Swaragini- Ek Prem Kahani (Chapter 1)


Ek Prem Kahani- chap 1

@Gadoddia house in Baadi.

Dadi: Shomiii!!!

Sharmishta: Ji ma? (Yes Ma?)

Dadi: Thari do betiya abhi tak sorahe hai kya? Utthao une! Puja karni hai…(Wake up ur daughters. We need to do the puja)

Sharmishta: Ji ma. Abhi utthake aayi. (Ya. I’ll do it and come)

Shomi went to the room. She went in and saw two girls sleeping peacefully.
Shomi goes to them and shakes one of the girls to wake up.

Shomi: Oho! Shona! Uttho! Ragini! Tum bhi! Uttho! (Shona, Ragini, wake up!)

Ragini wakes up. But Shona is still sleeping.

Shomi: Shona! Uttho beta!(Shona, wake up)

Shona in sleep: Ma! Sirf paanch minute. (Give me five mins)

Shomi: Nahi! Uttho beta! Varna teri dadi ko gussa aajayega aur une gussa aajayega toh tujhe toh pata hai kya hoga. Puja bhi karni hai, uttho! (No! Wake up. Otherwise ur Dadi will get pissed. We need to perform te puja. Pls wake up!)

Ragini: Ma, aap chinta mat kijiye. Aap jaao aur puja ki tayari kijiye. Hum Swara ko utthayenge. (Ma, u chill. I’ll wake her up)

Shomi: Thank you beta. Bhagwan jaane ki main kya karti agar tum Nahi hoti. Sikh Swara Sikh. Tujhse choti hai par sabki itni acchi sein izzat karti hai. Aur Ek tum Ho jo meri kehene ke baad bhi utththi Nahi. Ab uttho jaldi! (Thank u so much! God knows how is survive without u. Learn from her Swara. She’s younger than u and yet she listens more than u. Now wake up fast!)

Saying that Shomi walked out. Ragini sighed and looked at Swara who was still sleeping. She shook Swara.

Ragini: Swara, uttho na! Varna dadi ko gussa aajayega aur ma bhi tumhe defend Nahi karenge jaise woh har baar karte hai. (Swara pls wake up. Otherwise dadi will get pissed and even maa won’t defend u)

Swara sleepily: Mmhhh. Par tum toh Ho na. Mujhe defend karne ke liye? (Ya but ur there to defend me)

Ragini: Haa! Par hum dadi ko gussa Nahi dilana chaahate hai. (Ya but I don’t wanna make dadi angry)

Swara: pls Ragini? Sirf paanch minute? (Pls Ragini. Just five mins)

Ragini: Nahi Swara. Pls uttho. (No Swara. Plsssss wake up!)

Swara wakes up and sits on the bed.

Swara: Kya Ragini? Tum aise request karoge toh mein kaise mana karu? Yeh cheating hai! (This isn’t fair. If u request so sweetly how can I say no?)

Ragini smiled and hugged her.

Ragini: Hum jaante hai Swara. Tum humse bade zaroor Ho par tum hamari best friend Ho. Aur saath saath hamari behen bhi Ho. Toh baath mana toh Nahi karenge na hum dono Ek dusre se? (I know. Ur older than me but we’re still best friends and sisters. So how can v deny eo?)

Swara smiled and hugged back. Both of them were happy. They were Swaragini.

Meanwhile @MM

Sanskar is walking towards Laksh’s room. He entered his room and saw his room in a mess. He saw Laksh walk outside the bathroom into the room. He was not wearing any shirt.

Sanskar: Oho! Lucky! Tu bhi na! Kitna laparva hogaye Ho? Bhala room ko koi itna gandha rakta hai kya? (Uff! Lucky! Ur getting careless by the day. Does anyone keep their room so messy?)

Laksh: Ofo! Bhai! Tum bhi na! Tum itna serious kaise Ho yaar? Thoda chill maar na yaar! (Oh my god BHAI! Ur too serious for ur own good. Learn to chill out)

He slipped into his shirt.

Sanskar: Tere bhale ke liye ke raha hoon. Badalde apne aadat ko varna koi musibat Mein aajayega. (I’m saying this for ur own good. Mend urself. Otherwise you’ll get into deep trouble)

Laksh: Jab musibat aayega toh dekhlenge. Abhi Nahi. Abhi toh college jaana hai. Late Nahi Ho sakta! Bahot saare kaam hai. (We’ll see When I get into trouble. Rite now I need to get to college. I can’t be late. I have lots of work).

Sanskar: Pehle din mein aisa konsa kaam hai? (It’s ur first day. What work do u have?)

Laksh: Veer se milna. Woh bhi mere saath issi college join kar raha hai. Aur sabse important, khubsurat ladkiyo se flirting bhi karna hai. (I have to meet Veer. He’s also joining the same colz. And most importantly, we need to flirt wid beautiful girls). (Winks)

Sanskar: Flirting? Lucky…!

Laksh: Come on Bhai! Flirting sehat ke liye accha hai! (Flirting is good for health!)

Saying that he walked out of the room, his room still in a mess.

Sanskar to himself: Yeh kab sudaregha? Kaash ki woh din jaldi aajaye! (When will he change? I wish that day comes soon!)

@Gadoddia house in Baadi

Swara and Ragini come out of the room looking fresh and very pretty. Swara was wearing her normal jeans and blue colour kurti. Ragini was wearing her normal pink and white salwar kameez.

Dadi without looking at them: Tum dono maharaniyo aagaye? Ab tum dono choriyo ko time milgaya toh puja shuru kare? (Both of u came? Now that you’ve finally gotten time, can v start the puja?)

