Swaragini ek sachi prem kahani Episode 2


Hi guys. This is second episode. Thanks for the comments. I know I’m very late. Sorry for that.

Recap: swaragini and sanlak reached school. Swaragini has 6 friends.

Swara says u went to library. Sanskaar says yes I went to llibrary. Swara says u went to library!!! That a miracle. Sanskaar maheshwari went to library. When did I this miracle happened. Sanskaar says I went to library for u not me. Swara says for me?? Really!!! Sanskaar says ya. U want this book. For that I went. He gives the book. Swara says ‘love at first sight’. I want this book from so mich time. But somebody else has taken it. Thank u so much sanskaar. She hugs him. He hugs him back. Sanskaar says ur most welcome. Pragya says shall we go for picnic. See tomorrow is Sunday so we can go. Swara says yaa. We will take ragini and her friends also. Sanskaar says even laksh also. Swara says yaa.of course. Samrat says ok done. We r gng to picnic. Gunjan says it will be so fun.

At the canteen.

Everybody is present. Sanskaar says laksh we have planned a picnic for tomorrow. Laksh says really!! So where we r gng for picnic. Twinkle says oh shit. We didn’t decide. U all decide where we can go.nupur says we can go to miracle garden. Bulbul says great idea. Yuvi says yaa. It’s a good idea. We can go there. Swara says that place is superb. Everybody says swara plz. Now don’t start ur romantic talks. Swara says ok. I will not . But that place is so romantic. Twinkle says u will never change. Swara says why should I change. Sanskaar says if u will change then how will I know that whom I love. Ragini says yaa. Swara says ok. Ok. Enough. Now we have decided we r gng to miracle garden. U all should bring camera to click fotos. Ok. Everybody says ok.

They all went to their respective homes.

Precap : enjoying in miracle garden.

Sorry guys it’s too short. Plzzzzzzzzzz comment guys.

Have a good day?☺

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. very nice please keep it up

  2. It’s nyc dear…compose good seen for miracle garden…..these scenes were also too gud

  3. Nice but make it long

  4. awsum pls continue and let it be swasan n raglak only

  5. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Thanks meghs.

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