Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 43)

Let’s begin….

Lak:ab kuch bolna bacha bhi nahi tha aur munhe sunne ka mood bhi nahi tha… And i only hv this much to say that i love you and i also know that you love me… So…..
Sw hugs him tightly….
Lak didn’t expected this as she was glaring him like she vl East him any moment ?

She jumps like kid
San looking at her ?
He didn’t see ragini like this before

He held her: let them excited na why ru jumping like mad
Rag: u won’t understand

Kav comes there
Kav: he always loved you swara… We just acted…..
Sw was shocked and she looks at lak who… Was smiling mischievously
Sw pouts
Sw:itni der kar di tumne
Lak with attitude: oh hello..i proposed you once bt you were showing me attitude.. That we are just friends…etc etc…
Sw:m sorry.. i didn’t understand my feelings that time…

Cab: before you ask more questions i wanted to tell you…i hv recorded your confession in mobile thought to blackmail you by it helped in different manner…. We all joined made a plan..
Sw:u all plotted and me
She pouts all laughs…

Lak sites in his knees
Lak: and now will u marry me in real ?
Sw: yes Mr. Fraudster
They laughs
And again hugs they were so lost in hug that they didn’t realise the surrounding

Cabir: these emotions.. Leave something for first night….
Bt swalak were still lost..
Rag runs to them
Rag: devar ji …aap kripya meri devrani ji ko chod denge tho.. Hum zara sa dhany honge
Swalak comes out of their lost world
They both blushes
Rag: u both look cute….
Sw: waise raago… i got an handsome husband
Rag: still he is not

Sw: waise ho jayega… Bt your husband is too boring…
San was shocked
Rag: Tumne boring kiso bola?(whom did you call boring)
Sw: he is not at all good looking.. Look at my lucky.. How handsome he is?
Lak coughs
Rag: i think your eyes has lost its ability to see… Look at my sanskar… Does he look less then Ranbir kapoor

Sw:oh ho…my laksh exactly looks like arjun Kapoor…my favrt
Rag:oh..hello…your lucky is younger brother of my sanskar…so from whom he got good looks…listen baap baap hota hai

Sw:ya.. actually u r ryte..he obviously looks like father
Rag: haww.. Wat did you say abt….my sanskar.. Your lucky is replica of monkey…hippo….
Sw: wat… Your sanskar is replica of chimpanzee…..

Everyone has left the place bs of sister’s fight…..
Sanlak were shocked…..
Kavcab were enjoying.. kavya was closing her eyes

San: can anyone say that they are soul sister’s
Lak: he should be deaf

Both sister’s look surrounding and sees nobody was there….except sanlak kavcab kavya

Swarag looks at eachother and winks
Nobody notices…

Rag again fighting: u know my sanskar… He can eat chillies

San shocked: wat?

Sw: oh..how much one…my lucky can eat more than 10 in one go…

Lak:wat.. chillies and me

Rag:oh..sanskar eats karela every hour.. Like it’s his fav food

San shocked: wat karela yuck….

Sw:lucky na…karela tho nahi….tum kuch bhi do na woh sab kaata hai

Rag:kyun.. Is he cow?

Sw: u told my cow…a lucky

Rag laughs:see urself agreed
Lak: wat m a cow
Sw: sorry…u told my lucky a cow

Rag: let’s make an eating competition
Sw: no Ur husband is already an chef.. No vl make some other

Cab:no can make them eat chillies na
He wins at sanlak
While they glares them

Swarag: not a bad idea…. Yes will make a competition

San to lak: these sister’s will definitely kill is lucky…

Lak:i find my death in front of my eyes
San:even me too….

To be continued

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