Swaragini EK NAYI SHURUAT…..Epi 3

sooo sorry for late update . and thanq so much for the comments i’m glad that you guy’s liked the ff
recap : swarulak meet for the first time. rags and swaru are worried for the puppy.
plot : swaru smiles cutely holding the puppy and swara stares at them :ragini…
rags : swara he’s so cute we can’t just abandon him like that
swara’s about to say something but then rags and swaru look at her cutely with innocent eyes pleading and she sighs
swara : you guy’s na fine! take him and now ragini you tell me what happened to your meeting you came so early today??

rags : i was just feeling restless for swaru so thought to came and the rastogi god he’s such a pain i gave him a good
ppt today
she winks and swara smiles as she knows what might have happened in the meeting . argini’s changed really a lot in these
5years they say once you become a mother you become more responsible that no doubt my sister ragini is but she has become
a lot more mature understanding and independent too she doesn’t crib anymore or cry unlike me who’s always unhappy with
smething or the other anyways ragini has given me the most biggest happiness of my life my swaru being the one who gave her
birth swaru calls me maa i’m really blessed to have two wonderfull daughters in my life the second one is definitely

ragini recalled how morning she woke up late and this is that happens daily in our house infact ragini’s worse than swaru
in getting up in the morning, eating habits, etc etc…. the list is unending .
as we reach home swaru’s the one to squel in happiness as i get out of the car there’s his car at our parking i stare at ragini
who gets out of the car and returns me with innocent looks i know she called him it’s definitely her!
swaru goes running inside the house and jumps into his arms as he twirls her around . She giggles and they hug cutely he’s still
holding her :missed me princess??
swaru widens her arms in the air stretching it how much she can : even more than this much very much .
sanskar laughs as she puts a hand into his coat pocket getting a big chocolate out of it .
swara : bad manners swaru you should not put hands into anyone’s pocket like that!
as sanskar makes swaru stand downs she gives him a kiss on his cheek : maa it’s between swaru and badepapa you should not
interfere bad manners..
and she goes inside the kitchen ragini comes and hugs sanskar : so what was that morning statement for??
sanskar brushes his hair : just thought to surprise my dost !!
swara comes forward to him they look into each others eyes . There’s silence pain and love…..
sumi comes with juice and some eatables
sanky : maa what was the need to get troubled ..
sumi : you call me maa right then how can a mother be troubled taking care of her child .
he sits to eat ragini joins him. as they finish having some chats about how she trouble the rastogi’s during the meeting
and made them scratch their heads with frustration as she pointed out inumerable mistakes in their ppt making them sulk
sanskar laughs as swara stares at her : how inhuman ragini !
rags stares at her : really you should have been there last month when they were pointing out harish’s mistakes they just fired
him for useless reason although knowing he was inexperienced and new comer in the field it’s called tit for tat my sister!
After a good chat on the evening tea ragini got a text from tanya “emergency meeting the tender related to maheshwari’s ”
rags signs swaru and she makes a puppy face and stands in front of swara who folds her hands around her chest : now what??
swaru : i want a new dress for my annuals shall we go for shopping ??
swara : annuals ! there’s still 6 months for it swaru !
swaru : arre mumma preplanning is better than planning at the last moment na ! u only say that!
sanskar chuckles : this much early preplanning ??
swara : whats your problem if she want’s a new dress she’s my daughter and if she wants to go for shopping then i’ll take her!
sanskar looks at her amused : arrey what did i say anything??
swaru hits her head : offo guy’s stop fighting .(she holds each of their hands )lets go na or else nanu will scold us for
being late and i don’t want to eat scoldings at the dinner !
As they leave rags to goes to the office as she enters the meeting room a man is standing facing opposite to her .
rags : exucuse me!!
he turns around it’s laksh : your excused !
they greet each other with a smile as tanya comes in with a coffee for laksh . their meeting starts wonder y no special

