Hi guys , how r u ?? i guess u r fine .. hmm anyways i am poo , i luv reading ff’s on my fav serial swaragini , so i thought to write one , idk how it is … mean to say that idk its good or bad , so i want your comments on it , so that i can empower myself n try to improve it ….
So here we go with the prologue of my new story …
All character are same in my story

My story actually starts from the point when kavitha comes to mm, to save dp … but it’s a bit different, here in my ff kavitha doesn’t demand to have sanskaar or something ,but she understands his deep love for swara n walks away from his life and then swsan happily marry without any mad lady creating obstruction in their marriage by saying the dialogue “jiji ki atma … woh , yeh ….blah blah blah “ ( guys i srsly want to know that am i the only one who is pisssed off because of that urvashi saying the same dialogue again n again … i feel that she only knows how to say” that “line properly and nothing else … rit??)

Laksh while trying to teach a lesson to ragini ,falls in love with her and the same happens with , even she too madly falls for him again . they also express their feelings to each other …and try to move on in their life …. but there’s a new twist (you’ll get to know that while you reading the story )

And ya i forgot to tell you ppl , as helly shah is my favourite actress (a.k.a swara),i thought of fulfilling her wish …n that is …Wait i think it would be better if you get know while you are reading the story …..

Hmm so guys , comment to your heart’s content … as i need fuel to start my vehicle (i.e my brain 😛 ) …. so ppl luv u loads n amigos till i meet u wit my first chapter of “SWARAGINI : ENDLESS LOVE “


Credit to: poo


  1. meghs

    superb continue poo…
    even i irritated of urvashi… “mere jiji kush nahi hain” n “jiji dekh rahi haina” etc ..
    only 2 dialogues in every epi am fed off it atma n all …

  2. Swen Woni

    Great Base…..will be waiting to read it story….And trust me u are not the only one who hates Urvarshi maasi….
    I just wish that swasan get married without any problems(in the actual ‘serial)….

  3. Anu

    Hey I m a silent reader even I like swara aka heely very mch nd plz focus your story main on swasan life….may be you will not see my comment daily but I assure you I will read every part of ff nd plz post next part fast

  4. meesha

    first it is urvashi saying jiji kush nii hai has become a comic scene for me Rather than being negative
    I literary laugh coz I know whenever she open her mouth this dialogue will come for sure

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.