Swaragini ek sachi prem kahani Episode 1


Hi everyone.I’m happy to know u all like the intro. And thanks for the comments. This is the first episode. Hope u like it.

A girl is seen wearing her school uniform. A lady calls ragini . Did u woke up? She is sumi Ragini says I’m ready but swara is still sleeping. Sumi says wake up swara also. Ragini tries to wake up swara. But swara tells 5 min. Ragini says u don’t have to meet sanskaar.swara wakes up suddenly and says oh no I have to go to school. Ragini says whenever I will take sanskaar name. U will get up suddenly. Swara says u r reacting like u don’t know anything. Ragini says I know everything. Ok. Now get ready fast.

Sanskaar wakes up and Ap asks him to wake up laksh as well. Sanskaar tries to wake him up. But he didn’t woke up. Sanskaar pretends and says ragini . U!!! Laksh gets up suddenly and he sees ragini is not there. Laksh says where is ragini bhai? I can’t see her. Sanskaar bursts into laughter. Laksh asks him why r u laughing? Sanskaar says here is no ragini. I did this to wake u. Laksh says u know I’m going to school only because of ragini. Sanskaar says yaa Bcoz u like her so much. Laksh says I don’t like her I love her. When ever I’m seeing her I feel the world has freezed. Sanskaar says ok. Come on. Get ready.

Swaragini and sanlak headed towards the school.

( swara ans sanskaar r in 9th grade and ragini and laksh r in 7th grade. Swara loves sanskaar and laksh loves ragini.

Swara started loving sanskaar when she has first saw him. Laksh also started loving ragini when he has saw her first time.

Dp and shekhar were business partners. Ap knows that laksh loves ragini and she want laksh to get married to ragini when they will become big. In swara case only ragini knows that swara loves ragini.

Swara is two years elder then ragini and sanskaar is two years elder than laksh).

Swaragini and sanlak reached the school. Swara enters the class and her friends says oh. At last u came. Always coming late as she is the maharani of the school. Swara says hi to everyone. They also says her hi.

Swara has 6 friends. Twinkle kunj abhi Pragya gunjan samrat(from mile jab hum tum).

Swara sits and they all chat. Swara asks where is sanskaar. Twinkle says he will come. He has went to library. Swara says ohh.ok. Sanskaar came and says hi swara. Swara also says him hi.

Ragini has 4 friends. Yuvi chinki Purab bulbul and nupur mayank( from mile jab hum tum).

Laksh comes and says hi ragini. Ragini also says hi. Laksh stares at her. Ragini asks why r u staring at me. Laksh says u r so beautiful. Ragini blushes.

The episode ends.

Hope u like the episode and I will get good comments. So guys give ur suggestions comments and feedbacks.

Have a good day??

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. hey sahima nice start dear

    1. Thanks

  2. I am just kidding which mom will suppirt his son lovecwho is in 7th grade
    If my mom is in ap position she would send me to boarding school by breaking all my bones

    And coming to your ff its nice start

    1. Thanks

  3. nice yaar. waiting for next update

  4. So sanskar doesn’t love swara and ragini doesn’t love laksh?

    1. Ya diya. But they will realize it later.

  5. Very nice ?

  6. Interesting

  7. Interesting childhood love

  8. Thanks everyone

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