Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 41)

Let’s begin…

Cabir:actually 2 days back i saw your phn was crying for you
Cabir:i mean ki your phn was ringing..bt bechaare ke paas koi nahi tha.. Tho meine utha liya
Sw:woh call meine ki thi
Cabir:so while introducing and all we got to know abt this…we got a clue wat would hv been hpnd…then laksh joined..we made a plan and we asked sanskar abt this..to our shock sanskar already doubted on aunty…so lak even heard her talking that she is moving here..wch made our plan easy…and soon karan got to know…he wanted to see you happy so he made an amazing plan…and so on
Rag was confused
Cab:u can’t get that.. It vl just make u mad… So u just focus on jiju… Kyu? (Teasing smile)
San: jiju??
Rag: finally u agreed to be my brother
Cab: now i m only your brother…. Swara don’t think to call
Lak jealous: why? She vl
Sw: why vl i… After all he is handsome

Kavi listens this…
Kavi:oh hello miss.. Watever be he is mine
Cabir was shocked even Rag too
Cab wound his fake tears: finally madam agreed
Sw smiles…

San: laksh en is your mrg with KAVYAAA.. We all want to join?
both swalak gets silent

Rag: ha.. Now even swara you hv to marry…
San: responsibility to search groom will be mine wat say? After all i m her one and only jiju…
Kavcab were confused
Cab: bt swara and lak
Rag winks at him
Which swalak couldn’t notice be they were on their devdas world?
Cab:oh…m thinking why not my friend ajay
San:no my friend sameer
Kavi still confused bt happily: how abt karan bhaai
Cabir audible to ragsan: iska kuch nahi ho sakta
Ragsan laughs

San:we r coming tmrw….
Kavi: why u ppl r not talking…i mean any Karan bhaai
San:kavitha woh hum sochenge..ok
Kavi nods smilingly

Sanrag:ok bye
They diviners the call
And rag tells kavitha abt swalak

Here suraj: once i made a mistake by know kavya loves laksh wch made me angry And in anger i hv told find to kill laksh by by their confusion they attacked on sanskar thank God i hv told him already that if anyone asks him any day to take durgaprasad’s name… Now my daughter is happy with him then wohi sahi..i wont my ex wife sharmishta’s daughter to ruin my princess happiness

This was all heard by kavya who was shocked and years fall from her eyes thinking her dad was behind all the prblm….

She stumbled and goes from there…

She goes to baadi

Swalak were present there…
They see her she was crying very badly..
She gets into the house being lost
Kav: who are you to me?
Sw gets confused
Kav shouts: who are you? Tell me….
Lak: kavya wat r u talking?
Kav cries:lucky….
She hugs him and cries….
Lak: wat hpnd kavya
Kavya:ur brother’s accident was not an accident it was all planned to kill you
Swalak gets confused
Lak: wat r u saying im not understanding!!!
Kavya tells them everything….
Swalak both were shocked
Sw: my mother was married to your father before…. No
Kav: its the truth swara….i heard his talks
Lak: he wanted to kill me bcs he got to know u love me.. Bt now he is ready
Kav cries: i can’t believe my dad… Will turn like this…
Lak: we hv to do something…

Here ragsan thanks Karan….
Karan: arey..y u both are thanking me it’s my responsibility being a friend

He gets a call so he goes…
Ragsan eyes fall on kavcab
Who were lost with eachother
They smiles and then they meets their family

All their family takes their leave and to drags suji with him
Rp: i don’t want you to create more prblm.. So better u be on corner of our house

Rag goes to her room thinking how her life changed
She gets the call from the same unknown number who irritating her
Rag: this time i m vl block this number bt first let me take his class..

Rag recieves the call: hello
Rag: arghh.. Who r you? And today i m definitely gonna block your number.. This was my mistake that still i m talking to you… And listen i m married and hv a handsome husband
Caller:oops… Is really your husband handsome
Rag: y u hv a doubt
Caller: bt…
Rag: ok now good bye.. She was abt to cut
Caller: it will be a great sun if you still save your husband’s number
Rag: i vl save…i vl ask with him
Caller: then save
Rag: who are you to give me advice
Caller:uff.. Still u didn’t understand
Rag: don’t play with me
Caller: ok turn
Rag: why
Caller: turn
She runs and sees sanskar standing at the door
He shows the phn
Rag:sanskar tum yahan
San:oh meri boli biwi

Then she gets she sees her phn and sanskar
He winks at her: how was this?
Rag opens her in shock
Rag: it was….
He puts the laddoo in her mouth
San: yes it was me..
Rag trying to speak bt couldn’t
San: i wanted ways to talk to you so made this plan.. Simple.. Waise kaisa tha blank
Rag: very bad and i hate you..
San: bt i love you…
He tries to hug her… Bt she pushes him
San:m ur husband
Rag: tho?
San: m sorry.. i wanted you Badly so i did that
Rag smiles: by i like it
She hugs him
San: so madam.. Chale hamari ghar… If we sit more than karan will out both of us out
Rag: ok

To be continued….

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