Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 42)

Let’s begin…..

Next day both ragsan got ready to go back…. To Kolkata
They guess to Karan
San hugs him: thanks yaar…
Kar: pleasure… Bt remember one thing that if any day if you make my friend cry.. Then it will be your last day
San widens his eyes: no ways…
They laughs
Rag: thankyou Karan…aap bohoth acche insaan hai….
Kar: now don’t say this…
San: ok now v vl leave…
Rag: bt wr is kavitha and cabir…

Kavcab:we r here……
Kavcab drags outside
Both ragsan were shocked a mandap was arranged beautifully
Kavcab: we want you to married in full ritual before going from her
Ragsan smiles…
Cab: bt first both get ready….

After few mins they get ready…..

Ragsan both get married with full rituals.. They smiles looking at eachother
Cabir clicks their photo…

Ragsan hugs both kavcab
Ragsan were abt to leave
Cabkav:wr r u going leaving us..
Ragsan turns and sees them with luggage
Kar:tum log kahan… How vl i manage alone
Cab: if we close our business for few days nthng will hpn… And sanskar can you adopt is for few days
san smiles: sure…
Kar: ok..u both go…i hv work and vl join u in 2 or 3 days…
San: ok yaar.. We r getting late.. He again hugs Karan

Ragini hugs him… He smiles
They all then leaves…

Dadi: bangalan…i hv found good for match for swara
She shows him the photo of a guy
Dida: not you hv a good selection… And i m so happy that ragini’s love got set
Dadi: now it’s swara’s time….

Sw enters there…
Sw goes to sharmishta
Sw: maa… Tell me one truth… Who is your ex husband
All are shocked

Shek: swara….
Sw: plz ma..i want to know the truth.. Plz… Is suraj uncle was your husband….
All are more shocked
Dadi: swara.. Wat r u talking who told you this….?
Shar:shona..u want to know the truth ryte…. Yes Suraj was my husband once.. I was his second wife..
Sw: then Kavya….
Shar: Kavya was his daughter bt i didn’t do any difference….. Suraj knew the truth abt me and Shekhar he was always taunting me and one day he gave me divorce suddenly.. And left with kavya and further you know
Sw hugs her:m sorry ma… i didn’t wanted to ask you bt.. i was getting thousands of thoughts so i couldn’t do anything…

Shar: no it’s ok…. Mera baccha…

Dida: forget all and she shows guy’s photo to swara…
Dadi: how is he? If you agree today evng they vl come to see you….
Sw remembers kavlak
Sw:jo aap log theek samjhe
All rejoices…

Here laksh himself: i would be in bhai’s place…. Bcs of me he was suffering….
At the time he gets call from San
He picks
San: guess wat?
Lak: wat?
San: we r in Kolkata….
Lak: wow.. i will tell mom and chachi they vl be happy.. And wn r u comng her
San: no lucky.. I would go to my mansion
Lak: why bhai
San: the are some ppl who won’t like our presence
Lak: u r taking abt papa and chachi ryte
San: come fast… And don’t forget shonu

Here all reach sanskar mansion

Kavcab name their arrangements for their grahpravesh

Swalak reach there and they hv some fun time in this ragsan gets to know abt swalak’s feeeeeeeelings and swara’s alliance as swalak shares their feelings to ragsan

After swalak left

Ragsan thinks wat to do they share this to kav cab
Cab laughs….
Trio looks at him weirdly
He shows his mobile

He winks at them….

Evng swara’s alliance for fixed…

After 2 days it was the engagement of swara
Sw herself: everything is changed… Na of my one mistake i lost laksh forever.. Anne today i m going to engaged to someone….
Rag comes there and hugs her from back
Rag: meri behen kya soch rahi hai
Sw:kuch nai
Rag: tho chale

They goes down
Sw was made to stand near the guy..

Rag shoes thumbs to San…
He smiles and he calls someone

Here guy was abt to make sw wr ring
Sw jerks
Dadi: yeh kaun pagal hai swaru ka naam chilla raha hai
Rag comes and stands next to San
Rag excitedly: wat vl hpn now?
San: how would i know
Rag: i didn’t ask you…i asked myself
San: i listened so i answered
Rag: haww.. Bad manners u should not listen someone talks
San shocked: who is someone here
Rag:shhhh…. Let me watch
San: sorry.. Let’s watch together

Sw identifies the voice as laksh’s

Lak comes to her
Sw: tum….yahan
Lak: ha.. Then wat did you expect..

Rag:i feel like he vl hug her
San:wow… How u feel…? Is there any magical powers

Lak: now u vl get a biggest shock of your life

Rag: i think he vl kidnap from here
San: why vl be kidnap her
Rag: arey.. Don’t talk let me see

Sw: wat..la……
She was shocked
Everyone’s eyes comes out from the socket seeing them

Yes.. Laksh captured swara’s lips…..
Swara was utterly shocked

Sanskar Covered ragini’s eyes
Rag: at Chodo mujhe…mujhe dekhna hai
San: u didn’t let me kiss you… Now you want to see someone’s kiss and enjoy.. No ways

Lak leaves her…
Everyone are shocked
Lak smiles
Sw was still shocked she cant register wat hpnd few mins back

Cab who came there whistles

Dadi: laksh… Wat u did

Lak to swara: go.. Now get engaged….

Guy’s family leaves
Sw: wat you did?
Lak: u don’t understand in straight ways so…
Sw gets angry

Rag was glaring San bcs San didn’t let her see swalak’s kiss
San: now i feel that swara will slap him
Then he looks at rag.. Who was glaring him
San casually: wat
She turns her face

To be continued………

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