.
swara:no I’m not able to walk properly.
rohan lifts her and takes her to terrace.
rohan: swara I have a surprise for u
swara: what( she feels a lot discomfort )
rohan shows her a perfect decorated place for date.
rohan puts swara down and propose her.
rohan; swara: will u be my girlfriend.
swara is shocked.
swara: rohan I have never thought about this.
rohan: fine u can try if u fail to love me we’ll break up
swara: fine yes.
rohan lifts her up and hugs her tightly.
swara still not comfortable.
rohan : OK I’ll drop u home now come baby.
swara: OK.
rohan and swara sit on bike.
rohan: now u r my gf u can hold me from back.
swara: but…
rohan : yaar if you’ll not try how u”ll love me.

swara holds him tightly from back.
they rich swaragini home.
swara: bye.
rohan: bye sweetheart
rohan kisses on swara s cheek .
swara: bye.
rohan: call me by some pet name.
swara: OK bye baby.
swara in her bedroom tells ragini everything.
ragini: swara I think u should hive him a chance.
swara: really.
ragini: yes now behave like typical from tomorrow.
swara: OK I’ll try.
ragini: come on call him to say good night.
swara ; calling.
on phone.
swar: hi ( ragini tells her to say baby)
swara: hi baby.
rohan: hello my sweetheart.
swara: I rang to say gn.
rohan: first say the 3 magucal words.
swara:but(rags tell her to say)
swara: i luv u baby.
rohan’ i luv u too.ok gn
swaragini sleep.

precap: laksh shocked to hear about swara and rohan.
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Credit to: shloka

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