Swaragini- Ek Prem Kahani (intro)


Swaragini Fanfic.

Ek Prem Kahani…

Intro of main characters:

Swara Gadoddia: Pretty, happy, 21 year girl of Gadoddia family. Older daughter of Sharmishta and Shekhar Gadoddia. Has one younger, step sister- Ragini. She loves her family a looooot and will do anything for them. She is fun-loving girl who stands up for what is right. Loves music.

Ragini Gadoddia: Just like her sister, very pretty and happy girl. 19 years old. Shy. Younger daughter of Shekhar and Sharmishta. She is kind and caring and can do anything for her family. She only opens up and shares her feelings with Swara. Loves music.

Sanskar Maheshwari: A young, 23 year and a handsome boy who is a business man. He is caring and mature. He knows what is right and wrong but can get angry at little things easily. Very hardworking. Son of Sujata and Ram Prasad Maheshwari.

Laksh Maheshwari: Young, 20 year old, handsome boy who tries to act arrogant but is very kind inside. He loves hanging out with friends and partying. He also likes business studies like his cousin brother Sanskar. But he is not serious at all. Shares his feelings with Sanskar only. Son of Annapoorna and Durga Prasad Maheshwari.

Other permanent characters: Dadi, Dadaji, Parineeta, Adarsh, Uttara.

Permanent made up characters: Ragini’s bff: Divya and Laksh’s bff Veer. (I’ll introduce them later).

And I don’t know the pairs yet so I’ll reveal them later. This is my first Swaragini fanfic so pls pls pls pls pls pls excuse me if its. not nice.


Hi guys it’s me Rain. So all this while I’ve been posting os’s. But now I’m gonna start posting some actual ff. So this ff is damn special to me. It’s my first ever one. Like I started writing it last year. And posting it on g+. And initially I used to et a HUGE response but nowadays I don’t. So I stopped posting it there. But I didn’t have the heart to stop it coz it’s my first ff and stuff. So after a whooooole year I thought I’ll post on telly. So the small parts of me talking, was mainly for g+. I’ll be giving my side comments like this. I hope u ppl like it. I’ve written quite a looot of episodes already so I won’t be able to change it much. Since it’s written in Hindi, I’ll give translation in the side for those who don’t understand it. Pls tell me how it is and pls do comment. I love u all❤️

Credit: Rain

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  1. interesting

  2. Awesome continue bt pair will be swasan n raglak plzzzzzzzzzs

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Lol most of the chaos r pre written so I won’t change anything but yes. I’m a Swasan Raglak fan. So I will do justice to my love for them. I wrote that in the intro when I was writing the ff for g+. I’m not in a mood to create suspense

  3. Nice one.update next chapters very very soon

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u:) will try

  4. Akshata


    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks Akshata

  5. Seems interesting… go ahead dear… plzz continue… ☺

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u Kakali:):)

  6. Interesting and plz continue

  7. Swasan pls

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      It’s definitely Swasan. And Raglak. The suspense was for g+ like loooong time back.

  8. Interesting. …I just love raglak and swasan . Go ahead.

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u:) I love Swasan and Raglak

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks Soujanya

  9. Drishya

    Intresting swasan and raglak plz

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Yes. I love them too. So I’ll obvio write about them:p

  10. Arshaanya

    By age it wil b obvsly swasan?

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Hehe I love Swasan and Raglak too. The suspense was for g+. I’ve written this like loooong time ago. But yea normally age doesn’t matter. Coz love can happen wid anyone. But chill I won’t do Swa ———– Lak or Rag ————– San

  11. Love it dear . swara is 21 and sanskar is 23 and laksh is 20 and ragini is 19 so I think it will be swasan and raglak only update soon

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks Anjali:) yea but does age really matter in love? But still I don’t agree wid d concept of love beyond ages so yes it’s Swasan and Raglak

      1. No age really don’t matter according to me. I was just thinking

      2. Rain_Lightwood

        Well yea that’s true

  12. Vyshu10


  13. Nice buttttt swasaannnnnnnnnnn pls

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Yea. The suspense was for g+. Like loooong back. So it’s Swasan and Raglak

  14. Want swasan n by age it shud be swasan yaar!!!!!??????????????

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thanks Gulshara. See the thing is I had created that suspense for g+. Like loooong back. But I don’t have the mood to have fun in suspense. So it is Swasan and Raglak. So relax. But still does age really matter when ur in love?

      I’m sorry acc to me it does matter that’s why I base my couples on the basis of age. but yea

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