Swaragini: Haa haa dadi. Shuru karte hai na. (Yea come. Let’s do it)

Dadi turned around to face them and looked shocked. She almost dropped her puja ki thali but caught it in time.

Dadi: Ae! Yeh kya pehne Ho Swara chori? Puja ke liye woh bhi? Aur tu Laado? Tune bhi? Hum ne ke kahata? Puja ke liye tum dono lehenga pehna. Toh phir yeh… (God! What r u both wearing. I told u to wear lehengas for puja)

Swara: Arrey Dadi! Lehenga toh hum dono functions ke liye Rakte hai. Aur waise bhi Dadi, yeh kapade bure Nahi hai. (If we wear all the lehengas now what will we have for functions? And any ways, these clothes aren’t bad)

Dadi: Haa Haa! Acchi hai par… (Yea they’re nice but-)

Swara seeing Dadi getting tensed looks at Ragini and then both of them go and hug Dadi.

Ragini: Sorry Dadima.

Swara: Haa Dadi Sorry. Aur waise bhi, aap kehte hai na? Ki Bhagwan ko mann se yaad kare toh woh hume aashirvad dete hai. Toh kya fark padta hai ki agar hum dono lehenga pehne ya Kurti? (Ya dadi we’re sorry. And u only say rite. That it doesn’t matter what we wear as long as our prayers come from our hearts)

Dadi: Hmm… Toh mharri dono potiya humari gussa kam karne ki tarika Sikh Gaye? Tikhe! Ab chalo jaake puja karte hai. (Hmm… So my granddaughters have learnt how to make me feel better. Good good. Now come lets do the puja).

Swaragini smile and hug Dadi.

They go and see Sharmishta preparing for puja and their father and grandfather sitting. They run to them and hug them and take their blessings.

Swaragini: Baba! Dadaji! Aap dono yaha kya kar rahe hai? Chaliye na! Puja karte hai. (Baba, Dadaji, what r u doing here? Come on!)

Baba: Tumhare Dadaji toh yehi hai tab se par tumhari ma ne hume bhagadiya hai. (I’ve been chased away from the puja room!)

Swaragini: Kyun? (Why?)

Sharmishta came and said: Kyunki yeh Shekhar hai na, itne bade hoke bhi Prasad Churane ki koshish karte hai. (Becoz, Shekhar was trying to steal Laddos)

Swaragini burst out laughing.

Ragini laughing: Kya Baba? Aap Prasad Churane ki koshish kar rahete? (Lol. Ur trying to steal Laddos?)

Shekhar: Hmmm… Haa!

He says it looking embarrassed.

Shekhar: Tum bhi na Mishti! Baccho ko bhi batadiya? (Mishti? U told the kids now?)

Mishti still laughing: Haan. Par ab chalo. Puja karni hai. Papaji, aap bhi aayiye. (Yes. But come now! We have to start the puja. Papaji u also come!)

Papaji(Dadaji) : Haa Haa! Chalo. (Yes yes. Come).

They all go and start the puja. They look very peaceful.


Everyone has finished puja and they have sat down for breakfast.

Durga Prasad: Sanskar beta! Aaj office Mein Ek zarori meeting hai jiskeliye tumhe bhi aana padega. (Sanskar, there is an important meeting in the office today. U have to be there).

Sanskar: Ji Bade Papa. Aajaunga. Kab hai yeh meeting? (Sure bade papa. I’ll be there. When do I have to come?)

DP: 2:30 to 4:00 (pm). Hamari clients ke naye order ke baare Mein baat karni hai. Toh tumhare taraf se bhi koi presentation chaahiye. (Between 2:30pm to 4:00pmour new clients have ordered some new commodities. So we need to discuss that. I want to see a ppt from u).

Sanskar: Ji Bade Papa. Kar dunga. (Sure. I’ll do it).

Laksh who was hearing all this looks up.

Laksh: Par bhai. Presentation kyun? Sidhe jaake baat kar lo na? Easy hoga. (But Bhai. Why do u need to make a ppt? Just go and speak. It’s easier).

Sanskar: Easy zaroor. Par life Mein easy easy kahoge na toh tum kuch Nahi kar payega. Little hard work is needed. And Anyways, yeh presentation Maheshwari company ki records Mein jayega for later reference. (Yea it’s definitely easier. But life will never be easy on u. U need to work hard. And also, this ppt will be preserved in the company records for later reference).

Laksh: Par yeh sab zarori hai kya? (But is this necessary?)

Sanskar groans and looks at his Badi Maa-Anapoorna for support.

AP: Laksh! Yeh zarori hai. Aur tum bhi yeh sab sikh lo. College ke baad tum bhi yehi sab karoge! (Laksh! This is important for them. And even u shud learn from all this. After college even you’ll be doing this stuff).

Laksh: KYA? Nahi! (WHAAAT? NOOO!)

Everyone looks at him and laughs coz they find his shock funny.

Screen freezes on both the families where @MM, they are laughing and @Gadoddia’s they are peacefully doing puja.

Pre-Cap: Swara goes to her music school after dropping Ragini to college. And while Sanskar goes to office, Laksh meets his gang in college.

Guys pls note that those extra messages in the end were written like a year back. So it’s not particularly aimed at u guys. This msg which I’m writing is aimed for u guys. The pairs r swasan and raglak. So relax. I’m a huge SWASANIAN and RAGLAKIAN. I can’t think of any other couple apart from Swasan or Raglak. So calm urselves.

The link to intro:-http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-ek-prem-kahani-intro/

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