Swaragini EK NAYI SHURUAT…..Epi 5


recap : swaru feeds ragini and lightens everyones mood . laksh is alright
Plot : laksh and ragini separate . swaru come srunning to laksh and signs him to bend . he complies
swaru kisses his cheeks : are you okk lucky uncle??
laksh smiles : now even better !
laksh starts eaving when swaru holds his hand : nanu says we should help our when they need us uncle please come and stay
with us tonight ??
laksh looks at shekhar who comes forward : ragini you come with me we need to talk swara you come in sanskar’s car with laksh
and swaru
rags goes to shekhar and sits inside his car as he starts the car : beta i relly don’t know how your feeling now! in these five
years i have seen my ragini change a drastic one these changes in you make me worry sometimes but today ..
rags : papa i’m fine its just that !
shekhar smiles : i’m happy that you still care for him the love might have faded but the care is still there and my child
i’m proud of you you’ve done something even i have not been possible to do ! forgiveness ragini and trust me i’m really
proud of you today!
ragini : papa dadimaa!

shekhar : i’ll handle her don’t worry
as they reach home shekhar talks to dadi and she agrees for swaru as sanlak and swara come in holding swaru swaru drags
laksh and introduces him to everyone as lucky uncle .
at shekhar sumi’s room , shekhar smiles : mishti ! thanq ..
sumi looks confused : and what does that thanq come for?
shekhar goes and holds her shoulder : for supporting our daughters and being with them always for taking right decisions
and correcting me when wrong.
they hug .
at swaru’s room as swara makes her sleep and leaves to change ragini comes there and sits opposite to her holding a

cup of hot chocloate as swaru slowly opens one eye and then closes it again seeing ragini
rags : drama queen get up now swara’s gone to change have it fast or else she’ll come with aglass of milk then i don’t know!
sswaru gets up and grabs the cup as she drinks it fully ragini chuckles : bhukkad slowly or else you’ll get choked and
i’ll land in jail for being a irresponsible mother !
swaru finishes the drink and hands her the cup as ragini controls her laugh laksh falls of from the side who was watching them
by now and this ragini laughs loudly looking at the father daughter duo who are fully confused as to why she’s laughing!
as laksh comes in he’s wearing one of shekhar pajama . swaru and laksh stare at ragini who signs lucky to stop
and brings them both in front of the mirror as they realize swaru has a mustache of hot chocolate on her face and is looking
so cute just like laksh who looks like a dampsel in distress in those payjama’s !!
as the trio have a good laugh meanwhile here swara comes out changing and goes to the kitchen and is unaware that the vessel
is hot and she holds it bare handed as the vessel falls down and she screams in pain her hand is all red sanskar who

was near by talking on his cell phone comes running to her
he holds her hand and keeps it under the tap as the gushing water gives her some relief a tear trips down her cheeks
sanskar : how can you be so irresponsible swara can’t you check things before handling them what if the hot milk have
fallen on you try being yourself carefull first always giving others gyaan and taking care of others same applies on
you too !
swasan share an eyelock as raglak and swaru who have come down are watching them smiling
swaru : badepapa very bad paani ko waste nahi karna chahiye!
they both compose themselves as raglak laugh at them
laksh : ragini your sister is injured and your laughing how inhuman
ragini stares at him : and what were you doing ! she goes to her and gets some ice from fridge applying on her as she hisses
swaru : maa does it hurt??

swara smiles : no beta just a bit
all go to their room and sleep in the morning after breakfast swaru has made laksh stay till evening as raglak discuss
on some papers swara goes in swaru’s room and suddenly the door gets closed ! sanskar comes out of the bathroom
swara : what are you doing in swaru’s room ??
sanskar : playing with her toys you see ! she sent me here to check her bathroom tap it was leaking.
swara : why did she send you to check the tap are you a plumber??
sanskar gives her a fake smile : haha so funny it touched me ! how will i know that
as he goes to open the door it doesn’t he pulls it harder but still it doesn’t open!
swara : the door might have been jamned !

she comes and tries but it doesn’t open
sanskar : you idiot your daughter did it on purpose ! she stares at him
sanky : yess and i’m getting some hints that the two sitting in the hall are involved in it somehow!
as swaru comes down giggling rgalak look at her and give a thumbsup !
dadi gets irked : laado go get some vessels from the storeroom for tomorrows function we’ll need them .
ragini nods and leaves as swaru drags laksh : very bad you should help mumma na instead of sitting here!
he gets up and leaves with her .
ragini gets up on the stool and removes a vessel as swaru comes she hands it over to her and tells her to keep it in the kitchen
she removes another vessel but it’s heavy and she looses her balance as she slips laksh comeson time and holds her .
they share an eyelock .
swaru comes just then : dadi went to the mandir with dadji
raglak compose themselves as she gets down ragini feels pain in her ankle
laksh : seems it might have got twisted while you were doing your antics with the vessel!
she stares at him while swaru laughs . she walks limping on one foot when laksh picks her up suddenly and takes her up

as they go they here swasan fighting and swaru hits her head as laksh chuckles
swaru opens the door : maa badepapa stop fighting now!
swasan look at her and swara’s about to leave when she trips and falls but sanskar holds her . They share a eyelock as
he helps her stand swaru : seems like today is a falling day first mumma fell and now you !
swara looks at ragini worried who’s in laksh’s arms

Precap : happy birthday swaru!! kavya talks on phone : who said you to call me now ! no i’m not coming anywhere !

the man : i knew it so came here myself!! kavya turns around and the scene freezes!

Credit to: guess??

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