Swaragini ek pyaar ki kahani episode 2


Hello guyz i am back with fanfiction.

So the episode start with.
Sanlak leave for collage.

At collage.
Swaragini goes to there class and sit together.
Sanlak also come there.
Laksh sees swaragini and say wow bhai look at them.
Sanskar. Tu bhi na.
Laksh. Kya bhai app bhi na.
Sanskar. Hun jaha pariya karne ka liya aya hai.
Laksh. Tu kai.
Sanskar. Great i am going to sit you go and talk with them.
Laksh. Has your wish. But don’t say that i did’t call you.
Sanskar. Thaik hai tu ja.
Sanskar smile
Laksh goes toward swaragini.
Laksh. Hello beautiful girls.
Ragini. Bye monkey.
Laksh. Ha.
Swara. Ragini?.
Ragini. What.
Swara. Nothing.
Laksh. Hello i am laksh.
Swara. Hello laksh and smile.
Laksh. I know you have start liking me right don’t worry i am very girls dream boy.
Ragini. Hahaahahha.
Laksh. What.
Ragini. Nothing.
Swara. So friends.
Ragini. Diii????.
Swara. What ladooo.
Laksh. Ladooo.
Swara. No you dont have right too say that. Its ragini.
Ragini. Ha monkey.
Laksh. Koi baat nahi chipkali.
Ragini get angry.
Laksh laugh.
Swara. Plz laksh dont make her angry na.
Laksh. Ok sweetie.
Swara. Ja so friends.
Laksh. Yea.
Laksh to ragini do you want to be my friends.
Ragini. Yea whatever.
Laksh. Attiuide ha.
Ragini. Ha to.
Laksh. Thaik hai.
Ragini its not easy to be my friends.
Laksh challenge.
Ragini. Yea.
Laksh. Ok.
And goes from there.
Sanskaar. Kya hoa.
Laksh. Nothing uske ki behna en mujhe challenge kai.
Sanskar. Kya.
Laksh. Hai na.
Sanskar. Friends bane tum dano.
Laksh. Swara si bana lekin ragini si nahi.
Sanskar. Ha its ok.
Laksh. No bhai. She gived me challenge.
Sanskar. It ok. After all i know them.
Laksh. How.
Sanskar tell him that they wear at same class in school.
Laksh. Oh.
Sanskar. Ha.
After collage sanlak and swaragini went home.

Laksh room.
Laksh was thinking about ragini challenge.
Laksh i will show you ragini.
And goes to sleep.

Sanskar room.
Sanskar open his diary and sees a picture and tell that you are very beautiful yaar. He then kiss the photo. Its none other than swaragini.
He then sleeps.

Swaragini room.
Swara. Ladoo.
Ragini. Yes.
Swara. Let sleep.
Ragini. Two min.
Swara. No i am feeling sleepy.
Ragini. On and put phone on desk and goes to sleep.
The episode finished there.

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Credit to: Unkown

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