SwaRagini – ek nayi kahani (S02) Pt 2

Let’s begin…..

Ragini wakes up and she was all ready to go academy

Swara was still sleeping

Ragini: swara..i am moving to academy…

Swara in sleep: ok laado

Dadi comes: yeh chori abhi tak so rahi hai…yeh sasural mein hamari naam kharab karke chodegi

Rag: let her sleep na dadi (teasing swara) afterall sirf ek mahina hai..after that waking up at early morning at 5 may be….

Swara jerks and sits: what???

Dadi at once smiled seeing Swara

Swara: is it?

Ragini nods

Swara bites her nails

Ragini to dadi: dadi..i am going to academy

Dadi: wait.. No you can’t go

Ragini: but why dadi

Dadi: today evening..a prospective groom is coming to see you

Rag shocked: waattt?? But

Swara comes: wow dadi…ladka kaun hai

Dadi:jab ayega tab dekh Lena..meine apne laado ke liye heera parka hai

Rag: dadi…

Sw;i will make Ragini ready

Rag glares her
Dadi goes

Rag: what did you do? I don’t want to get married now

Sw: why? Yesterday you told prince charming and all

Rag; yes i told.. But my wish is to do job i wasn’t to be independent

Swara: hmm…

Rag: aaj academy jaana hai..thoda paper work hai…ab dadi

Swara: you go… And i will do something don’t worry

Ragini goes to academy…

And does her paper work and then returns….

Ragini was crossing the road..a car was coming with a full speed but.. Before it could hit her..a guy pulls her…

Both falls….

Guy stands and looks confused at Ragini

Ragini was he her right elbow is injured a bit…

Guy:Ragini right…

She looks at him

She was about stand… Guy helps her in standing

She was confused

Ragini: thankyou for saving me…

Guy: that’s ok… Even before you couldn’t see properly
Rag: what do you mean!

Guy:yaad hai yeh line…your eyes are like apple..nose like kiwi.. cheeks like strawberry

Something struck Ragini: cabeeeeeer

Ragini was surprised: is it you?

Cabeer: thank God you remembered.. Let’s go to hospital…

After sometime

They goes reach the hospital which is near by

They goes to day care

Ragini sits in the bed

Cabeer takes first aid tray brings near her
Ragini: finally you became nurse

Cabeer:nurse? Excuse me i am a doctor here

Rag burst into laughter: you and doctor… Impossible

Cabeer treats her: haso haso…

Rag: waise how did you identify me!

Cabeer:madam.. Any guy would never forget their first crush

Listening crush Ragini again burst into laughter

Ragini: waise i still remember your love letter..i was just in 7th class and you were in 11th board i guess so…


Ragini was coming out of the school


Ragini looks at him

Cabeer gives her a letter..

Ragini opens it and reads

Excel public school

Excel public school

Respected Ragini,
Sub:Regarding My love for you

(Ragini looks at him)

As i am in love with you. because your eyes are like apple your nose are like kiwi your cheeks are like strawberries.
Hope you grant my immense love for you and accept my love letter in form of apologies
Thank you,

Yours sincerely
X cabeer

Ragini: what is this?

Swara comes and takes her letter and read it and burst into laughter

Ragini: i don’t like you and i am in school
Swara: and i will never let her love you joker..if you had given ro teach she would have given full marks to your leave note..
She laughs

Ragini: but i thought you like bhaiyya..i am sorry bhaiyya

She burst into laughter


Ragini was laughing remembering it

Cabeer:kahan hai woh chutku devil
Rag: next month it’s her wedding

Cabeer:hmm..then i pity for him..and are you single?

Rag suspicious: why?

Cabeer:i just asked


Cabeer: mingled

Rag: you mean.. You are married

Cabeer:feeling bad..no yaar..but love a girl who is not responding to my any talks

Rag: who is she??

Cabeer: she is here only??

Rag: if you don’t mind can i see her…


Rag:is she a doctor?or nurse..

They moves..

He points to the direction

Ragini was shocked to see a girl being lifeless in a bed she was pricked drips..
She was kept under observation

Ragini: she…

Cabeer nods sadly

After sometime

Both were standing in the veranda

Rag smiles: you are really great… You don’t know her..her name..her family…

Cabeer:when i first got her… She tried to tell something.. She had held my hand tightly.. That was the moment i felt connected to her…

Rag smiles: don’t worry cabeer…you love her from 2 years and i will pray to God that you get your love soon… She wakes up and recognises your love for her…

Cabeer: woh chodo… You didn’t tell me are you single…

Rag: yes still single…
She laughs

Rag: but today dadi is bringing an alliance for me.. But i don’t want to marry him

Cab: tho phir usse bhaga dena

Rag:pata nahi cabeer kya hone wala hai..but hoping for the best

Cab:hmm..all the best and hope this relation breaks…kabhi us chutku devil ko leke aana..let me see how she have grown

Rag:ha..but before going i want to talk to someone

Cabeer: who?

