Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 40)

Let’s begin…….

Suji who has been lost the battle… She doesn’t know wat to do……


She pulls ragini from sanskar’s grip…
Suji: who and all you want to trap ragini… Wat abt him (pointing karan)

She goes to sanskar
Suji: she loves that guy…. And you can’t force her …..
San smiles nodding his head in disbelief
He stands….

Suji:u can’t change the truth…

Kar interrupting her: i can change the truth…

Suji: wat do you mean!
Kar: it was a plan….i already knew the truth…

Suji was shocked

San:when you can make plottings why can’t i?when my so called mother is so brave in these cheap tricks why can’t i?

Suji still not giving up…
She goes to ragini
Suji: i didn’t see a girl like you…. Why r u still here…. When you r succeeded in breaking my relation with my son
She was abt to slap ragini
San holds her hand: enough… Is enough.. Now wat you want to prove? And why will she go.. She is my wife
Suji:i m your mother..(she cries)u don’t know abt her….
She drags ragini… In anger

Bt someone pulls her and slaps her it was Rp

Rp:galti kardi meine… i would hv slapped this much before….
Suji cries:u too..believe that girl

She sees ap adpari and shemish

Suji goes to ap:jiji….. She was abt to hold her hand.. She moves back and looks other side angrily

She looks at adpari… They were looking at her in disbelief

Suji: why anyone are not believing me…?
She falls in her knees and cries…

Sharmishta goes to ragini and hugs her
Rag cries
Shar glaring suji:baccha you should not cry…. Enough of your tears bcs tears are for someone else…….
Rag was still crying

Shar:i proved that i m not your mother… Plz of possible forgive
Rag looks at her and nods in no

Shekar caressed her hairs

Ap goes to ragini: beta if possible forgive us beta…. i didn’t know this much hpnd behind us..

San goes to ragini he was abt to hold her bt ragini runs from there….
San runs behind her….

Rag goes to near by field

She was not getting wat hpnd with her

She kneels and cries…
Rag sees pair of shoes…
Rag: plz… Why r u here?sanskar ji
San makes her stand…
San: my name became beautiful in your voice…..then tell me wat should i do…
Rag turns
San: now wat hpnd?
Rag: plzzz….
San:now if you try to u can’t leave me and go bcs u r mine..wherever you vl go i vl too come behind you..tum aage aage mein peeche peeche…
Rag:joke tha..she pouts..with tears

He pinch his throat:sacchi…
He laughed seeing her innocent face
She hits him on his chest… Continuously…

San:sorry sorry..now tell me..do you love me
San:arey…. Par kyun…ab tho sab theek hogaya hai…
She was somewhat feeling guilty
San understands…:ragini look
Rag:i m not suitable for …..
Before she could complete he captured her lips……
Rag wides her eyes……
San leaving her.. She was still in shock

San: don’t data to say that…. My love can only filled by you… If you try to say u vl get the same treatment
Rag gets scared…

Rag:if i say.. I don’t love you.. Then ….
San smirks:you cant do anything…you r now tied to me…
Rag:bt i don’t love you
San:is it?
Rag nods like a kid…

San:ok go…
She turns
San:thank god now i vl flirt with many girl… Till how many days i vl run behind you
Rag: wat? So you don’t love me
San: wats the use of one sided love…
Rag worried:no no….I LOVE YOU…. Plz don’t go leaving me
San laughs: bt i guess..u were going leaving me
Rag:cant you understand i was just acting..bt you….you planned to flirt with girls
San: sorry… Even i was acting…

Rag smiles and hugs him:i love you
San hugs her back:i love you too….


Ragsan sees it was cabir….
Cabir looking at his mobile:see they confessed..ab tho mujhe sukoon se rehne dho meri ma

Ragsan gets confused

He was talking to swalak
Rag: shona
Sw:ha meri behena

Rag smiles: looks like love is in the air..as swalak were still hugging
San:but i guess.. Lucky was marrying kavya
Swalak composed
Sw: its not like that
Rag:cabir.. How you know abt swara?
Cabir:its a long story….

To be continued…..

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