Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 24) by ashfa

Let’s begin….

Sw:i want to meet him…
Lak:r u sure..
Sw:yes.. Want to speak with him
Lak:i dont think so bcs i tried
Sw:i too wanna try once

Here ragini sees kavcab staring her…
Rag sighns them wat
They nods in nthng….
Kids start to laugh as cabir was mimicking ragini
Rag turns:cabir
He smiles sheepishly…
Kavitha plays the music
Rag:it’s tuition kavi
Kav:i too got bored yaar daily studying today let’s party.. Ryte kids….

Cabir dances with kids…

Jhatka zara sa mehsoos hua ek
Life ki gaadi ne kass ke maara brake
Ho raha hai kyun confuse mere dil
Mashwara mera tu aazma ke dekh

Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (x4)

Rag remembers sanskar dancing….


Chal muscle phulaa na
Thodi body banaana
Tere chikne gaalon pe
Stubble ki phasal ugaana

She sees sanskar in cabir… She smiles

Arey re re aye
Abey aye
Chal beta shuru hoja
Guru bagal utha ke
Thoda deo laga na
Kisi bagal wali ko
Mardani khushbu sunghana

Chal upar ke do button
Dheele karke batana
Baalon waala seena dikhana
Baalon waala seena dikhana

Barson talak tu cycle pe ghuma hai
Highway pe motorcycle bhaga ke dekh

Speed mein tujhko agar sardi lage toh
Seat pe piche ladki bitha ke dekh

Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (x4)

Kavitha drags ragini… They dance… Now she sees cabir she searches for sanskar… Bt she gets that she was imagining


Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (x8)


All dances heart out bt ragini was froze remembering sanskar tear skips from her eyes… She wipes it immediately

Here swalak goes to sanskar’s office
They goes to sanskar’s cabin…
San who was engrossed with work sees swalak…
He smiles weakly
San:swara wat a pleasant surprise..
Sw smiles:after all its 5 month…
San:yes… 5 months… Pata hi nahi chala din kab guzar gaye
Sw:ha.. Us din…
San gets angry:if you r talking abt that day then… Please you may go
Sw looks at lak.. He gives her helpless look
San:i m sorry… I shouldn’t talk with you like this…
Sw:its ok… Ragini has
San:plzz… Now i hv no relation with her.. I don’t want to talk abt her… Actually its not her mistake… Everyone has their likings… She didn’t like me… That’s all
Sw nods in no:its not…
San:swara plz… With many difficulties i hv forgot the past with her i dont want to….
He gets a call
San:excuse me
He leaves

Lak:i told u… He has become like a stone… If someone can give him his life back is only babhi
Sw:bt i dont know wr is ragini

Here ragini chokes while eating food
Kavitha pats her back:i think someone is remembering you badly
Rag face goes pale
Cabir notices
Cab:yeh karan kahan hai
Kav:bhaai tho hamesha busy rehte hai
Rag:ha.. I didnt see him
Cab:kahin pada hoga dhukhi aathma
Kav glares him:cabeeeeer
Rag:why is he like that.. I mean i saw him from back or from side…
Kav excited:milna chahti ho… Kal pakka milna
Cab looks at her suspiciously
Rag goes
Cab:kya planning ho raha hai
Kav smirks
Cab:no.. No ways…
Cab:ragini.. She is so cute.. No ways… I vl never let you win in your plan
Rag:wat challenge
Kavcab:no.. Nthng.. W r jst
Rag:plzz not again
Cab:tell her to take her plan back
Rag:wat plan
Rag:m going do watever u want.. She goes
Cab:see hero of ragini is soon gonna enter
Kav:yes.. The hero vl be my bhaiyya
Ca:no ways….
They both goes opposite direction

Next day…

San was getting ready.. He remembered ragini combing his hair
San:kyun ragini.. Am i not suitable for you…

Here swalak meet…
Sw pov:what this feeling is called wn i m around you… Laksh…
Lak:sw wr r u lost
Sw:i was thinking i was alone bt you r always there for me laksh
Lak:ohh… Dont think too much abt me.. Kahin pyaar na ho jaaye..
Sw froze for a moment listening to him…
He laughs:see ur face…
At the time a girl back hugs laksh…
Lak was shocked…

Cab tried many things to stop ragini going with kavitha bt all gone vain

Ragkavcab were waiting for karan
A man comes down the stairs.. He sees kavitha talking and laughing with a girl and cabir
He tries to see her
Kavitha sees him…
Rag turns
Karan sees her and was mesmerised while he was climbing down the stairs

He stumbled being lost in her…
Kavi:bhaai.. Wr r u lost…
Kar:no.. I m ok…
He comes
Kar:hey cabir
Cabir makes irritated face:ya
Kar:wat hpnd again u both fought.. And who is this
Kav:my best friend ragini….
Rag smiles
Kar forwards his hand:hai… Ragini
Rag shakes her hand with him:hello
Kat:yes.. U r the one ryte who is managing our business and these 2
Rag:no not like that
Kar:seriously rag aftrr ur arrival our business has improved
They talks
Cabir glares kav
Kav smirks
Cabir gives her i dont care
Kar:ok.. Kav.. One of my friend is gonna come…. And our gujarathi ftn
Kav:yes i remember
Cabi:punjab mein
Kar:ragini tum hi sambhalo yaar in dhonon ko


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