Swaragini EK NAYI SHURUAT…..Epi 2

Beginning with a big thanq for all readers here goes my another epi
Recap : swaragini after 5years with swaru their angel and family are staying in mumbai. ragini’s mission swasan seems to
be still incomplete and swaru’s birthday’s on the corner.
plot: in kolkata, MM ap and sujatha are in the kitchen doing some work when they hear a baby crying. In the hall naksh
starts laughing loudly looking at a womens face
ap : naksh what happened??

naksh points out at the women who turns out to be kavya her face all messed up with baby food she’s totally annoyed and
now to her dismay even the others start laughing at her .
kavya gets up miffed holding the todler and pari comes just then to hold the baby: arav ! very bad boy say sorry to chachi!
arav who’s busy eating the plastic toy all sticky looks at kavya :soiiy!! and smiles cutely
and nods her head in disgust at her condition and walks from there miffeed.
just then another kid comes holding his toy gun at kavya : choti chachi ! you look so beautiful!!!
kavya makes face : badmaash wait nw!

and he runs from there to ap who holds hi chin : aryan you should not say like this to elders!
aryan : dadi ! she’s bad she always annoys you (he looks at arav and winks at him) good going brother !
ap is about to say something when naksh interrupts: dadi aryan is right mumma always disobeys you ! i hate her
ap : naksh ! beta you should not talk like this she’s your mother beta.
sujatha interupts making a face : jiji! what wrong are the kids saying we are tolerating her just because she’s naksh’s

mother or else we would have never come back to this house if it wasn’t for our pota!
5yrs back the insult kavya did by bringing police had lead to sanskar taking his family with him and shift to a different house
but then when laksh called saying kavya’s 1 month peganant with his child ap and sujatha agreed on going back at the
condtion that they both would mean nothing and they are hear just for the baby , time passed when naksh came into the world
the bitterness got lessened a bit but laksh was never considered as a part of the family noone even talked to him

especially sanskar and laksh had their equation upside down
sanky had his karma industries expanded they had some deals with laksh but purely business nothing else!
but for naksh it seemed as if the cute boy had it in his genes noone could resist him his cuteness lead the family’s happiness
back and the 3 months later came aryan the son of pari and adarsh these two boys were a wreck to the family as they grew
so did their mischiefs breaking things and then making puppy faces to get rescued from the scoldings.

naksh was the favourite of all especially sujatha she was the one to protect him from scoldings
uttara too got married 1 year back and is now settled in US with her husband talking about arav he’s pari and adarsh’s
younger son who share’s his birrthday with naksh he’s one year old and seems to love his kavya chachi alot throwing
stuffs at her and then saying “soiiy!” with a cute smile he annoyed her a lot
kavya on the phone: laksh did you land safely and yea were are you going to stay
laksh : kavya for the hundredth time it’s none of your business i’ll be back after three days and yea tell naksh and aryan

to text me what they want from here i’ll get them and yea don’t call again i might not be able to pick !
kavya is about to say something the call goes blank .
in mumbai laksh is driving his car when and suddenly a small girl comes and stands in the middle of the road he
honks but she doesn’t move. so he comes out only to see swaru keeping her hands around her hips and glaring at him.
laksh chuckles : you little one! whats the problem??
swaru turns around to show him a puppy lying there wounded and helpless. She bends and picks it up lucky goes towards her
swaru : will you help swaru and the puppy uncle please!!
she makes a cute face and lucky smiles at her nodding : okay but where is your friend swaru ?
swaru holding the puppy with one hand hits her head with the other : ohho uncle ! i am only swaru !

laksh shakes his head chuckling and signs her to sit in the car
as he starts driving swaru looks at him: uncle ! if you drive this slow the puppy will die due to excess loss of blood!
laksh looks at her mused: looking at your size doesn’t seem you would be so smart !
swaru sniffs: puppy tell to uncle that swaru is getting late for her drawing class and if maa knows this then next day
you’ll have to tke me to the hospital!
laksh and swaru take the puppy to the vet neaar by and get it treated .
swaru signs laksh to bend down and he complies she gives him a kiss on his cheek : thanq !
laksh looks at her amused : if this is what i get as a thanq for helping then i’ll do it very often a sweet kiss from a
cute girl what else do i wAnt !

