Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-4


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The episode starts with Swara and Ragini gets shocked by seeing Sanskar tying a towel and full of soaps on his face…

Swara makes a weird expression on her face and Ragini follows Swara and they moves on..After sometime,Laksh and Manik arrives to the room and starts the conversation…

Laksh:Machaan on pantom…Idha solradhuku evlo neram da???(We have given the water connection again….Go and take bath daa)
Sanskar:Seri asingamaa thitnapodhu epdida silent uh irundheenga??Eppome thiruppi thittuveengale machi….(Okiee..How did you keep quiet when I scolded you both using bad words…Usually you both will repeat in naa??)

Manik:Eppa da asingamaa thitna??(When did u scolded us da??)

Sanskar:5mins ku munnadi ulla vandheengala appa dhaan machi…Apde thittu vangadhaa maari nadikureenga…(Just a few minutes back daa…Acting like u just don’t know what I scolded)

Laksh:Dei naanga rendu perum ippa dhaan da ulla varom…(Hey we came just now dude…)

Sanskar: Machi podhum da vilayadnadhu…Naan paathen da..(Just stop playing dude…I saw you daa)

Manik:Epdi daa nee paathurpa??Un kannula dhaan soap irundhuchu daa..Unnala kannaye tharaka mudilaye…(How can you see us daa???Soap were full on your eyes and you can’t even open your eyes dude)

Sanskar:Appa konjam nerathuku munnadi yaaro ulla vandhaangale yaaru da avanga??(Somebody entered into our room just a minutes back…Then who’s that??)

Laksh:Yaara irundhaa nammuluku enna machi??Kulichitu vaa daa pasikudhu..(Whomsoever it may be… Take bath and come daa…It’s really hungry fa me)

Sanskar goes and takes bath…Then they goes to eat to the dinning hall..

Swara to Ragini:Ragini..I’ve asked you nearly for 10 times that what did that fellow say??You are not replying to it..

Ragini: Leave it Swara….He thought us as his friends and started to scold us…That’s it…

Swara:That’s it??

Ragini:Yeah Shona…Wait a minute here…I would just go to restroom and come…

Ragini heads straight to their room…She can’t see anybody in their room…She then enters into the room and sees many tatoos,pictures, paintings and many other stuff on the wall…
But she is shocked to see everything is made by Laksh and below every tatoo and picture words stating,”Coz it’s you Ragini…The girl who snatched my heart…Ennodu nee vazhka full uh irukanum Ragini…Throughout my life…Until my death…”

Ragini is slowly transported to the past when she gets remembrance of the day when Laksh came to her and proposed to her in the bus stand…

Laksh:Ragini.. unkitta onnu sollanum..(Ragini, I just wanna say something to you)

Ragini: Sollu daa…Enna?(Tell me Laksh…What happened)

Laksh:Oru ponnu romba nalla manasakullaye irukaa..En friends kitta sonnan…Avanga poi propose panna sonnaanga…(A girl has entered into my heart a few years back..When I told this to my friends, they told me to propose)

Ragini: Seri daa…Propose pannu…(It’s fine…Propose to her)

Laksh: Thappu illala??(Is it wrong??)

Ragini: Enaku thappalaam therla paa…Indha kaalathula love saadhaarnama vandhududhu…Andha maariyana love uh illama true love nu nee feel panna na poi propose pannu…Vazhka full uh ava illama vazha mudiyaadhu nu thonichunaa propose pannu.. Avalukaaga enna venumna panlaam nu thonudhu naa propose pannu po…Avlo dhaan ennaala solla mudiyum….

Laksh:Nejamavaa??Propose pannidavaa??(Sure…Can I propose to her surely)

Ragini: Chii…Summa sonnan Laksh..Ippa dhaan 2nd year padikura adhukulla edhuku love laam??Adhelaam apparam paathukalaam…Naan poi apdi pesnaan nu shock aaitiyaa??Summa kidding daa…Love laam ippa venaam…Nee padikura paiyan poi padi po…(Just kidding yaar…How can you think that I would speak like this??Don’t think about love and all…You can think about it after you finish your studies…I was just kidding you..)

Laksh:Seriyanava Dee nee…(You are just an idiot..)

Ragini laughs…

Laksh:Sirikum podhu semmaya iruka…

Ragini:Thanks daa…

Laksh:Seri ok Ragini… Bye.. Time aachu..Nee en kooda variya???(Then it’s fine…Are you coming with me???)

Ragini:Illa da…Friends kooda ye varen…(I will come along with my friends itself Laksh..You go..)

Laksh:Ragini…Hostel ku koopadla…(I didn’t call you for hostel)


Manik interferes and says:Vaazhkai full uh avan kooda variya nu kekaraan!!!(He is requesting you to come along with him throughout the life)

Ragini slaps Laksh:Innilerundhu unnakum ennakum edhum illa Laksh… Idhuku mela enkitta pesanomnu try pannadha..It’s all done…(Please move away Laksh…From this moment, all are done between you and me)


Ragini: Manik yaar yaaro Rags nu koopadrudhu pudikila..Po sollu…(I can’t bare someone calling me sweetly as Rags..Just tell him to move on..)

Laksh:Ragini sorry…

Ragini to Laksh:Dei arivilayaa??Sonna purinjikamaata???Porikki…Unna maari cheap guys kiita laam friendship maintain panradhuku serrupala dhaan adichikanam…(Cheap coward…Won’t you understand if I say once??I should hit myself with slipper for maintaining friendship with you,a cheap class coward..)

Manik consoles him and they moves on…

At present,

Ragini touches a Laksh’s pic and says:Anniku unna apdi asinga paduthunane da..Innum enna nanichitu iruka??Un kooda rendu varshama pesaama irukan…En mela kovam varla???Enake en mela apdi kovam varudhu daa…(I just scolded you too badly that day..But still you have kept me in your heart…I didn’t talk to you for 2 years…Are you can’t get anger over me??)

Laksh sees her from the back and says:Un mela laam kovame varadhu Dee…(I won’t get anger over you throughout my life)

Ragini: Laksh….

Laksh:Rags nu koopadlaama???(Can I call you as Rags??)

Ragini runs towards him and Raglak share their first hug in their lifetime…

Laksh:Epdi di evlo naal pesama irundhu???(How can you be normal without talking to me??)

Ragini: Adha vidu…Sanskaar yaar varanga nu kooda paathu thita maatana???(Leave it..Tell Sanskar to scold after seeing who’s that).

Laksh: Yen ennachu??(why what happened??)

Ragini:Avan thitnadhu ennayum Swaravayum dhaan…(He scolded us only).


As the screen freezes…

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Nandri(Thank you)
With love(Anbudan)

Credit to: S.S

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