reaction by any of the two ??? guys it’s been five years ragini has moved on and this is not the first time they are having
an official meeting they are shareholders so it’s common now and most of all for ragini laksh doesn’t matter anymore …
Laksh’s POV : i smile at her as she continues the ppt you’ve changed ragini so much you’re not that naive girl who used to
love me madly who did anything and everything her elders said her to ! i’m happy for you i wish i could tell you how much i
love you thes five years if it weren’t these official meetings i would have definitely turned into a drunkard just one mistake
that night and i loose the love of my life .. They say true first love is special my first love swara but true love can never be
forgotten and that’s you ragini . My love gave you nothing but made even more naive but my hatred gave you strength to
be independent to be the women i always knew you were i’m the most unluckiest man in the world ragini but then i’m happy

becuase i know this change that has come in your life is worth staying away from you…..
the lights turn on and raglak have a light convo on tomorrows meeting .
here at the mall swara and sanskar are at barbies outfit shop selecting a frock for swaru who seems least interested and is
sitting in a corner enjoying her icecream .
swara : this blue one’s so cute .
sanskar points at a model’s picture the girl’s wearing a cute pink frock lacy one it’s till the knees and has matching accesories
too. the shopkeeper gets it for him : this ones better ! and when our swaru will wear it will look even more pretty
he shows it to swaru who smiles at him cutely when swara stares at him : no the blue one’s good because i want my swaru
to look cute not the dress!
sanskar : swara it was a compliment stop arguing the pink one’s really beautiful !
swara : exactly it’s beautiful but not cute i want swaru to look cute so the blue one !
sanskar : pink is a girls colour and it looks cute on them swara !
swara : so you mean boys don’t wear pink are you trying to say that swarus too girly !
and they start arguing long enough for swaru to completely finish her icecream and pop up in between them
swaru : uncle is the pink dress available in blue colour??
the shopkeeper nods and brings it : uncle pack this one and you both it was so simple the pink dress was beautiful but
maa wanted me to wear blue so couldn’t you guy’s just coordinate and do as i did now ! ohho god ji mumma say’s right
you two always fight like kids and call us both kids now come fast or else badidadi will eat us for dinner today !

swasan just look at her the whole time as she signs them to move they just smile knowing how stupid things they fought on!
swasan go to ragini’s office as sumi called a nd said that her car was sent to shekhar as his got punctured .
As they go inside tanya greets them and goes in to call ragini. raglak come out having a discussion when tanya enters
she’s about to say something when swaru comes in running and jumps into ragini’s arms “Mumma!!!”
ragini smiles widely as she kisses her on her forehead .
swaru : mumma badepapa and maa seem to have no sense called romance in them they fought even at the mall for my dress i
felt like if i were big like nani then i would have hold their ears and punished them for always fighting !
as swaru’s explaining her with some actions laksh laughs and she turns : lucky uncle???
laksh muses : swaru hii so hows your puppy and maa did she let it stay in you house??
swaru : why fear when mumma’s here she helped me
she shows her hands at ragini making raglak’s face expressions turn cold .
swasan enter their just then the whole time laksh has a recap of swaru’s word’s “mumma is my DEVAKI maiya and maa is my
YASHODHA maiyaa…!”

laksh stares at ragini : is she ?
ragini nods : yes laksh she’s my daughter swarupa ragini gadodia
swara keeps a hand on her shoulder as laksh goes from the office in a huff . sanskar comes to him.
sanskar : lucky ?
laksh has tears in his eyes : you knew it na bhai ! you knew that i had a daughter!!
he leaves from there angrily and drives his car away as here ragini is still trying to be normal as swara tells sswaru
to go and sit in the car she wants to talk to ragini and swaru complies sanskar comes there just then

ragini smirks : really i thought nothing related to me will ever affect him but see swaru does affect him i donno i should
be happy that he’s affected by the presence of our daughter who was unknown to him or sad that what will happen now ??
swara tries consoling her but then : swara i don’t want to lose swaru i just don’t want to..
sanskar kneels in front of her : till this friend of your’s is here noone can take swaru away from you ragini not even
my own brother….
swara wipes a tear as sanskar hugs ragini consoling.

Precap : laksh drives his car roughly thinking of all the past ………………. The news shows laksh’s car met with an
accident swaru insists on goign to meet laksh and swaragini get worried . will swaru know that laksh is her father?
will shekhar let them go to the hospital !

the nxt epi is the reason to why laksh married kavya hope you guy’s like today’s epi ..

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