Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 33) by ashfa


Let’s begin….

Next day….
Laksh tells kavya abt his love for swara… He tells her how they married fake and he fell for her at first sight.. How he proposed her and how swara rejected him
Lak:kavya plzzz… Do something.. Tell no to me… I cant give you that love… I love swara so much that no one can take her place in my life
Kavya was heartbroken
Kav:bt.. Bt.. Laksh.. Swara doesn’t love you ryte
Lak:she doesn’t love me that’s ok… Bt i can’t marry anyone else than swara… I vl live my life by seeing her… Kavya has no words to say….

Here rag calls swara
Sw sees the same unknown no..she smiles
Sw:hello laado
Both sister had tears with wide smile
Sw:aage bhi bologi(sobbing) ya nahi
Rag:tum bhi tho bol sakti ho
Sw:mein tumse gussa hoon
Rag innocent :kyun…
Sw:kyun ka kya matlab…. U left me without even informing me…. I wont talk to you
Rag:bt i didnt even proceed the step of blackmailing
Rag laughs
Sw:tumne mera haath kitne aasani se chod diya(you left my hand soo easily)
Rag:behenon ka haath choot jaata hai par saath nahi choot tha.. Aur tum tho meri behen hi nahi meri rooh ho
Theu both cries

Sw:5 months… It took 5 months for u to talk to me… Its not fair.. U r telling me that i m ur soul
Sw:so wn vl u be back
Sw:bolona… At least tell me wr r u i vl come now itself
Rag:hmm… Noo need..
Rag:i know swara that u love laksh
Rag:now dont act innocent
Sw:why this suddenly?
Rag:i know that laksh proposed you…
Rag:u tell me.. Why u rejected him… And don’t lie i know that u love him…
Sw:i dont love him.. He is just my friend
Rag:oh.. So u didnt understood ur feelings
Sw:not like that..
Rag:then tell me…. So u love him
Sw has no answer
Rag:close your eyes…
Rag:i said close your eyes
Rag:think of the person you love the most.. Whom you want to be around.. Whom u want to never leave or the person to leave you
Sw does.. She sees a guy.. Whose back was faced… He turns
Its obviously laksh
She opens her eyes
Rag:whom u saw
Sw:no one
Rag:chal jooti…
Sw:i m telling
Rag:lie… Liar i know… Whom you saw
Rag:why should i say.. U know ryte.. I m telling this to you bcs the first love in life is very special everyone doesn’t get a chance again so… Love is somewhat the new crazy feeling.. Wch can hpn in any stage you are.. Or the person you love may be in any stage… So better think abt it…
Sw;mujhe tumhe dekhna hai
Rag:bt before.. Swear on me that u dont love him…
Swara’s heart beat got faster…
Sw:plzzz.. I hv work.. And keep in touch at least
She disconnects
Rag smiles:hoping for the best

Someone was clearing their throat

Rag turns and sees sanskar
He smiles widely
Rag confused:waattt??
San:i heard
San:abt the definition of love from you
Rag avoiding eye contact :so
Before he could complete…
Rag:bye.. I hv to go…
She goes from there as fast as possible

She searches for cabir… She calls him.. Bt he was not receiving…
She searches for kavi she gets to know that kavran has gone to meet a client

She goes out…
She goes to bus stand
She sees the bus… In step of the bus too there was no place
She waits for a rikshaw
Bt a car comes
It was sanskar who else it would be?
She sees him
San:want lift
Rag:no.. Thanks
San:baar baar nahi poochunga
Rag:go ahead..
San:r u sure…
He goes
She looks at the watch.. It was already 7 in the evng….
She starts to walk…
Again sanskar comes…
Bt this time he opens the door and drags her in…
He locks the door
Rag was shocked.. She screams without looking:plzzz bachao…mujhe chod do
San smiles:jst look here
Rag looks at him:hawwww… It was you… Stop the car
San:i will not
Rag:i said…
San:if you kill me too i wont stop the car
Rag:haha soo funny.. If i kill you.. How vl u be alive to drive
San:may be.. Bt u too r in thr car… If i die.. Then who vl drive.. So there will be a big accident.. And both will die… And headlines in the news paper… 2 amar premi ke intheqal ho gaya…. Car accident mein(2 lovers died in a car accident)

