Swaragini EK NAYI SHURUAT…..Epi 4


recap : swasan cutefight at the mall. swaru is raglak’s daughter . laksh leaves angrily while sanskar consoles ragini.
plot :laksh is driving his car roughly meanwhile he has all those flashback’s in his mind going on that night when laksh was all drunk and upset about how ragini behaved with the family members . the next day when he opened his eyes he found himself on bed with someone, he started sweating profusely the girl is none other than kavya who’s smiling at him as he wakes up kavya is one of laksh’s college friend after college he almost forgot about her how she was so crazy for him .
laksh : what the hell am i doing here with you kav..
kavya : kavya ! come on lucky i always new you loved me ! and last you were so drunk that you lost control os yourself
laksh : kavya i was drunk and i’m sorry but we need to forget whatever happened last night i’m married now!
kavya : yea that ragini right i know you said everything about how she’s troubling you and all and for last night laksh
just lets forget about it if it’s hurting you so much !! can we be friends?? again like old times ??
laksh stares at her when she smiles : i know it might be awkward for you but i’m a modern girl laksh not the one you saw in college just try not to remember anything !
the fb ends as the pictures go on how they met again at a cafe then exchanged numbers started meeting but one day it seemed it all changed flashback : laksh was going to the lawyers office happy seeing the change in ragini and remembering annapurna’s words . he was finally in love with his wife despite all the odds he was ready to forgive her this is love laksh maheshwari…but then he receives a call a call that changed his life forever . he ran to the hospital to find kavya lying on the bed .
the doctor told him she tried to commit suicide because she was well preganant!
laksh brushes his hair profusely as she wakes up
laksh : are you mad??
kavya : i’m sorry i told them not to inform you !
laksh : and die like this make me guilty forever !
kavya : laksh just don’t panic it’s okk i know you’re married and we can’t be together i’ll take this child with me away from you far away!
laksh receives a message from the lawyer
kavya : i can’t come in between you both laksh i won’t just go!
laksh : will you marry me kavya??
kavya looks at him stunned as he tries controlling his tears!
kavya : laksh are you i mean!
laksh : kavya i’m asking you something will you marry me??
kavya nods as the fb ends on laksh who’s by now crrying uncontrollably
laksh : i’m sorry ……………………………………….
the gadodia’s are having their dinner but not as usual today all are completely silent
shekhar because of sanskar’s presence swasan are worried for ragini who’s moving her spoon lifeless over the food plate as swaru takes her spoon from her hand and keeps a spoonful of food infront of her mouth
swaru : eat mumma eat or else maa will fall ill seeing you like that!!
ragini smiles and eat it as swaru continues : nani what would have happened to your daughters if it weren’t for me see they can’t even eat food properly without my help !
she hitss her head with her hand and they all laugh
dadi : sharmishthaa!! see i told you so many times don’t let swara be infront of ragini during her preganancy much now see
both maa beti have turned into swara and don’t know what happened to her in these days!!
after the meals as the gadodia’s are watching the tv sanskar is about to leave when the news flashes
reporter : a big accident has happened at the ******** a tanker loaded with gas got hit with a black SUV and the explosion has let to a number of people’s death with many of them injured and critical. our reporter say’s that the car driver was driving carelessly due to which the accident happened .
ragini freezes as she hears black SUV she looks at sanskar who understands by now as he grabs his car keys and jacket and ragini follows him
swara gets worried to but waits back for swaru who’s still unaware of what’s happening around her .
at the hospital ragini and sanskar run out of the car. sanskar goes to talk to the one having the patienst list while ragini runs inside searching each and every ward for him . after sometime ragsan are standing at the hospital corridoor fully frustrated as ragin’s eyes start becoming gloomy due to tears .
the breeze flows touching her face as she turn around to find him…
laksh is talking to the doctor with blood all over him as the doctor thanks him for helping the injured patient .
laksh turnd to face ragsan who are by now staring at him blankly …
swaru insists on going to the hospital to ragini as swara constantly replies with a no!
finally shekhar gets the car keys as swara looks at him
shekhar : i almost lost you five years ago due to my stupid promise but don’t want that to hapen again ragini might need us
now there come !
swara smiles and goes .

at the hospital ragini slaps laksh!
rags : are you mad!! where the hell is your cellphone !
laksh : rag..
rags : just throw it down infact even better burn it you idiot!!!
sanskar : calm down ragini!
rags : sanskar please! your brother needs to know that he can’t just hurt people alway’s ! your instant actions and decisions do no good not even for you laksh maheshwari !
shekhar and swara come there along with swaru as they go inside they find the trio standing at the corridoor
rags : laksh learn to deal with things that happen in your life and try being patient try giving others a chance to explain the reason for their deeds more of all try to value people .
laksh takes her in a sudden embrace shocking everyone standing there as he murmurs ” i’m sorry !”

Precap : laksh and swaru share ome moments . swasan get locked in swaru’s room all thanks to swaru herself . raglak show her a thumbsup !

thanq so much for the lovely comments and silent readers hope i’m not boring you guy’s and you like the new twist ???

Credit to: guess??

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