Swaragini : Ek Pyaar ka Rishta (part 2)


Scene 1: in the girls room
A room is shown one girl is sleeping there covering her face. Another girl comes out from bathroom she is wearing blue jeans and purple top  she comes out calling chotti wake up if we want to go to
college u have to be ready within 15 mins otherwise every thing will get wrong she shouts chotti……… She wakes up she is very sleepy she is wearing pink nightdress
she says :swara 5 min more please
Swara : are chotti if ur not coming sleep I am going
Chotti :are meri maa wait I am coming she is still  asleep
After 10 mins a girl comes wearing black skirt with red top with hairs opened (she is ragini)
Both r looking gorgeous . they comes out
They does!the pooja with their family after  they have their breakfast
Sumi takes aarthi and give them kheer they both take elders blessings and leaves.

Scene 2 : in college
Swaragini reach college as they both are looking gorgeous .they sees Raj and his team flirting and teasing girls (he is a flirt ).swaragini without looking at them starts leaving. Raj sees them and goes to them
Raj: hi I am raj
Swara: come chotti let’s go.
Ragini: come
Raj: wait wait where are u going sweeties. Just take a look at us we are also here
Swara: chotti come
Raj: chotti….. Means she is ur sis she is also very cute.hi chotti iam Raj
Ragini: ha naam to suna he par de kha nani
Both swaragini laughs Raj smirks they leaves
Raj holds ragini and tries to misbehave with her swara sees this and beats him from back and both fights with him

Precap: swara slaps a boy mistaking him to be Raj,Ragini falls from (u guys imagine from were it will be).

Credit to: Riya

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  1. May be its sanskar

  2. who is raj?

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