Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 3) by ashfa

Here we resume with the 3rd chappy… Tankyou all for your support.. And those who want to know abt the pairs i will reveal it soon i hv decided it and i wont change it and in this chappy u may be know who are the pairs..

The guy looks at swara and was mesmerised… She bites her tongue and looks at him in one who was lost…

Tu kitni khoobsurath hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Mukammal ishq ho mera
Zara sa pyaar tho dede
Falak kadmo pe aa juke
Haseen lamhaat woh dede
Tere san bheeg jaaun mein
Kabhi barsaat woh dede
Tere bina jeena pade
Woh pal mujhe na de

Tu itni khoobsurat hai…

Sw:why is he seeing me like that… Isse meine kahin dekha hai… Kahan dekha hai…

He composes himself
Lak:ha ma…
Ap:this is ragini
Ragini gets nervous.. She looks at him… He smiles.. Rag too smiles and looks at swara who was busy in thinking where she saw him
Then swara looks at her.. Rag makes her eyebrows up…
She nods in no…

Dp:so.. We want ragini as soon as possible..
All looks at him
Dp:i mean we want ragini to be our house daughter in law
Dadu:so.. We vl ask pandith ji.. Before that we want both swaragini to marry on same day… We vl at least keep 6 month gap
Shekar:any prblm
Dp:no we asked pandith he gave mrg date in 4 days
Shek:no its too early

Rag looks at swara.. Swara assures her
Sw:ha uncle… Its too early….
Dp:no.. For the preparations responsibility is mine…. We dont want any thing from you jst your daughter shekar ji…
Dadi:ha… We r ready
Shek:bt ma
Dp:ok then we should prepare for the wedding…. We vl take leave
They then all leaves… Laksh looks at swara and leaves…

Shekar was Confused with dp’s behaviour

Here rag:swara.. I didn’t even thought that my marriage will be in 4 days…. Didn’t u find lil wierd

Sw pov:i think he is fraud… Mein kahin tho usse dekha hai.. Kahan dekha hai… Socho swara socho… Kahin der na ho jaye…

Rag shakes ger:swaraaaaaaa
Rag:mein tumhe kabse bula rahi hoon aur tum ho ki… Woh chodo…
Mujhe itni jaldi shaadi
Sw suddenly :did u like the guy
Rag acts as blushing
Sw shocked:u liked him… Ab yeh mat kehna pyaar karti hoon.. Uske liye mar jaaoongi kood jaaungi uske bina jhee nahi sakti…. Hey meri laado tune kya kar daala..
Rag burst into laughter…
Sw:raaaaaginiiiii…. She chases her whole roon.. Atlast both fall on bed and laughs

Sw:sacchi na.. U dont hv feeling over him na wat’s his name laksh
Rag:hv or not… Why r u getting worried ab yeh mat kehna pyaar karti hoon.. Uske liye mar jaaoongi kood jaaungi uske bina jhee nahi sakti…. Hey meri shona tune kya kar daala..

Sw:good mimicry…
They both laughs

Sw:ahh… Laado
Rag:ahhh.. Shona
Sw glares ragini…
They burst into laughter

Sw:jabse tum meri behen bani ho tabse tum shona ban gayi ho aur mein laado
Rag:ha.. Tho tum laado mein shona
Rag:laado rani…
Sw smiles:ha shona meri behen

Sw:so do you like laksh
Rag:i don’t know why laado bt i saw him somewhere
Sw:laado u saw him…
Rag:mein shona… Mujhe yeh bhi lagta hai ki woh laksh fraud hai
Sw widens her eyes
Rag laughs:wat u thought ha… I heard your talks in our roon wn you were alone

Sw:sacchi laado i saw him…
Rag:hmm.. Wat to do now….
Sw:we should find abt him
Rag:wn.. After 4 days mrg….
Sw:mrg… U vl not
Rag:hmm… Shona maata kahe
Sw:leave that torpic….if we both r going to marry anyone in future
Sw:we will marry brthrs…
Rag:so that they commit suicide.. By our talks
Sw:now laksh doesnt hv brthr.. One hv already married
Rag:one sec… U marry laksh and i vl tell him to adopt a brthr.. Then i vl marry him
Sw:wow.. Laado u r so smart…. She hits her
Sw:u r going to set me with that laksh…
Rag:why wat’s the prblm… I will tell dadi that dadi i dont want to marry laksh… See swara is elder she should marry him and swara even likes him… Then how can i marry a person whom my sister loves(dramatically)
Sw:did u forgot we had done a deal… That if we both fall for one guy then we vl ditch him and search for a new one
Rag:bt here is different my shona loves laksh.. And me i didn’t hv those feelings for him…

This was heard by someone that is none other than dadi and sharmishta….

Dadi:this means…. Swaragini both r my grand daughters…. So…
She goes….

Shar gets in:shona
Swarag turns and stands
Shar:u love laksh
Rag laughs
Sw:u too started… I hate him… I vl never let laado to marry that fraud
Shar:wat r u saying shona…
She then tells abt dadi
Swarag both runs..to dadi
While running
Rag:shona.. Now i think i m free and u vl get married
Sw:shut up…
They sees dadi…
Sw:jo aap soch rahi ho na aisa kuch nahi hai…. We were jst joking hai na ragini
Dadi:truth right
Dadi:go sleep now…


Wat is the mystery?? Is laksh really a fraud?? Will swarag gets to know abt the mystery before marriage?? Or will this marriage will be a main tuning point in their life?? Keep guessing

For those who got confused.. This is not aliya…. This is her sister ashfa… Aliya is busy with her exams…this is my story

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  1. Shrilatha

    I was not wrong ashfa…I understood what is going to happen..amazing yaar amazing

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  5. Superb

  6. I don’t understand why dadi said that swaragini both r my granddaughter

  7. Wow superb,awesome, SWARAGINI are just adorable. Throughout the epi I have a smile on my face. Eagerly waiting for further updates dear.

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    Awesome ashfa!! ? n all the best to aliya for her exams!! ??

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    confusing interesting etc……
    please make raglak..

  15. Bela

    I don’t know why but I feel as if they want Ragini for Sanskaar (who may be mad) than for Lakshya (who seems quite interested in Swara). Maybe that is a dhoka. Just thinking 😀

    Anyways, a brilliant episode 😀

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