Swaragini (Ennodu nee irundhaal) Episode-1


Hi guys…Iam a die hard fan of SwaRagini.. Simultaneously Iam a Tamilian…So I have thought to write a ff on Swaragini in a Tamil manner…The story would be typed in English except some phrases….Please support me tamilians…This ff is actually inspired from Malayalam blockbuster PREMAM…I really love that movie…So I just thought to write a ff based on that story with Swara,Sanskar,Parth Samthaan,Laksh,Ragini as the main leads…

Without any doubts,the pairs are Swasan….As the story moves on Raglak too would be involved more in the story…Please support me tamilians and other language guys too….The first episode goes as follows,

At the Mumbai Railway Station,

Sumi:Take care Shona…Be careful…We are allowing you to go to Chennai as it’s your wish…Be safe ma….

Sekar:Swara…You would have got many professors job in Mumbai itself maa…Why are you interested in working as a professor in that specified college???

Dadi:Leave her Sekar…She won’t accept our sayings…Let her carry her choices….

Swara:Ma I would take total care of me…Don’t worry…I would call you everyday maa…Ragini is there is in Chennai to take care of me…Then why are you worrying???Then Papa,first of all thank you for accepting my wish to go to Chennai and work as a professor…Many colleges are ready to give me a professor job…But I’m not ready to stay here with my past bitter memories…I just want to start a new life Papa…Then Dadi,Thank you for supporting me and then I need to get scoldings from you everyday….Bless me Ma Papa and Dadi…

Swara gets blessings from them and she entrains into the train….She waves goodbye to them and goes and sits into the window seat…Chill breeze of air hits her and her hairstyle gets spoiled…She combs her hair and she adjusts her seat and starts to sleep….

At Chennai…

A gang of boys are standing near the entrance of an engineering college…

Sanskar:Machi ippa dhaan college kulla vandha maadhiri iruku daa..Aana adhukulla final year machaan…Namba ve mudila daa..(He says that it feels for him like that he has entered the college just now…But they have came to final year)

Laksh:Indha oru varshathukullayavadhu oru aala pudikanum machaan….(Within this year I should find a lover for me dude)

But Sanskar is not paying attention to Laksh’s words….He is just amazed to see a gorgeous girl entering into their college…

Sanskar: Semmaya irukaa Machan… (She is so gorgeous)

Laksh:Yaaruda iva…Evlo azhagana ponnu nammaluku theriyama namma college laya???(Who’s this beauty…We haven’t seen this beauty before in our campus)

Sanskar:Machan un thangachi azhaga poi varunikura vekkama illa???(How dare would you express the beauty of your sister???Don’t you feel ashamed???in a joyous manner…)

Laksh:Ohhh.Andha alavuku poiducha???(Does she entered into your heart?)

Sanskar:Definitely machaan….

Swara heads straight towards them and she asks something…

Swara:Excuse me…May I know the way to HOD’s room please???

Sanskar:Semaya iruka di….Chancey illa….

Swara:Excuse me…Can you say it in English Please??? I can’t understand….

Manik: He says that you are mind blowing…

Swara stares at them and moves on…..Sanskar quarells with Manik that why did he say that to her….
As the screen freezes…..
Manik aka Parth Samthaan from Kaisi yeh yaariyan…

Guys please let me know that how was the start….I believe that Tamilians would understand those phrases….Other language people,the words inside the bracket are translation for that Tamil phrases….Please support me…..

Nandri(Thank you)
Anbudan(With love)

Credit to: S S

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  1. I am also.tamilian..ss neega nalla eludhirukinga..continue pannuga nanga support panrom..parth enaku pudikum.ragini enaku romba pudikum..ragini ku importance kudunga…tamil dialogue semma.all the best

  2. awesome dear.. premam is most favourite of both tamilan’s and malayali’s.. keep on gng..

  3. i am also tamilian happy read ur ff superb keep writng

  4. supera iruku dear continue…ennoda swaraginiya tamila paakrathu romba pudichirku…and ofcourse premam is my fav movie….first tamil fanfiction of swaragini…rockzzz..

  5. Pakkaa Mass???!!!Semma… Manik from ky2 as their friend???!!!Keep Rocking dear???I have read it for 4 times till now… Swasan rockz!!!Raglak rockz!!Swaragini rockz!!! Ultimately “Tamizh rockz!”

  6. Premam is the favorite movie for me and I like u r start plz update regularly

  7. Pakka masss!!! ?? continue pannunga! Semma episode! ?

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