Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 8) by ashfa

Here we resume..

Lak:leave him uncle…..
Shek leaves him
Shek:who is he?
shek move towards dp:maan na padega… Aapne bohoth soch samaj kar humse badla liya hai
Shek shows his palm to stop
Shek:enough… Wat we had done to you that… He looks at ragini and goes to her and drags her
Shek:u took revenge jst for my daughter took stand for her parents

Shek:u spoilt my daughters life.. U all.. U all(pointing towards maheshwari’s) spoilt my daughters life… He looks at sanskar who was playing like kid
Shek:i dont believe this marriage… And u all can leave he folds his hand

Suj:bt ragini
Shek:didn’t u heard me.. I said i don’t believe this marg
Suj:ragini is now Sanskar’s wife and our house daughter in law
Shek:she is not..
He holds ragini
Shek:shona ma mishti chalo ghar ke ander
Rag was in shock…
Shek drags her with him.. Bt suddenly stops seeing rag stop
Rag turns and sees sanskar is holding her other hand
Dadi:chodo meri laado ke haath

San:never.. Never.. No no
All r shocked
San:she.. She.. Is.. My friend my friend.. U vl.. U vl not leave me ryte
Shek tries remove his hand from rag.. Bt he didn’t… Shek pulls his hand with force
Shek:ragini chalo
He again holds her hand bt this time ragini frees her hand from shekar’s grip

Shek shocked :ragini
Rag looks down:sorry papa….
Shek:wat do you mean
Rag:now he is my husband
Shek stumbles
Sw:wat r u saying laado
Rag:truth of my life
Dadi:u dont hv to give sacrifice beta

Rag:dadi u only thought me that husband is our life’ s truth…
Dadi:bt they cheated u… Woh insaan pagal hai laado
Rag:now he is my husband…
Shar:don’t do this beta.. U vl get hurt
Rag still looking down:watever it may be he is my husband
Sw goes towards her:look into my eyes and say that u r not hurt… U want to live with him..
Rag looks at… Sw can only find pain in her eyes
Rag:i want to live with him..
Shek:ok… Go live bt remember that ur father is dead for u
Rag closes her eyes in pain
Sw:papa.. Plzzz
Shek:this is the last time i am asking u ragini… Come with us
Rag nods in no
Sw:laado plz…
Shek:mar gayi laado

Shek drags swara
Sharmishta goes towards ragini…
Shekar calls her strictly… Dada dadi dida were in tears they follows shekar…

Ragini falls in knees and burst in tears…. Ap pari were in tears….
Ap and pari were abt to go.. Sanskar kneels down infront of her
San:dosth… Dosth.. Don’t cry… Plzz…
Ragini was continuously crying
San wipes her tears.. Rag looks at him… Who already has tears
San:if you cry.. I vl too cry…
Ap goes to them and she makes ragini stand…

Ap has no words how to console her…
They then goes from there….

Here swara was continuously crying.. Remembering ragini
Sw:i know ragini there is something that u r hiding… She wipes her tears i will find out any how.. I vl never let you suffer….

She goes to shekar bt he was in no mood to listen anything
Sw makes a plan:i will do anything to get back my laado by hook or by crook…

Precap:swara tells something to shekar…. Ragini’s new life

Hmm… A very tough decision of ragini?? Why did ragini choose sanskar over her father?? So wat do u think is ragini hiding something?? Wat is swara’s plan?? Does RAGSAN knew eachother from before??

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  1. AMkideewani

    Fantastic, I love it❤Ragini and Sanskar akka our heavenly couple RagSan are goals?

  2. Nymisha281

    Awesome …poor Ragu..waiting for next part

  3. Jayanti

    awesome episode dear…I think ragsan knew each other before…due to their past sanskaar has become mentally unstable…well let’s see if my guess is right or not

  4. Sindhura


  5. Amazing dear.

  6. A.xx

    Amazing and I think Ragini may know why Sanskaar is like a child and maybe the reason behind it xx

  7. Superb dear

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  9. Wow today’s episode was awesome pls post soon

  10. Awesome

  11. Asw

    Amazing keep going

  12. superb superb superb.update soon

  13. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…i think ragu know something about Sanky….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  14. Shrilatha

    No words ashu…loved when Sanskar held her hand….I too think they were friends before….but not when he was fine..I think..may be Laksh or do saw that only ragini was able to control him..that’s why…

  15. superb. i think RAGSAN know about each before

  16. Richa19

    Fabulous!!!!!! Grt job dear!! ?

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