HEY guyz sorry for the late update , actually i was quite busy and irritated and was not in the mood to right or chat so sorry jhanvi for it and thank u all for the great response and my other ff’ formula of changing hate into love’ i will be posting it tommrow bcz thats really crazy and naughty as u know , so nned time to write it hope u guyz don’t mind.
So this was the day when places was going to be arranged of students in class , and our swara was very much excited for it and was just praying that her place should be or i should say MUST be beside or near ragini , her turn came to pick the chit and sit according to the number written in the chit and to her luck her place was on first bench she was looking around to find ragini’s place BUT there is no moment when there is no twist in swara’s life and she came to know that our dear ragini is absent , her face expressions got changed and when she looked towards kavya she laughed as she was observing swara from that time .
SWARA- yaar kavya why didn’t to informed me that ragini is absent
KAVYA (giving her a r u serious wala look)- u stupid person i said u , not only for once but thrice

SWARA- really then am i a deaf? that i didn’t heard u
K – yeah i think so bcz u was busy in ur own dream world, abhi aise mou latka kar mat khade raho see there is still a girls place left on ur bench, ask her to occupy it tomorrow.
S- to whom
K- swara really u r becoming mad , do u want me to come and sit there
S- NO i will ask ragini to sit there why u will come
K – so was i telling u this samething in japanese or what
S – K know i understood , don’t become so angry yaar , see i can make omlete over here due to ur temperature

K- aaah SWARA
s- k sorry
our swara was eagerly waiting for ragini soon she came with soha as both r sisters ,
S- kavya she came
K – I can see , but u know what
S- what?

k – if u wait till she get settle on some other place then i am sorry , u won’t be getting the chance to meet her
S- wait i can’t let this happen i am going to her
saying this she ran to ragini , and to her surprise ragini even agreed to sit kind hearted girl na , but as i said there is no moment in swara’s life when there is no twist , and the twist began over here the teacher asked the students who were absent yesterday to come and pick the chit and ragini’s place was far away from swara’s palce, she looked towards kavya who was sitting beside soha and kavya gave her it happens type look and she landed her head on the bench blabbering about her destiny and the STUPID chit system .

soon the days passed and the distance between them got increased as ragini didn’t know that someone(swara)wants to make her friend and with the increasing distance , swara wish also got increased to be with ragini as everyday she got to notice many habbits of ragini which are nice and different from others…

for swara friendship is not something in which u formally say hello , talk or meet daily , for her friendship is something in which not the talk or the words but the silence between to people is understandable .she was not a little bit but very much crazy about ragini bcz when u like someone and u didn’t get the chance to interact with her u will go crazy , and swara didn’t said ragini something bcz she was hell scared that if ragini will make fun of it (which will not happen)then she won’t be able to meet her eyes.

precap:swara’s confession about friendship and ragini’s reaction .

author’s note: if u all agree this ff will be in the form of swara’s diary , so do tell me ur choice through comments .
hope u guys liked it..
this is n.m signing out….
have a nice day…………………………..


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