Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 7) by ashfa

Here we resume…

Swara gets conscious… She was shocked to see her tied…
swara tries to free herself from the chair… She see glass bottle.. She moves towards it and She breaks it… She cuts the rope and free herself.. She see the doors locked….

Sw:any how i hv to reach before the wedding nahi tho meri laado.. She wipes her tears and she sees a window.. She opens it.. At the time goons open the door they sees swara escaping from window…
She runs out… Few goons were following her..she looks back..
She don’t know in which place she was… She cries
Sw:i hv to reach the venue any how and stop the wedding…
She hides… Goons walk past from her

Jeevan jis suron se sajaathi
Sw folds her hand:god plss show me a way…
Someone holds her hand she looks it was goon…

Rishtey yeh suron se banaathi
Here ragini was doing ritual by continuously looking at the entrance
Sharmishta keeps hand on her shoulder assuring her
Rag:ma.. Shona…

Bajthi hai na pyaar ki dhun
Both closes their in which tears are continuosly flowing they remember each others faces

Here goon pulls swara and slaps her and she winces in pain blood oozes from corner of her lips..

Ik dhoop chanchal hai ik chandni
Here ragini was restless.. She stands shocking everyone

Phir bhi hai ik dhooje ke liye bani
Here swara continuously prays to god to show her a way so that she can save her sister’s life
She bites the goon hand and runs….

Dilon mein hai pyaar bhara
Suron se saji hai swara
In one side swara was running to save her sister’s life..

Ragon se rachi hai ragini
In another side ragini was restless and scared and hoping that her sister is safe

Here swara calls an auto.. She gets in…. Goons run behind her
Sw:bhaiyya plzzz…. Jaldi baadi chaliye…..
She was praying that nthng should happen to her sister

Dadi:laado why did u stand in between the ritual….
Rag:i..i..want swara beside me… I wont marry without her

Dadi:wat.. Swara didnt return till now…

Here swara asks the driver to give his phn to make urgent call
She dials shekar… Bt he was not picking the call…
Sw:papa… Phn uthao….

Screen split with both swaragini…
Swaragini plays..

Dp:ragini beta.. Muhurath is passing may be she is near
Rag:uncle ji… Let swara join…

Ppl start to gossip
Dp talks to dadi to make ragini convince
Dadi:ragini beta.. U start the ritual..
Dadi:tume maari kasam laado..
Rag:bt dadi.. Swara
Dadi:she vl come u dont worry…
Rag sits

Here swara sees the traffic.. She gets down she doesnt hv money to give bcs she lost her purse.. She gives her ring to the driver.. He refuses and says:its ok… U r may b in prblm… I dont want this.. U go to baadi… Wr u want to go urgently
Sw:thankyou bhaiyya

Priest tells its the time for phera…
They stand… Rag looks at sharmishta she assures her through eyes…
Shekar sees his phn has 12 missed calls frm an unknown numbr.. He was abt to call dadi tells him… Leave this mobile its ur daughters mrg…
Shek:maa.. May it was shona
Dadi:its an unknow numbr and if shona wants to call she vl call in her phn…
Rag:swara… Wr r u??
They starts to take phera..

Here swara was running
Swara from the baadi directly goes to mm… She sees laksh going out.. At the time she gets a call from pari bt swara doesnt know who it was… Pari tells her that maheshwari’s are cheating.. Laksh isn’t marrying ragini…
Swara followed laksh…. At that time someone hit her on her head.. She fell unconscious… And wn she got up….
Fb ends..
She gets near the baadi…

Here phera gets completed… Rag closes her eyes.. They sit…..
He makes her wear mangalsutra

Here swara steps in baadi… She was shocked as the groom puts vermillon in ragini’s forehead…..
Priest :now u r officially husband and wife

Sw:nahi….. Yeh nahi ho sakta… She falls in her knees…. She burst into tears

All are shocked to see swara….
Shekar sharmishta were shocked…
Ragini goes leaving the groom there….

Sujatha holds her hand…..

Shekar:swara…. Swara… Wat hpnd to you…
His world was falling sering his daughter like this
Shek:who did to you this….
Sw:papa.. Papa.. Sab kuch bigad gaya…. She cries
She points towards the groom…
Sw:papa.. He is.. He is not laksh… We were being cheated
Rag looks at the groom….
Shekar:wat r u saying swara
Sw:papa they cheated us…….
Shar;say clearly swara…..
Dadi:swaru…. Wat r u saying.. If he is not laksh then who is he??
Dida:shonu… Wat’s happening here??

Shekar gets up… He directly goes to groom and removes the sehera..
All are shocked except the maheshwari’s….. Pari was in tears…
Rag stumbles seeing him… Tears continuously flow from her eyes….

Sw:he is not laksh… He is not.. Ma…

Shek:wat’s happening here DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI JI??
he holds his collar
Shek:who r u…??
He:lucky lucky save me… Save me from this bad uncle.. Bad uncle
All were shocked…
At the time a hand stops shekar… It was none other than laksh



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