swaru giggles at him :now uncle drop me and puppy to the drawing class fast or maa would get worried
laksh : on one condition i get that thanq kiss again??
swaru smiles and nods in yes. as swalak are in the car rags in her cabin feels strange something different and then
her sight goes towards the photo frame besides her she picks it up and caresses it smiling it has swara and rags with
their little angel swaru in between them. rags picks her car keys shuts her laptop and leaves saying” tanya ! complete
the remaining work and call me when your done i’m leaving now and yea if any emergency call me !”
tanya nods at her and she leaves .
meanwhile laksh stops his car aside and swaru opens the door getting out and comes to his side “thanq uncle from swaru and
puppy !”

laksh smiles at her: hey you forgot my kiss ??
swaru giggles :for that you will have to open the door and come out
laksh complies and bends down she kisses him giggling :what about the puppy ?would you take it home won’t your mumma
scold you?
swaru makes a thinking face: mumma won’t scold but maa would !
laksh looks at her confused and swaru replies : mumma is swaru’s devakimaiya and maa is swaru’s yashodha maiyaa
laksh smiled at her reply as they were conversing ragini’s car came there and stood at the opposite side of the road
here as laksh got inside his car ragini at the other side came out as she crossed the road laksh was still there
talking to swara as she squeled mumma! laksh turned to see ragini but couldn’t see her face as she bent down to pick her fallen

purse(twist you see karna padta hai for suspense 😉 )
as laksh drove off waving a byee to swaru rags came there :so rapunsel new friend??
swaru nods smiling : long story but before that tell swaru did you bunked your office today ?? haww mumma very bad !
rags pulled her pony teasingly : yea yea ! i missed my nani umma very much so thought to bunk! but wait (she looked at the
puppy and bent down ) aww he’s so cute wait blood swaru are you hurt show me ??
swaru : ohho mumma! the puppy was hurt and the new friend you saw leaving he helped swaru taking puppy to the doctor
rags kisses her frehead so sweet swaru helping someone is really good thin i’m proud of you.. wait does that mean
you missed you drawing class??
swaru nods rags stares at her : now what are we telling your sister and my maa??
swaru touches rags head : mumma did you mean my maa and your sister??
rags :yea nani umma what do we tell her now??
“what are you guy’s planning to tell that to whom??” said swara standing behind ragini
swaru and rags stare at her blankly

Precap : swasan meet rags signs swaru who insists them for taking her on shopping . At the mall as swasan select a
dress for swaru they fight on whether which to be selected when they ask swaru the reply he gives makes both of them smile
rags and laksh have a official meeting related to the tender and swasan come there along with swaru .

well guy’s so i guess you know now who’s daughter swaru is as for naksh it’s a suspense so guy’s hope you liked the ff and
yea don’t forget to comment your views and sugestions
Hope you like it 😉

anonymous :thanq so much, not yet decided about raglak and yea no entry for now it’s only swasan union first,
kavya would be a grey character.
ria :yess it’s a swasan ff raglak well not decided and yea no hero for ragini decided atleast not until now and thanq so much
renu : thanq so much
Aarti : thanq so much
Shreya : well i guess you know it now
Maya : yup you’re thinking right
Eva : dear kavya was laksh’s gf well before raglak consumated or after is a suspense right
barbie : nope dear she’s not 🙂
Sravs : thanq so much

Varun ki deewani : thanq so much
mridulakrishman : thanq so much
kavya : thanq so much and yea for naksh and swaru as a pair there’s still a lot time i guess 😉
Meghs : i hope it’s clear in today’s epi 🙂

thanq so much silent readers hope you guys like my tody’s epi too

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  1. Swsru is daughter of whom plzz tell

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    I think naksh is not laksh biological son

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  4. Swaru is raglak daughter

  5. I think naksh is swasan son

  6. Guys swaru said ragini is devakimaiya so rags is swara mom

  7. mridulakrishman

    I think swaru is ragini’s daughter….because usne kaha ki…ragini is her devakimaa…aur swara is her yasodhama….??????

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