Ragini goes to the girl and sits in the stool next to her bed

Ragini held her hand: cabeer calls you pari…so i will also call you the same…so pari i wanted to tell you that here someone is impatiently waiting for you to wake up…and i want you to wake up for him and i know he is bit mad but i can assure you that he loves you madly..so wake up

Cabeer smiles

Rag widens her eyes and smiles…

Rag: cabeer she have held my hand

Cabeer sees it and smiles happily because it was her first response

He tests her..

Ragini: this means… She listened and she responded

Cabeer:u r really lucky to me Ragini

Ragini smiles and she sees the time: ab mujhe jaana chahiye…

Cabeer nods..

Rag slowly frees her hand: dekhna she will be alright

Cabeer:will you come here.. When you are free..i think she will be fine bcs of you

Rag: in this case..i will definitely come if i can help you in some manner

Cabeer smiles and thanks her

Ragini: itna tho mein kar hi sakti hoon apne ex ke liye..
Both laughs


Ragini was worried

Swara:i am telling you na..woh bhaag jayega

Rag:but kaise

Swara winks at her…

Groom reach the baadi

Dadi goes to call Ragini

She knocks the door

Swara from inside: dadi… Ragini bohoth sharma rahi hai

Dadi: tell her to come out

Swara: she is nervous dadi

Dadi:u open the door

Swara:groom alone has come na dadi..

Sw:i will make Ragini meet her in terrace


Sw:you talk with pandith ji and fix everything

Dadi:but …ok this time i am trusting you..

Sw: don’t worry dadi

Dadi goes…

Both SwaRagini runs to terrace…

Sharmishta shows the way for the guy to terrace

Guy moves to the terrace…

Guy: Ragini….

And she turns and it was swara who has dressed as Ragini


Guy smiles thinking she is nervous: mein sumair..

Swara acts blushing turns other side

He felt weird

Here Ragini was standing the staircase

Sumair: can we sit and talk

Laksh comes there…


She points to the directing

Lak: swara

Rag: don’t ask anything now.. Just watch

Someone from far was watching swara and sumair in binoculars

Sumair: don’t you have to ask something

Swara stammering:i…hh..ave f..fff..ew cc.. conditions

Sumair felt weird seeing her stammering
Sum: what is that?


He is waiting waiting and waiting to listen her sentence..but it isn’t completing only

Swara:nnn..not ddd..rink…nnn…nnooo smok….kkking

Sumair was like ???

Swara:y..yyyou…ssshhh..ould co…come h..home…early

Swara:a..and…y..you shhh….should ..l..look af…ter…m..me a..nd our….kkkk ….kkids..ww…ith….at..atmo…atmost lll..ove aaa..n..dd cc..ccare

Sumair stand: bass…i have an important work.. So i need to go…

He goes…

He sees laksh…

Laksh looks for Ragini but she wasn’t there

Sumair:bach ke bhaag le sumair..iss se shaadi tho..meri zindagi bhi atak jayegi

He goes

Sumair without talking goes out…

SwaRagini both burst into laughter

Swara to laksh:ss…suni…ye ji….d..di..did you gg..get mm..my cc..conditi…onsss

Lak was like ???: what is happening here

Ragini:mission dulha bhagao

Lak: Why??

Swara: leave all that… Let’s go down and continue the drama…

After some drama finally Ragini was free from this relation

At night

Ragini was standing in terrace

After sometime she decides go back..but..

There was swara’s skates

She without seeing it keeps the leg on it and she slips and falls down the terrace…

She held the edge…
She shouts for help.. But nobody could listen her scream…..

A gets down from his Jeep

Ragini was losing her grip as her hands were paining

He runs towards her

Ragini closes her eyes as lost the grip which her fingers had on the edge of the terrace railings

She falls…

But before she could hit the ground
The guy has held her in arms….

Ragini opens her eyes sensing she is safe in 2 protective hands

Her dupatta has covered his face

She slowly pulls down her shawl his intense black orbs were revealed to her

For a moment she was lost in his eyes….

Even he was looking at her without blinking his eyes…

To be continued…..

So how was the part??

More than me you ppl are happy that my exams have finished haha…??

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