Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 21) by ashfa

Let’s begin…

Rag:i want to see him swara….
Sw:come lets go.. Rag: No bt i can’t meet him…

Sw sees laksh standing there
Sw:laksh… Jiju
Lak:he is fine.. He got his memory back…
Rag smiles
Sw:wat bt laksh…
Lak:we dont know that does he remember babhi or not…
Sw was shocked:wat do u mean by that
Rag cries:laksh…. Can i see him from far.. Plzzzz
She folds her hand infront of him
Lak hold her hand
Lak:babhi plzz…

Here sanskar:wn vl u come… It vl be awkward for me to face MY DOSTH.. Dupattewali dosth… Meine kya kya kiya tha…. He smiles

Rag sees him from far… San was smiling….
Lak:we can do one thing swara…
Sw:wat laksh…??
Lak:come with me….
Sw nods and goes with him…

Rag was crying… At the time sujatha drags her
Suji:tumhara kaam tho khatam ho gaya hai.. Hai na.. Ab tum yahan kya kar rahi ho..
Rag looks at her
Suji:now dont tell me that u don’t remember anything

Here swalak goes to sanskar
Sanskar was in his thoughts…
Lak looks at swara
San smirks
Sw:do u know me
Lak hits his head
San understands:oh… Who is she
Sw:jiju.. U dont know me..
Lak:bhaai… Kuch nahi
Sw:kya kuch nahi..if you doent remember me that’s ok bt my sister who is crying for you… Wat abt her??
Lak:swara… Shh
San rubs his ears:oh no.. Shonu… Tum kitna chillathi ho
Sw:ha mein chillaungi tho… Wait wat you said…???

Suj:i helped you… You r….
Rag:waada kiya hai nibhaoongi zaroor….
Suj:teek hai…. Nahi tho tum jaanti ho… As how i helped your father that way i can get back…. I helped you as a financial support… Now its your turn.. Better you sign this
She forwards divorce papers…. Rag was shocked……

San:tum kitna chillathi ho
Sw:nahi usse pehle
Lak:he doesnt remember…
Sw:chup…. Usse pehle kya kaha
San:oh no… Yehi kaha tha…
Sw sadly:i think… She turns
San:even today to u look ugly then my sonu….
Swalak were shocked
Sw:iska matlab
Sanskar laughs……

Suj:now u can’t back off… Even u promised… U promised a mother…tell me ragini u vl sign ryte.. No no u vl sign…
Rag nods in no
Suj:how could u do this…..
Rag cries…
Rag:but why???

Swara rubs her ears:wat you said
San:shonu.. Go and consult the ENT doctor
Sw widens her eyes and smiles:u mean u remember me…
Lak has the tears he wipes
San:Rothlu kahi ka phirse rone laga…
San:mara nahi hoon zinda hoon…
Sw:you remember me
San:ha meri maaa… I remember you and your sister who still not bothered to meet me….
Lak:babhi will be very happy… I vl jst call her…

Rag:ok.. I vl never ever cross your son

San:ruk babhi ka chamcha… I m awkwards to meet her
Lak smiles:why so
San:watever i had done with her…
Sw:with me too….
San:how can i forget the honeymoon matter
Swalak gets embarassed

Rag:i vl never ever try to meet him

San:now its my responsibility as ragini i mean dosth(smiles) i should look after her..
Swalak smiles
San:bt whenever i imagine abt that i feel awkward… Bt one thing is that i want her to be with me in my every step.. I want to hold her hand in her every sorrows… I want to hold her hand in my every happiness… Bcs shez the one who held me in my bad times…
Swalak were looking at eo
San:i m telling abt us.. And u both… I think i m kabaab mein haddi
Lak:we r listening…
Lak:continue…. Plzz
San smiles:if i tell all this with u.. Then wat if you copied and tell this to swara
San laughs:sorry sorry…
San:i dont think so… Ur sister vl come by herself shonu

Sw:ok i vl call her
Swalak goes…
San:may be i don’t love .. He remembers ragini…. No i cant say… I want to be with u RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

Rag takes the divorce papers… Her hands are shivering….
Rag closes her eyes she remembers sanskar’s smiling face…
Rag signs the divorce papers….
Sujatha smiles….. She takes the papers immediately
Suj:i hope u vl do as u said…
Rag cries…
Suj goes…

San:ragini… Dosth… Chi sanskar.. How u were talking before with her and now…
He smiles…

Here swalak search for ragini…
Ragini gets up and goes to baadi….
Sw calls rag bt hr mobile is switched off…

San:wr r u rag….?? I cant wait now i want to see u in front of me

Lak:wr did babhi go…

Shekar sees rag
Shek:ragini u here….
He sees her state….
Shek:wat hpnd…beta…did someone told you anything…
Rag was like a lifeless body….

San:these both.. Did they tell rag or not….

Rag directly goes to the room and locks herself
Shekar gets panicked

Sw gets call from shekar.. She immediately goes to baadi…

Sw bangs the door
Sw:laado wat hpnd…. U know jiju….
She listens the sobs
Sw:laado open the door… Laado i said open the door…
Rag wipes her tears
She opens
Sw cups her face:wat hpnd to you

San:lucky ka baccha… Wr is ragini?? Tu na kisi kaam ka nahi hai
San:wat hpnd

Sw:come dont you want to meet jiju
Sw hold her hand
Rag removes her hand:no

Lak:you r mad
San:call ur babhi
Lak nods his head in disbelief :can anyone say that you fought for life few hrs ago
San pouts:that’s for my dosth
Lak makes his eyes small:dramebaaz

Rag:i hv no work there
Sw gets confused

Sw:wat r u saying
Rag:i was no longer related to him…
She again goes and locks herself
Sw:laado… Wat r u saying…. I m not understanding anything..
Lak:bt bhaai..babhi was nowhere
San:wat do you mean nowhere
Lak:i searched her anywhere
San:kahin mujhse peecha chudane ki koshish tho nahi kar rahi.. He laughs
San:ab ro mat bhaag ke jaa aur dhod ke ragini ko bula
Lak:aapne na mera jeena haraam kar diya hai
Lak goes
San has a unknown fear…..

Precap:heartbreak.. Leap..

Very bad twist?????

Sorry for no swalak scenes…. Situation demanded☺

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  1. Silent_writer

    Hawwwwwww mjhe laga kavi aegi shukr wo nai ai magar nahiiiiii aloo yeh kya wo sujata thi sachi very bad se b ziada bad twist ? tu bht buri ha aloooooo blkl uske jasa??lkn likhti kaamal ha

  2. Sindhura

    Feeling very bad yar

  3. Lahari

    Feeling bad for ragsan..this suji na

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    Awesome yaar don’t make any misunderstanding after leap pretty please

  5. awesome

  6. Awesome

  7. awesome.feeling bad for ragsan

  8. Its ok , no swalak scenes needed
    Just ragsan needed

  9. nice loved this sanky

  10. Amazing poor my ragsan

  11. Akankshanna

    Awesome superb amazing

  12. Awesome dr but seperate them long time

  13. amazing chappy

  14. Bela

    I am so sorry, j don’t understand why Sujata did this. Can you please explain?

    The part was so heartbreaking ???

  15. Hemalattha

    OMG what happened to sujata? Nice

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