Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 6) by ashfa

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Let’s begin…

Next day
The wedding day
Early morning…
Swara gets ready in a simple dress..

She sees ragini.. Who got up from her
Rag:swara.. Tum subah subah kahan jaa rahi ho.. Woh bhi aaj ke din…
Sw cups her face:meri baath dhyaan se suno ragini
Rag looks at her
Sw:u vl not marry until i return…
Rag:wr r u going swara
Sw:laado do you trust me??
Rag:khud se zyaada
Sw lightly smiles:then plzz do wat i say
Rag:wn vl u return…
Sw:very soon…
Rag:i don’t know why shona bt i m getting an unknown fear…
Sw;nthng vl hpn… Wn i m with u…
Sw turns to go
Rag holds her wrist
Rag nods in no
Sw:i vl be back soon…. She kisses her forehead
Rag looks at her until swara disappears

One hour passed..
Rag was looking at her phone… She was getting negative vibes
So she calls her… It was getting not reachable…

Sharmishta comes:wr is this shona.. Laado did u see shona
Rag:shona.. Woh ma…. She… She went to temple
Sharmishta :temple
Dadi:she asked me… And now she should return…..
Rag:dadi… She vl come….
Dida:yes don’t worry… Laado u get ready…

Sharmishta :show me ur Mehendi beta
Rag shows
Dida:this means your husband will love you more… See the colour of the mhndi
Shar:meri laado hai hi aisi.. Kisi ko bhi apna bana leti hai.. Tho phir laado ka pati kya cheez hai… Ok ok now get ready
Sharmishta wipes her lone tear
Shar:sorry sorry

Beautician comes makes her ready…
Ragini was looking like an angel
Shek and sharmishta comes… They r overwhelmed to see their daughter
Rag comes to them and was abt to bend to take blessings both stops and hugs her…..
Shek:bhaaraath abhi pahunchne hi wali hai..
Rag thinks:shona tum kahan ho…..

It has been 3 hours that swara has left

Sheshar leaves…

Rag calls swara bt it was unreachable
Rag:meri shona kahin bhi ho sahi salaamath ho… She was continuously praying..

All welcomes bhaaraathi….
Pari was lost in her thoughts:hope now swara got the clues..
(yes it was pari who called shekar.. Instead of shekar swara pick up the phone)

Here rag was worried….
Dida:till now shona didn’t come wr is she??
Shar:dont worry ma she vl come… Bt she too was worried

Here the groom was completing the ritual..
Priest tells to call bride
Sharmishta goes to ragini

Rag:ma.. Swara came
Shar:u don’t worry beta she vl come.. May be she is stuck in traffic
Rag:let’s wait for swara.. Ma plz
Sharmishta cups her face:laado… She vl come dont worry
Rag:bt ma… Plz i want shona beside me
Shar:ok… I vl try

Sharmishta goes to shekar and tells this
Shekar:tum mujhe ab bata rahi ho… He calls swara bt it was unreachable
He was worried

Dp comes:call ragini
Shar:can u wait for few mins bhaisahaab as swara is out for some work.. Ragini want swara beside her
Dp:par muhurath ka samay nikla jaa raha hai…
Shesha looks at each other
Dp:sw vl come she know the timings ryte… She vl reach before the wedding takes place…
Shek nods
Shar goes to rag
Shar:chalo beta
Rag:ma.. Swara
Shar:she will come beta don’t worry…
Rag was in tears
Shar wipes her tears:don’t cry beta…
Rag goes with her

While going rag thinks:wr r u swara.. I need u the most… Hope u reach on time… She wipes her tears immediately

They reach the mandap
Rag eyes were in the entrance door…
Ap and suji comes and hugs her… She weakly smiles…
They takes her makes her sit beside the groom
He was completing the ritual

Rag think:shona….. Come fast…..
She looks at him
He suddenly holds her wrist tightly (as he don’t want to leave her for a sec) without anyone’s notice… She was shocked and felt uncomfortable.. She tries to free hand bt couldn’t bcs of his grip.. Pari notices rag uncomfortable and her gaze shifts to her hand….

She goes to them…
Pari:devar ji…. Leave her hand…
Bt he was paying no head to her
Suji notices:beta plzz….
He tightens her grip… Rag winces in pain…. He suddenly leaves and looks at her who was in the verge of crying..
He then again holds her hand caresses her wrist
All smiles…

Rag lokks at him… Whose face is covered with sehera
She then looks at the door…..
Rag think:shona… Come fast
He was again holding her hand bt this time very softly

Priest tells her to forward her right hand…. Which was he holding

He then makes her hand forwards

Bt rags heart and mind was filled with swara’s thoughts….it was taking only her name
She murmers:shona tum kahan ho….

Swara was shown unconscious her hand and legs were tied in the chair

Pari thinks:wr is swara? Use aane mein der na ho jaaye

Precap:swara tries to free herself from the chair… She see glass bottle.. She breaks it…
She runs out… Few goons were following her
Sw:i hv to reach the venue any how and stop the wedding

So my dear friends wat do you think will ragini get married?? Or will swara reach on time and stop the wedding?? Who is HE??

So frnds wat u want should ragini marry?? Or not…

Plzz vote and comment..
Hoping that i m not boring you with boring sequence.. Do tell me..

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  1. Richa19

    Hawwwwww… Don’t hurt ragu yaar…. Its a big mystery dear… Clear it soon but rag shldnt be hurt…. Hope swara comes fast… Loved pari’s selfless side…. Keep going dear!!! ? .

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    Wohoooo aloo its amazing but is it ragsan naaa

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  4. Superb

  5. Marvelous

  6. Shrilatha

    Awesome yaar…swara will be late…and it’s Sanskar…let them.marry….and I want ragini’ s love to cure him…he loves her so much..the way he hurt her and immediately caress her was so good…

  7. Asw

    Amazing when swara come at the time the mrge also end keep going

  8. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot…hope no one hurt swarag…plz reveal the mystery person…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  9. A.xx

    Fab and it’s Sanksu isn’t it xx

  10. Amazing dear, groom is Sanky right. Waiting for next part

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