Swaragini: Ek Pyaar Ka Rishta

Hi guys its my first fanfiction .so, I need your support. If u find any mistake s.first of all sorry .:-)

Scene 1:two girls are playing in a baadi suddenly a boy comes and pushes one of them and takes the doll from her hand and she starts crying the other girl sees this and when the boy is about to go she keeps her leg ahead and the boy falls both the girls start fighting for the doll.sudden a lady comes and shouts shona , chotti its their mom (sumi).she asks what is this girls.u both don’t know manners hearing this everyone in baadi gathers sumi is shouting at the girls a lady comes and says what’s this sumi why are u shouting at my granddaughters its thier grandmother (nani)
Sumi:maa u didn’t see how these girls r shouting
Nani:yes but why they are shouting what is the reason ?
Sumi:maa u r asking the reason
Sumi:maa u don’t know till now thier character
Nani:sumi wait shona tell me why u both were fighting with him
Shona:nani…… (In a hard voice)he forcefully took chotti’s doll
Nani:shona…..(with a doubtfull face)
Chotti:whatever shona is saying its truth.
Sumi:chotti…… (with an angry face)
Nani: enough they are kids leave them.
The boy silently goes and says sorry to chotti and shona nani sees this
Nani :OK its all enough now every one leave go and do their own work
Sumi:but maa
Sumi ,nani, and others leave
Shona and chotti says in one voice ( who ever comes to make fun of swaragini their condition will be like this)swaragini …….in BGMusic.

Sorry if it wasted ur time 🙂 🙂

Credit :Riya 🙂

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  1. Hmmm nice start…..

  2. Oh o riya dis story is really not tym wasting so pls cntinu !

  3. Hey riya its awesome ff
    Upload nxt part fast I m waiting eagerly nd plz make it a bit longer plz plz
    And yes plz make pair of swaan nd raglak

    1. Yes it mind blowing
      I loved it
      Post more and more fanfiction ?☺?
      Swaragini shud be like this
      Thanks riya

      1. U r welcome dear 🙂

  4. Pls dnt mak rags a silnt 1 in dis 2 n luvd ur plot:-)

  5. Plz make it ragsan and swalak

  6. nice starting

  7. Thanks guys I will do my best 🙂

  8. Riya plz upload nxt part fast

  9. o coursse what

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