Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 29) by ashfa

Let’s begin…..

Lak comes to kavsw
Lak:no need to plan to unite ragsan
Lak:bcs something hpnd… I m happy abt that.. And i cant share now
Sw:bt wat lak
Lak:u jst think that whatever hpnd.. Hpnd for good… And no more questions
Kav:ok.. Then hope for good… And lets party
Lak:hmm.. Ok…
Kav:oh ho.. Swara… Lak come and pick us tonight
Lak:oh no i forgot mom called me.

Kav:ok u go laksh…. We vl go by taxi
He leaves
Later kavsw too leaves…

Here ragini gained conscious…
Kavi:how r u raagu?
Rag remembers Sanskar’s harsh words..
Cab:hey.. Jaanemann… Tum tho mujhe bhaav bhi nahi deti
Rag gets up:i want to go…
Kavi:if its bcs of him.. Then u vl not
Rag:plzz kavi
Kavi:ok.. Go then u vl come to party
Rag nods in no
Cab:i vl also see hw vl raagi not come
Cab:ha.. Aaj se tum raagi
Rag:plzz cabir…. I know u r making me feel good
Cab:ok come i vl drop u… Bt bt i vl come back to pick u… Ok…
Rag with no other option… Nods
They goes…

Cabrag leaves.. Sanskar sees them he remembered how he insulated ragini…
Kavi sees him
Kavi:i think now u r happy…
Kavi shows her palms:don’t ever come infront of my raagu… Bcs of you and your so called doubts… Ragini fell unconscious… If anything had hpnd to her then i vl not leave u
San shocked:wat.. Ragini fell unconscious? Is she ok… Did u consulted her to doctor
Kavi smiles sarcastic:why this worries… U insulted her an hr ago… Now why this worries
San:i m sorr…
Kavi:i dont need this sorry.. Neither ragini….
San:bt i need the forgiveness… From ragini
Kavi:dont ever think abt meeting ragini
San: I vl ask her the apologies… Anyhow
Kavi:never.. I vl never let you meet her..
Kavi moves from there…

San:how vl i meet ragini…. He closes his eyes Ragini’s teary face flashed..

Here laksh reached mm

He sees everyone smiling after many days

Lak:ma… Any goodnews
Lak:wat’s the news
Ap:bcs the good news is bcs of u
Lak:bcs of me
Ap:yes… We hv fixed your mrg with kavya
Lak was shocked:wat??
Ap:don’t act i know that… U like kavya
Pari:ha laksh… I know u would br happy inside

Suji was seeing all this:wn vl my son understand me??? Even i want a millionaire daughter in law… Thank God that ragini is away from him… He was planning to keep ragini with him as his wife…. Can’t imagine…..

Here san:if someone can take your place in my life ragini.. Then its you and only you… I wont force you… Bt i want to know the truth.. Bcs if you were desperate to meet me on that day… Wat hpnd in the short period of time that changed your mind wch separated us….

Lak:bt ma…
Ap:suraj bhai sa… Is also coming..
Lak himself:ma is happy after many days… If i tell this now she would be again sad… Bt i vl tell to kavya.. She vl understand me…! Waise bhi.. I vl meet kavya.. Tonight bt wat i vl say the reason… I can’t say directly that I LOVE SWARA bt…. Will swara hv the same feeling for me?
He was confused..

Kavi was waiting for cabrag….
Karan comes:kavi.. How is ragini?
Kavi:how she vl be bhaai! After bearing the insult…
He feels bad…
Kavi:even she fell unconscious
Kar:wat? U r telling me now… Wr is she i want to meet her… Did u take her to doctor?
Kavi smiles:why r u worrying
Kar:damn… I lo.. I mean she is my friend too
Kavi teasing tone:is it???
Kar smiles:yes… He pats her cheek
Kavi:bt i feel something different
Kar:oh wat is it
Kavi:that is.. You…
Kar worried:me… Wat??
Kavi:you… You love…
Kar:no i… I cant… I dont love her
Kavi teasing:who told that u love her.. I told u love everyone so you care for everyone
He makes an excuse and runs from there…

Cabrag reaches
Rag was wearing simple blue salwar… Her eyes are swollen it was showing that she was crying continuously…
Cab:plzz raagu… Don’t think abt him…
Rag lost :how vl i not… I LOVE HIM… Tears flow from her eyes.. She was shocked that she confessed to cabir
He didnt ask her anything… If she didn’t confessed too he knew that she loves him a lot..
Cab wipes her tears:come lets go..
Rag:sorry cabir… I m spoiling ur mood
Cab:hey.. No way u r not….
Rag:thankyou for being there.. With me
Cab:now u r spoiling my mood by telling this
Rag smiles weakly
Cab:good girl smile like this…
Rag goes in…

Here dadi thinks of making swara married…
Dadi:shekar.. Dont you think we should search a match for swara… Still how many days we vl keep her unmarried.. Its not good tooo…
Shek:bt ma.. Laado
Dadi:did she thought abt us… Why vl v??
Shek:ma… Dont talk against laado
Dadi:then wat.. Should i do her pooja… She cries.. I loved her like anything.. Bt wat she did…
Shek:ma.. Its not like that… She wanted to be free for sometime
Dadi:if it was like that… She would hv called us

Shek himself :how will i say u ma.. That wat laado has sacrificed for us… Wat u know that… She calls daily and asks abt all… I m helpless ma bcs of her promise.. I cant say to anyone

Dadi:ok… Leave that.. I hv talmed to priest…. Abt swara.. And he said that there is a good boys from good families
Shek nods…
Swakav listens…
Sw was shocked….
Kav gets excited.. She teasingly hits swara’s shoulders
Sw fake smiles
She goes…

Kavi sees rag and hugs her..
Karan comes:ragini how r u….
Rag smiles weakly and nods assuring that she is ok…
Kavi:wat ragini.. U wore salwar today too.. U vl wear something gujarathi…
Rag :no kavi
Kavi:no ways..
She drags with her..
Sanskar comes… There his were searching for one person that is ragini…
He sees cabir entering…
He goes to him

Cabir get angry on him… He held his fist tightly
San:cabir… Wr is Ragini??
Cab:why? To hurt her more
San:plz cabir
Cabir ignores him:i dont hv time to listen to u
He was abt to go
San:plz.. Cabir i need a chance.. I want to ask her forgiveness
Cabir remembers Ragini’s confession…
Cabir:no.. Plzz do one favour on her dont come infront of her… I m requesting you
San:plzz cabir.. Everyone deserves a chance… U dont know abt our past
Cabir looks around:plzz dont tell anyone abt the past.. I dont want to see ragini broken.. I m seeing her from 5 months she never showed her pain… I dont kmow wat hpnd in your past bt i can say that… Rag lived these 5 months with sorrow… She had no one to wipe her tears… Fortunately i got to know her lil pain that its bcs of you.. Bcs you were husband of her… I know that she left you for some reason… I can understand… Wn u didnt understand her 5 months now why this sorry… For god sake dont do this to ragini
Sanskar was astonished… By their trust on ragini..the same trust wch he had on ragini wn he was mentally ill… Now he is feeling ill.. Bcs he didnt trust… He pointed on her character….
Cabir was abt to go

San:bt cabir dont i deserve a chance.. Dont you want to listen my side story

Here laksh was tensed that how will he manage the situation… And swara she was dealing with her mind and heart….

To be continued…..

So frnds wat u think?? Wat vl hpn next?? Keep guessing

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