Swaragini EK NAYI SHURUAT…..Epi 1

The curtains open up as the first ray of light falls in.The cool morning breeze welcomes her it’s 8 in the morning and swara’s smile widens as she turns to see the person on the bed snorts at this and pulls the duvet over her face.
She giggles at the sight and goes near the bed pulling up the duvet “swara !! just five minutes more puhlease!!!”ragini pouts at her still laying on bed swara keeps her hands on her hips- ragini!! from 6 am your saying the same thing and now it’s 8 !! your 5minutes seems to not end since the last two hours!!
ragini gets up shocked- can you rewind the part were you said 8?? errr!
swara nods at her – yes it’s 8!! even swaru’s up and ready for the school !
ragini jumps out of the bed and runs to the closet only to be held back by swara- your clothes are already in the bathroom waiting for you i’ll pack your and swaru’s tiffin’s get ready and yea your blue file is in the bag and laptop charged and kept too coe down fast !
she turns to go when rags stops her and gives her a quick peck on her cheeks- did i ever tell you that you are a life saver!
swara chuckles- i guess i know that !
rags runs to the bathroom and swara shakes her lightly smiling and goes down. A cute girl probably 4-5yrs old is sitting at the dinning table and banging the spoons on the table saying “maa ! maa!”
shekhar chuckles looking at sumi who’s all in vain holding her head looking at the kid. Swara comes there just then. shekhar looks at sumi who’s fully distressed- swara beta you are truly a life saver!
swara lifts her brows up amused-. Its been five years and not a day has gone when rags has left her line of appreciation for her soulmate her sister”your a life saver swara!” to hear it from someone else seems a bit awkward though “y ssoo baba??” said swara standing next to swaru her little angel swaragini’s daughter cute black eyes looking at her innocently
sumi snorts – this little shaitan of ours isn’t eating the breakfast !
sumi pulled swaru’s ears lightly and she made a crying face- maa will feed swaru then only swaru will eat or else she won’t! she said folding her tiny hands around her chest miffed !
swara sits next to her- aww! my baby maa ‘s here now will you eat ??
swaru looks at her smiling cutely and nods- nani and mumma don’t understand only swaru loves eating by maa’s hand only then too see nani always troubling mee! she said complaining cutely to which shekhar started laughing loudly
shekhar- yea beta what can we do your mumma and nani na are like this only always troubling us and your maa is gone on her father so nanu and maa understand your pain!
swara chuckles, sumi glares at shekhar- haww ..
swaru interrupts – nanu! very bad don’t say like this to my nani and mumma (she stands up on the chair and hugs sumi ) i love my nani !!
rags comes down just then- ohh miss swarupa you can’t steal our mother like this by bribing her with your i love you
she came to the table and pulled one of swaru’s cute pony tail!
swaru glared at her- mumma !! don’t spoil my ponytails you know na how much time it takes to tie them !!
ragini chuckled sitting next to shekhar- really my rapunsel!!
swara came with ragini’s tiffin and coffee – eat an apple atleast ragini ! i don’t want you to faint one day with your dieting tantrums!
rags grinned at her- okk mataji! maa i feel like our shona’s turning into universal mother
swaru glared at her- maa is swaru’s maa only !
rags chuckled at her- and you are my nani maa!
she stuck out a tongue teasing swaru who returned the same with two cute fingers as horns on her head
sumi – now enough of you both for today ! ragini drop swaru to the school and swara to the market shekhar will pick
her up once she’s done with the garments shopping.
shekhar and rags say in unison – yess boss!
and swara and swaru have a cute laugh .
so guy’s it’s been five years since the incident the marriage swap of ragini and kavya. Ragini even committed suicide losing all hopes everyhting when her sister once again came as a ray of hope in her life a life saver her life line swara sanskar maheshwari . seperated from the love of her life from the day of her marriage giving hopes to her sister she herslf has lost all hopes of going back to sanskar her husband her love but then she has lot more to be happy for then to the little things that want her to crib cry and sigh for. In these five years a lot has changed first of all beginning with the change of their residence yes people our swaragini along with dada dadi and maa baba have shifted to THE CITY OF DREAMS! MUMBAI…

A lot left behind our swaragini have become the exact opposites of what they used to be ragini is now the leading business tycoonn of the country full modern and independent women the change in her is commendable you know y? it’s because she doesn’t crib for mr.laksh ji! anymore she know she has done mistakes in her life and has taken whatever happened as a ounishment of her sins and forgotten the past but not all of it she has a mission still left for her to be completed MISSION SWASAN! a smile appears on ragini’s face when she remembers the moment swara and sanskar sharing the chocolate on their wedding the way he stood up for swara when even she ragini her sister played against her Her phone beeped with a pic on her desktop sanskar’s pic with kavya and laksh’s son naksh he was a few days elder to swaru he was cute black eyes boyish grin with chocolate all over his face it was his birthday yesterday..

her face expression turns pale “omg! just 3 days for swaru’s birthday and nothing’s planned !” she shrieked in her car ! and the phone beeped again “won’t you wish me happy birthday dost??” said a cute voice from the other side naksh was so cute and adorable his voice proved it. She lessened her speed a bit and clicked her bluetooth on “mr.chotu is there something called wish the birthday boy twice and then again on the next day ?” he chuckled cutely “dost! thanq for the video game my friends were burning today!” ragini hit her head with a cute expression”ohho naksh it’s jealousy !”
“ohh the same feeling when badepapa sees badimaa with mr.handsome ?” ragini smirked when she heard him run and sanskar replied”he’s speaking a bit too much nowadays !” ragini contolling the steering”that he is btw you coming tomorrow right?” sanskar sighed at the other side and rags stopped her car and shouted “seriously !”
sanky- i know ragini but i just can’t face her after whatever happened and now it’s been like ages i’m sorry
i’ll try maybe !
rags sniffed- okk fine you promised someone that you would gift her personally this time what about that??
sanky- swaru’s birthday still has 3days left and we probably have a meeting in mumbai this week so yea i’ll come till then!
and yea i always come to gift her personally!
rags fake smiled – yea right in between her school hours and then vanish in thin air!
sanky shrugged- okay you start driving now or else you would be late for the rastogi’s meeting!
rags lifted her brows up and pursed her lips and murmured a small bye and drove off to office

Precap : swaru keeps her hands around her hips and glares at lucky who chuckles at her- you little one ! what’s the problem??
swaru pouts cutely at him and turns aside to show him a wounded puppy on the middle of the road.
ragini feels strange meanwhile swalak(swaru and laksh) form a new friendship. kavya’s all miffed walking in the room and other side swasan have some
flashbacks and a smile appears on their face

hereon i’ll try posting as pov’s of both swara and ragini but wait i would continue only if you like it so guys do comment your views on the epi and if any confusions i’ll try to clear it in my next epi
Hope you like it 😉

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