Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 9) by ashfa

Here we resume…

Sanskar was holding ragini… She was uncomfortable bt she didn’t do anything bcs she was lost…. She was lost in remembering her family..

Ap does their aarthi…
Later she enters… She was like a doll that wherever sanskar take her she goes with him…..
Ap and suji tries to stop him.. Bt he was in no mood…
San:lucky lucky
Lak:ha bhaai… Wr r my sonu rinku
Lak:it may be in your room.. Wait i vl bring

San:no… I will show myself to my dosth
Suj:bt beta she moves towards sanskar
San moves backwards of ragini:gundhi aurath.. Jao.. Jao… Lucky tell her to go away from me
Lak:chaachi plz u know ryte
Suji goes
San:we both will play together dosth… Tum na us gundhi aurath se dhoor rehna.. Now come… He drags her with him..

Ap goes to dp:dekh rahe hai aap.. Meine kaha tha… Us ladki ko dekhiye… Koi bhi ladki shaadi sapne dekhti hai… Aapne tho us ladki ka sapna thod diya
Dp:meine hamaare ghar ke bete ke baare socha
Ap:jo aapne kiya woh uttara ke saath koi karta tho aap kya karthe
Ap:bura laga.. Tho sochiye us par kya beeth rahi hogi.. Uske maa baap pe kya beeth rahi hogi… Hazaar baar samjaaya..
Dp directly goes
Suji too goes
Ram was helpless

San was introducing ragini to the 2 dolls sonu and rinku
San:dosth.. Why r u not talking to me?? Did i do any mistake?? Plz talk to me…
He was restless
Rag finally looks at him..
At the time someone knocks the door it was laksh..
Rag looks at him…
Lak:bhai wont u introduce me
San:dosth this my brother lucky
San gets busy in playing video games

Lak:i m sorry
She looks at him
Lak:watever i did.. That is for my bhai.. Bhabhi.. Bhabhi kehneka haq tho nahi hai par…
Rag smiles sarcastically :thankyou… Thankyou for everything…
She stands

Lak:bhabhi… Hope that u vl soon forgive me… Aap meri bhabi hai aur meri bhabhi hamesha rahengi.. Aapne aaj jo kiya hai aisa koi nahi karta
she ignores
At the time pari comes with food as its evng
From mrng rag didn’t had food

Rag looks at her
Lak leaves from there
Pari:u didnt had food…
Rag:i don’t want…
Pari:plzz.. Hv it.. I know that how u r feeling now…
Rag:now i m feeling like everything in me got stabbed… So i don’t need this
Pari:don’t say like that ragini.. U r like my sister
Pari wipes ragini’s tears… And hugs her who is like lifeless
Rag don’t know why bt pari’s hug made her burst in tears
Pari silently cries.. She consoles her

San comes:pari ma.. Wat hpnd to dosth
Pari:she is missing her family
San:ha that uncle is angry ryte
Pari:ha.. U should never hurt ragini and u promise me u vl not leave her
San:i promise pari ma… Dosth now smile plzz

Pari makes ragini sit and makes her eat..
San:i vl too make her eat as wn dosth met me she too made me eat
Rag looks at him
San too makes her eat…
San:now u make me eat dosth
Pari;no.. She is tiered
Rag:its ok di

Pari weakly smiles
She makes him eat… He smiles widely
San:dosth from now onwards u only make me eat….
She was giving no response..
San:plzz.. Plzz… He makes a cute face
Rag weakly smiles at his innocence
Pari leaves from there…
Ap was seeing this..

Time passes… It was night
San was playing video game
Rag:now u should sleep
Laksh who was passing by was shocked witnessing this bcs sanskar never listens to anyone…
Lak:now i m getting hope that my bhai vl be back.. He vl be soon like before.. He smiles through tears

Here swara tells something to shekarat first he refuses she then convinces him
Shekar:i m with u….
Sw:thank you papa
Shek:wat vl u do….

Here ragini makes sanskar eat and makes him sleep
San:i m not getting sleep…
She sings lori
All listens to her lori and smiles
San then sleeps
Pari comes and gives her dress to change…
Rag changes… Dress

She sits in the corner of rooms and pulls her leg close… She closes her eyes…

Ragini went to temple and she witnesses some ppl beating a guy…
She goes and saves him.. She looks at him he is none other sanskar
She stands in front of him
Ppl tells that he is a thief
Rag understands he is mentally challenged

She gives them money for their loss and she turns to him
Rag:aap kya kar rahe the
San:bhook bhook bhook
Rag:aapko bhook lagi hai
She then takes him to nearer shop and gives him food…
She then treats his wound

San:yahan na sab log gandhe hai sivaye mere lucky pari ma aur tum
She smiles
Rag:my name is ragini
San:ragini.. Par tum meri dupatte wali dosth ho na
Rag smiles:dupatte wali dosth??
He shows that he was holding her dupatta

San:mein tumhe dosth bulaaunga
Rag:aur mein bhi dosth bhulaungi…
He then forwards his thumb and lil finger
She smiles shakes hand with him..
Rag:now i should go…
San:u vl meet me here daily
She smiles and nods
San:then ok..

He for few days used to meet her…and stopped she used to wait fot him bt he was nowhere..
Fb ends

She opens her eyes and sees sujatha infront of her
She stands
Suj:i want to talk to you
Rag calmly:wat you hv to talk.. U made me a caretaker of your son.

Here laksh gets a message.. He was shocked.

Precap:swalak marriage!! Which shockes ragini and maheshwari’s

Shocked!!! Lot more twists are coming ahead.. I hope i didnt bored u all!! Wat do u think abt swalak??friends did u thought swalak would marry this early?? Do tell me in your comments

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    Superb and I love the twist

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    Omgg it’s fabulousss…isssh!!!M feeling so bad for ragini yaar…Bt still shanky is dere so m happy??? ragini is soo sweeet????loved ragsan bonding… omg swalak marriage..dis is swaraz plan r8……let’s see wt wl happen nxt…waitng for nxt part eagerlyy???loatz of love….it’s such a wonderful ff dear????keep rockng n stay blessed.

  3. A.xx

    Amazing and I think Swara is here for revenge xx

  4. Today’s episode was fantastic and keep posting

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    Waiting for ragsan future plot

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    superb epi dear. I hope everything ends soon.and sanky recovers fro his mental illness soon.

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