Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 10


Thank u for ur support fronds.I am changing my ff name from tomorrow u can find it by name swaragini(swalak and ragsan)……ep .
Swaragini and Sanlak are going home .in car.
Ragsan sitting at back and are lost in each other.swalak sees this from the mirror.
Swara: pehla pehla pyaar h pehli pehli baar h….
Ragini: what
Swara: lado have u forgotten ur home too.
Ragini: what r u saying.
Swara: we have reached home.
Ragini: o .
They step down and ask sanlak to come in.
Swara: lucky u r coming or not.
Lucky gets a call.after that
Lucky: Swara we have to reach college immediately.
Swara: but why.
Lucky: I’ll tell u in way.sanskar u plz go with ragini.
They leave.

In swaragini room.
Ragini: so Mr sanskar maheshwari will u take something.
Sanskar: yes a kiss …
Ragini: never.
Sanskar: why.
Ragini: I was expecting much yaar u would have made proposal more loving.
Sanskar: what was wrong in that.
Ragini: nothing but…..
Sanskar thinks something .
Sanskar: come with me.
Ragini: where.
Sanskar : come na.
He takes her to a beautiful place.
Ragini: omg it’s called perfect .but who did this preparation.
Sanskar: Swara and laksh.They were not having any call from.college it was my plan.
Ragin: u are getting smart day by day.
Sanskar : o now see my smartness.

Sanskar holds ragini in his hands lifts her up and shouts I love u ragini.
Ragini: I luv u too….
They enjoy their first official date.on other sidetogether sitting in a ground
Swara: laksh u know I have never thought that ragsan will make a couple in future.
Laksh: but they are.
Swara: yes and they look so cute together.together
Laksh: exactly.
Swara: I don’t know when will I get my Mr right.
Laksh: in a teasing way. U mean to say like Rohan.
Swara: u have again started.
Laksh: sorry sorry.
Swara: lets leave yaar it’s late already.
At night. In swaragini room.
Ragini: Swara today’s day was awesome.
Ragini: Swara I have an idea.
Swara: what .
Ragini: why don’t u and laksh ….
Swara: never think about it.

Ragini: it’s not a bad idea .no worries I’ll go and bring water.
Swara: me and laksh never.
In morning.swaragini and sanlak in college.
Ragini was passing through the corridor and sanskar pulls her in storeroom.
Sanskar: looking pretty.
Ragini: I always do.
Sanska : lets go for a coffee na.
Ragini: not now I’m going it’s class time.
She leaves.
In library .Swara was keeping some books in upper shelves with a stool suddenly her leg slips and she falls down.laksh holds her .He is lost in her beauty.They gain senses.
Lucky: why can’t u take care.
Swara: bcoz I u r there for taking care of me.
Lucky: but not always Swara.
Swara: y r u saying this .always u will be there.I know.
Lucky: ok come we have to go for class.
Swalak goes from there.after class in canteen.

A girl comes and tries to flirt with lucky.
Girl: hi I m neha.
Luck: lucky here.
Girl: hi lucky may I sit here.
Luckyy: of course beautiful.
Swara is watching all this she comes to him.
Swara: I want ice cream right now.
Lucky: so.
Swara: go nd bring
He brings it.

Precap: swalak realising love….

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