Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 5) by ashfa

Here we resume with the fifth chappy of swaragini – ek nayi kahani..
The song in this part was suggested by my sissy aliya

Shekar and sharmishta was busy with preparation as it was Mehendi..
Rag gets ready with lehenga…
Sw:my sissy is looking beautiful today
Sw was wearing green salwar

Swara bring rag….
Shekar sees swarag and he smiles…

Rag goes and takes blessings from dada dadi and dida
She goes to sharmishta… Sharmishta hugs her and puts kaala teeka.
Rag smiles… Swara side huge sharmishta…..

Shekar gets tears… He wipes it hiding from everyone… Bt a fathers tears cannot go unnoticed by his daughters

Swarag both goes… Shekar couldn’t control so he goes avoiding.. He gets scared he may burst into tears infront of his daughters… Bt daughters are daughters they understood his pain….

Swarag looks at eachother they too has tears… Sw signals something to rag… Rag lightly smiles through tears..

Rag sings in her melodious voice
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gayi Kyon
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gayi Kyon

Shekar turns who has tears…. Rag continues singing

(who all remembered your childhood moments with your father…. Listening this song..)

Papa ke Nigahon Main Mamta Ki Bahon main
Papa ke Nigahon Main Mamta Ki Bahon main
Kuch Din Aur rah thi tho kya bigad jata
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gayi Kyon
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gayi Kyon

Dada dadi dida and sharmishta has tears… Swara side hugs ragini

Rag looks around the baadi and at shekar
Gaya wo Bachpan, Gaye wo Sapne
Begaane Ho gaye, Saare wo Apane

She cries… Shekar comes and points towards a swing…. And cups her face…

Nanhi Si tu Gudiya meri, Nanha Sa wo jhulha tera
Jahan main door hua wahi munh phoola tera

She remembers the day spent with shekar in childhood
Shekar makes both swarag sit in the swing and lightly pushes it
Sw too remembers in childhood too shekar was looking swara as his own child.. He never made difference in swaragini

Rag continues singing
Phir se Manane ka, Gale se lagaane ka
Din yahi aur rahtey, Tho kya bigad jata
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gaye Kyon
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gaye Kyon

Rag gets up and cries… Shekar comes and hugs her.. He continues singing… He imagines both swarag in bridal dress he
Karunga Main Vida Tujhey Haaye Kis Dil Se
Sochon Jab Yahi to Main Rah jaun Hil key
Karunga Main Vida Tujhey Haaye Kis Dil Se
Sochon Jab Yahi to Main Rah Jaun Hil key
Per Meri Beti Tujhey jana tho hoga…
Tuney Jise Chaha use pana tho hoga..

All guests and dada dadi dida sharmishta admires the father daughters bonding
Chal ri Sajani Ab kya soche, Kajara na bah jaaye Rote Rote
Chal ri Sajani Ab kya soche, Kajara na bah jaaye Rote Rote

Rag continues to sing
Papa ke Nigahon main mamta ki bahon main
Kuch Din Aur rah the tho kya bigad jata

Rag stops and burst in tears…. Swara who was witnessing shekar and ragini in tears… Continues singing

Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gaye Kyon
Papa Main Choti Se Badi Ho Gaye Kyon

Shekar calls swara to join his hugs.. Swara runs to them
Now shekar hugs both swaragini

Shek:now stop crying
Dida:u daughters and father made all of us cry….
Dadi wiping her tears:bas bas… Laado go and apply mehndi in your hands….
Shar:ha laado…. Shona laado ko le jao…

Shekar wipes both swarag’s tears and swarag wipes shekar’s tears

Swara applies mehendi in rag hand then she gives the cone to mehendi girl to continue…

Sw thinks:time is moving fast…. Who vl help me….

Here in mm
Pari thinks:ragini is like my sister i cant do this my sister…. If her family gets to know the truth… It will hurt a father hurt a mother hurt a sister and hurt her grand parent… I can’t stay quiet i cant be selfish like my family…

Time passes it was the night before the wedding…
Shekar’s mobile rings… Sw sees it and picks
O. S:plzz dont make this marg… Don’t spoil your daughter’s life….
Call gets disconnected
Sw worried:hello hello… She gets shiver in her body
She sees the call disconnected and she again calls bt it was switched off

Sw:wat vl i do… Will anyone believe me if i say this…

She goes to ragini.. She sees everyone were pampering her and everyone are making her eat…

Rag sees swara
rag:shona.. Plzzz help i cant eat anymore
Dida:shona u vl not do anything
Rag:ma plzz.. I cant take it anymore
Sw comes:ha laado… She too makes her eat…

Rag:nature gives everone a chance shona…. I vl do same thing with interest
Sw smiles:will see
Bt she has a worries
Rag:but i love my family
All:we love you too
Shek:i m here
He comes and he too makes her eat
Rag:u too papa… My stomach will burst today itself…. I think i will die…
All stops her
Shek:never say those
Sw:dare if you say those
Shar:if you say those again.. Mujse bura koi nahi hoga
Rag holds her ears(cutely) :sorry
All smiles and hv a family group hug

Precap:marriage.. Sw:ragu u vl not marry until i return… Ragu:bt wr r u going
Sw goes missing…

So guys wat fo you think will ragini get married?? Will swara get the evidence?? Will swara gets to know abt her fraud laksh?? Will she stop the marg?? Wat hpnd to swara wr she went?? Will she be on time to stop the wedding?? Stay tuned…

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