Swaragini- ek unsuni dastaan

Hello Friends.
From today onwards I will be writing my fan fiction. Hope You guys like it.

Characters- Swara Maheswari
. Ragini Maheshwari
. Durga Prasad Maheshwari
. Anita Maheshwari

On the other hand we have- Laksh Khanna
. Sanskar Khanna
Aditya Khanna
. Nimisha Khanna
. Ahilya Khanna
. Shekhar Khanna

The Khannas and Maheshwaris are enemies for life…Laksh is the eldest son of Shekhar followed by Sanskar then Adi and lastly Nimisha. Whereas Swara is the eldest daughter of DP. DP is paralyzed and Swara handles the maheshwari industries. Laksh though is the elder brother I good for nothing as he wants to be a singer but his parents want him to go into their family business. Sanskar and Adi support Laksh but parents don’t. Both Khannas and maheshwaris are equally rich. Now lets see how love blossoms on the basis of enemity.
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  1. Can u reval the pairs???

  2. Plz..raglak and swasan b pairs

  3. anusha reddy

    but plzzz keep swasan yaar.. as pairs…..

  4. Ragsan and swalak

  5. may be it is swasan and raglak story???

  6. plz make swasan and raglak pairs

  7. Swasan and raglak please please please please they are the best

  8. Swasan swasan swasan swasan swasan and and and and and raglak raglak raglak raglak raglak. Plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

  9. Swalak and Ragsan please because these two couples are awesome

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