Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 4) by ashfa

Thank you so much all… As you all liked the concept keeping away the pairs matter…. Now gonna give good news to few fans and bad news few fans… i. e. I m gonna reveal the pairs and the pairs were already decided one… My di’s favorite…. Shri di’s fav…. And riniitta my new bestie i hv already blurted to her..and she even guessed it ryte.. It took one day for me to think.. Bcs i hv decided the plot before itself and the pairs are swalak and ragsan and for swasan and raglak fans i will definitely write new story once i finish this ff… A big wala sorry for those who wanted this as swasan and raglak ff… ☺☺☺

So let’s begin with 4th chappy…

Swara was thinking wat she should do… How she will find abt laksh.. In her language fraudster laksh…. Bcs there is only 3 days for the marriage….

At the time laksh uttara pari adarsh and suji comes there with dresses for ragini

Dadi sees this:arey.. Why did u broght this…
Suji:its for our daughter….
Rag comes..

Lak was looking at swara.. Swara looks at him…

Tu kitni khoobsurath hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Mukammal ishq ho mera
Zara sa pyaar tho dede
Falak kadmo pe aa juke
Haseen lamhaat woh dede
Tere san bheeg jaaun mein
Kabhi barsaat woh dede
Tere bina jeena pade
Woh pal mujhe na de

Tu itni khoobsurat hai…

Sw murmurs:fraud
Sujipariut bonds well with rag… They gives jewellery and wedding lehenga for her.. It was they already purchased it before…

Lak silently takes swara’s pic in his mobile

Suji:my son is very lucky to get u….. Ragini
Adlakut shockingly looks at suji

Dida:aapka beta….
Suji who was lost in happiness :ha my son sa…

All gets confused..
Suji too gets confused….

Dadi:ur son… Laksh is….

Adar signals lak something
Lak:dadi i think u ppl got confused.. Chaachi bhi na
Suji suddenly gets:laksh is my son too..
Adar:actually chaachi loves laksh as her own son…

Pari in mind;this is wrong…bt I m helpless…

Lak:chaachi chale…
Suji:ha… Chalo.. She cares Ragini’s hair.. Rag smiles…
Pari hugs her.. Uttara too hugs her..

They all then leaves…

Dadi:they r very good ppl
Dida:ha… I too think so

Sisters room..
Swara:oh no… From wr to start how to start
Rag:wat to start
Sw:did u notice their behavior ragini
Rag:u r jst overthinking swara… I didn’t feel something like that..
Sw:bt plz laado u dont marry…
Rag:there is no other option…
Sw:it means u vl marry that fraud
Rag laughs:fraud…
Sw:plz… Ok lets search abt him…. Ok get ready we both vl visit mm
Rag:r u mad…. How can i go…
Sw:nthng vl hpn
Rag:if u want u go…
Sw:ok Atleast come with me… U stand outside
Rag:pagal ho gayi ho.. If you go there how vl u find abt them and also dadi wont leave
Sw:u r coming that’s it… And abt dadi.. Dida hai na
Rag:par swara…
Sw:don’t you trust me
Rag:khud se zyaada..

Dadi and dida were as usual fighting
Swarag comes
Sw signals dida to come
Dida goes to them… They goes to room
Sw:dia i want your help
Sw:ha… She then tells wat she feels abt laksh
Dida:why u feel like that shona… Woh accha ladka hai
Sw:see dida.. We didn’t saw them inside..don’t you think we should check once
Dida still not convinced
Sw:wat vl hpn wn rag getd married and they r very bad ppl and wat if they treat our laado very badly….
Dida looks rag… Rag makes sad face

Dida:meri naathin ke liye kuch bhi
Sw:thankyou dida

Sw:wat abt lady hitler
Dida:why to fear when dida is here

Trio silently goes
Dadi:where u 3 going
Dida:woh.. We r going for parlour
Sw:bcs laado should look like you na dadi…
Dida:wat u mean
Dadi:bengalan.. She mean laado should look beautiful like me.. Not like u
Sw:ha…. Dadi
Dadi smiles.. Dida glares sw
Rag herself:shona kahin ki bhi nahi rahi na idar ki na udar ki.. She silently laughs..

Dadi allows them to go…. They goes

Dida:wat u said shona
Sw bites her toungue:laado are you hungry
Sw:laado.. While coming back we vl eat ice-cream
Dida:shona dont ignore me….
Sw:sorry dida….
Dida:its ok i understand
Sw hugs her:best dida
Dida smiles…

They goes to mm
Rag:u two go i vl stand here….
They nods and goes

Sw:hope i get some clues here

They rings the bell
Pari opens the door

Dida:we were going from here thought to meet u ppl
Pari smiles and welcomes them
Sw was scanning the whole house
ap suji comes and talks with dida

Ut takes swara with her to show house…
Sw was praying that she gets clue abt laksh…

Ut:this is laksh bhai’s room…
They gets in
Laksh was present there
Laksh looks at swara and smiles
Sw was busy scanning the room..

Here ragini sees few slum kids she goes to them and plays with them and she buys food for them and gives
Kid:u r soo nice didi
Rag smiles and invites them to attend her wedding

Rag thinks:i trust shona… Will i get married???

Laksh:swara ryte
Sw fakely smiles and nods
Lak:u can speak to me
Sw:wat to speak… I dont know anything abt you
Lak:hmm.. I am laksh maheshwari andi m etc etc etc..
He gives an introduction…
Sw smiles
Sw:ok then i vl leave
Lak:wait.. Tell me something abt u…
Sw:wat abt me.. Swara gadodia.. I wont spare the person who is fraud…..
She goes.. Laksh gets confused

Here rag comes and stand outside mm… Kids follow her
Rag:u both r following me
She smiles

A person sees her from a window.. Smile crept on his face… He comes out of the room and runs…
Tum mere ho is pal mere ho
Kal shaayad yeh aalam na rahe
Rag feels different as someone is calling her

Dida and swara takes leave
While going out swara feels something she turns… Nthng was there…

Laksh tightly holds the person and covers his mouth
Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho
Kuch aisa ho hum hum na rahe

Dida and swara leaves

Rag:wr were u both??
Dida:this shona has gone mad they are very good ppl laado..
Sw was still not convinced…

Here guy succeeds in freeing himself from laksh’s hold
He runs towards the door…
Yeh raasthe alag ho jaaye
Chalte chalte hum kho jaaye
Laksh and ut runs back of him

Sw:still the whole mansion is like mystery
Kids looks confused
Rag:these 2 r my friend.. Bunty aur bubloo
Sw smiles and introduces herself

Now ragini feels that someone was callong her she looks around
Here laksh held him again he could see ragini clearly…
Tear trips from his eyes
Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga

Swarag then leaves from there

He forwards his hand to stop her
Iss chaahath mein mar jaaunga
Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga

Precap:marriage.. Swara gets a clue

Hope u all guessed who the guy might be?? Is he the mystery of MAHESHWARI’s?? Wat vl hpn next will ragini get married??

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