Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 2)

Thankyou all for liking my story… So here goes with the second chappy… Shri di u guessed ryte… ???here i dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings neptune… Its just a story… So chill…

Shekar was shocked to find dp at his home door
Shek:we r out of your society.. So i dont want to create any drama here plzzz…. He folds his hand.. And he was abt to close the door

Dp:shekar ji.. I didn’t came here to trouble your family… Can i come in and talk….

Everyone there was looking at them…. Shekar nods and they gets in..

Dadi:dp ji!!
Sharmishta and dadu was also shocked…

Dp:i hv come here to talk abt an important thing
Shar offers him tea.. He takes

Dp:watever happened yesterday…. I m sorry for that
All were confused as how can dp who was till yesterday were against them today he is….

Dp:ya… I know you would be thinking how i asked u sorry… Its because of your daughter Ragini
Dp:i don’t know how to ask…
Dadi:no ji… You can ask clearly
Dp:i want your daughter hand for our son….

All are shocked…
Shek stands:no.. I am sorry
Dp worried :why?? Any problem??
Shek shows his palm towards dadi
Shek:ragini is very young now… And also swara is elder to her
Dp:shaadi ab ho baad mein kya farak padta hai… And for swara you can make her too married….
Shek:no thankyou whatever u think bt i don’t want my daughter to get married to your son…
Dadi:shekar try to understand..
Shek:why r u requesting me… Don’t you hv enough line of girls
Dp:bcs.. Your daughter suits my son…
Shek:she’s not a thing to suit your son…
Dadi:dp ji i vl make him understand
Shek:maa.. Wat r u saying.. I dont
Dp:once ask your daughter
Shek:i know my daughter
Dp:i vl wait till your decision changes… Bcs i hv seen ragini as my daughter in law don’t worry she will be very happy she will be like my daughter… I hope you will change your mind and this is my card… You can call me any day…
He takes a leave…

Dadi:itna bada rishta ghar thak aaya hai hame aise tukrana nahi chahiye…
Shek:ma.. I find something wrong….
Shar:i think ma is ryte
Shek:sw is elder to ragini….
Dadi:we vl search a good match for her… Vl make her married same day… Hamari swara thodi na cum hai…
Dadu:shekar thari ma ke baath se sehmath hu
Shek frustrated :teek hai phir…. Aapki jo mazi woh keejiye
He leaves
At the time swarag enters
Sw:ma wat hpnd to papa
Shar weakly smiles

Dp:i said them to take their time bt it shouldn’t be late
Ap suji rp worried
Ap:bt it will be wrong
Dp:nthng is wrong..
He shows his palm:i hv decided….. It
Suji:wat vl hpn if they get to know the truth
Dp:nthng like that vl hpn…
He goes
Ram:we r doing this wrong
Ap:we cant do anything Let’s wait for destiny

Here swaragini were helping to disabled kids to cross the roads.. Then they gives chocolate to them…
Adpari were present they sees swarag
Pari:papaji jo bhi kar rahe hai galath kar rahe hai… Ragini bohoth pyaari hai
Ad:tum aise kyun keh rahi ho….

Pari herself:hope her parents reject this proposal…

Here dadi calls dp and says that they r ready for the proposal
Sharmishta was shocked
Shar:ma… We should ask raagu’s opinion
Dadi:u dont worry she never denies me…

Dp:now everything is perfect andwe should fix this mrg soon…
Ap and ram looks at each other
Dp:all get ready we vl go there and fix….
He goes
Ap:i know ur worries beta….. We cant do anything…
Suji:dp bhaai saab is ryte nthng will hpn…
Suji goes to get ready..
Pari:ma phir bhi…. Yeh galath
Voice:kuch bhi galath nahi hai bhabhi…
Pari turns

Here swarag reaches house
Sw:yahan kuch teek nahi hai
Rag:ha hame bhi aisa hi lagta… Dekha na papa kaise gusse se jaa rahe the
Then they sees dadi was doing preparations
Sw:koi aa raha hai kya
Rag:hame kya maloom
Sw:dadi.. Koi aa raha hai kya
Dadi:chala laado.. Swaru laado ko tayyar kar…
They both look at each other confused and looks at Sharmishta who was giving them a weak smile
Dadi:aaj ladke waale laado ko dekhne aa rahe hai… Matlab unhe hamari laado pasand hai… Aaj shaadi ke thaareek thei kar ne aa rahe hai

Dadi:swaru… Laado ko le ke ja aur usse thaiyyar kar… And u don’t worry i will search u a good match for u
Dadi:ab jao bhi….
Sw:ji dadi….
Swarag both goes to their room
Sw:dadi 1000 watt ki jhatka di
Rag:meri shaadi
Sw:dikne me hrithik jaisa ho
Rag confused;kaun
Sw:meri laado ki hone wale woh

Rag glares her
Sw:sorry sorry
Rag:yeh bohoth jaldi nahi ho raha
Sw:dont worry… If you didn’t like him.. We both will make him runaway…
Rag laughs
Dadi twists swara’s ear
Sw:ahh.. Chodo dadi… Sorry sorry
Dadi leaves:i vl give you that permission
Sw hugs her…

Dida comes:dida bhool gayi
Swarag hugs her
Dida:now get ready fast and look like me very beautiful and not like marwaran who looks…
Dadi glares…
Swarag:who looks…

Dadi:ke boli tu…..
Swarag laughs
Dadi:ok ok get ready fast….

After an hour..

Maheshwari’s reach
Shekar was unhappy with this…

Swarag comes there
Ragini was looking down swara who saw dp hits rag elbow
Sw:dp Maheshwari
Rag was shocked

Ap and suji goes to rag and makes her sit middle of them…
Ap:u r very beautiful beta
Rag smiles bt was tensed abt dp… Sw sees adarsh
Sw:is he.. No no she sees pari.. May be he is her husband..
She sees another young man sitting beside him bt his face was not seen.. She bends to see him…. She sees him and was shocked….

Precap:Ragini’s marriage in 4 day…. Shekar was shocked abt the marg this early
Sw herself:yeh zaroor koi fraud hai meine use kahin dekha hai… Kahan dekha hai.. Yaad kar swara.. Kahin der na ho jaaye

Done with the second chappy….
So wat’s the mystery behind MAHESHWARI family?? Who is the guy spoke behind pari?? Is he the same guy who came to see ragini?? Will ragini gets married?? Why dp want ragini as the daughter in law of his house?? Wat is the truth?? Guess guess let me see who vl guess right one…

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