Rag:ho gaya… Address nahi poochoge
San:why address.. My car Diesel is full tank and has beautiful lady beside me.. So why not a long drive
Rag widens her eyes:stop….
San:ok.. Ok.. Jokes apart.. Yell me your address
Rag:kids have gone back
San:omg… U hv kids
Rag:sooo funny
San:now tell me your address
Rag ons the gps and shows him the address
Rag looks other side
San:waise kiske bacche hain
Rag ons the music system.. To avoid his talks

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

San offs the song
San in serious tone:tumhari khamoshi mujhe bohoth kuch keh rahi hai
Rag was shocked
San:wat u thought u vl leave me and i wont know abt it
Rag was shocked as he got to know abt the truth
San:bt…. I don’t know…. That…………
Rag scared:that
San:your still single or not…. He laughs
Rag :u were telling abt this
San:ha… Don’t tell me that there is a big secret with u
Rag takes sign of relief
San:are u single
Rag:why it bothers you
San:to try my luck
Rag shocked:waattt??
San laughs:tell
Rag:m going to marry soon
San:who is the groom
Rag:its none of your business

San laughs:whoever be..(laughingly) Bt you r mine

Rag:wat you said?
San:no nothing

They reached…
San:lo aagaya humara ghar
San:i mean tumhara
She gets down the car
San:won’t you call me in
San:i heard that.. Whenever girls say no it means yes
Rag:who told you
San:it means i m ryte
Rag:good night…
She goes in and closes the door
She smiles blushing.. Afterall he is her first love

San smiles:today i m going my love bt very soon i vl take you from here to our world…

Here swara….

I m telling this to you bcs the first love in life is very special everyone doesn’t get a chance again so… Love is somewhat the new crazy feeling.. Wch can hpn in any stage you are.. Or the person you love may be in any stage… So better think abt it…

Ragini’s words were ringing in her mind
Voice:excuse me
She was shocked:laksh
Sw:u here at this time…
Lak:wn u vl only and only think abt me then wat vl hpn
Sw:wat vl hpn…
Lak:buddhu… I vl come to you.. Tho?
Lak:kya socha tumne?
Sw:kiske baare mein…
He gets close to her… His breath were touching her wch were giving her shivers
Lak:hamare baare mein
She blushes
Wn she looks straight there was none
Sw:wr this laksh went?
She gets that she was imagining…
Sw:kahin… Mein….

She smiles blushing

Next day…
Rag gets call frm the mystery caller
Rag:tum kaun ho… Why r u irritating me?
M. C:calm down.. I told u that i know you and you don’t know me
Rag:wat… Nonsense
She disconnects
New message
“m sorry.. Plzz gussa mat ho”

Rag smiles seeing his message

And here kavi thinks abt to tell rag abt her feelings towards sanskar

And here suraj comes to baadi
Sur:after 24 yrs.. I m entering this place… Let me see how you are living

Here sanskar was roaming outside.. He sees a man was seeing him with wide eyes… Sanskar felt that he saw him somewhere…..

San:wr i saw him..?

He remembers wn he was saving the girl… And had an accident… He saw a man(he couldnt remember his face clearly.. Bt felt its him by his eyes) smirking and calling someone and telling work has done…

He takes his step closer to him… He runs.. San runs behind him

Preacap:ugly truth and an ugly confusion…

Hows this? Hope its not bad!

Many question confusions a new chapter has formed (dont kill me for this?) so keep guessing… Love to read ur guesses
And thankyou all for your precious support.. Keep supporting like this…

Emmm.. Heard that ppk will take a leap… Who vl be casted as ratan..?

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