Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 16) by ashfa

Let’s begin

Swalak are as usual fighting for a silly matter in their room
Sw:hey bhagwan mein kahan phas gayi
Lak:bhagwan ko koso mat… U r only reason for this marriage or better i say FAKE MARRIAGE
Something pained in both of their heart
Sw looks around to hide her pain…
It was fully silent

To change the surrounding
Lak:the dialogue should be mine i should say kahan phas gaya bcs… I deserve more beautiful girl than u
Sw:haww… Shakal dekhi hai.. I deserve more more more handsome guy than you bcs i m the more more more beautiful

Sw goes to mirror and combs her hair
Lak was lost in her he goes to her
Sw looks at him in the mirror
They hv a romantic eyelock
They then composes
Swara blushes.. Lak notices it
He smiles mischievously
Lak back hugs her.. Sw was shocked she becomes red… Due to blush
Lak:sati savitri ji mein soch raha hoon ki shaadi hogayi hai tho honeymoon chale

Sanskar who was passing by playing with his ball listens to it:honeymoon.. Wat is honeymoon??
He enters their room
San:wat is honeymoon lucky
Swalak were shocked…
They composes

San:shonu.. Wat is honeymoon??
Sw:honeymoon.. I don’t know laksh knows it
Lak glares her
Sw:batao na pati dev
Lak:its nthng bhai… Bhai let’s go… I think bhabi is preparing cake for you so lets go and eat.. Even i too wanna eat…
Lak drags him…
Bt sanskar is sanskar something is cooking in his mind

Swara follows them..

Here ragini brings the cake to dining
Sanlaksw comes
San:wow… It is for me
Rag smiles:no its not for you
San sadly: then
Rag:it is for shona and lucky
San pouts
Rag:sorry sorry it is for u only… Bt you hv to share.. Hai na
San:i hv to share with shona and lucky bt shonu and lucky doesnt tell me
Pari who came frm kitchen:wat swalak didnt tell u devar ji
Swalak were shocked
Sw signals lak to stop him
Lak:bhaai.. Cake..

San:wait let me ask pari ma abt it
Pari smiles:ok ask
Rag sits and fills the juice in glass
Lak:bhaai cake dont you want to eat
Pari:wait lucky
San:pari maa
Rag:wat shona let him complete
She takes a water and drinks
San:pari ma… Wat is honeymoon?
Rag who was drinking water spits it and coughs
Pari looks around to escape from there
San:tell me pari maa
Pari:who told you this
San:actually i heard shonu and lucky’s talk.. I asked them bt they didn’t tell me.. Now you tell me
Pari looks around she looks at swalak and gives wat was that look
Rag was still in shock

Adar:wat discussion is hpng here
Swalak makes a crying face???
San:bhaiyya i asked pari ma a question she isn’t answering me
Adar:wat is the question?? I vl answer you
Lak:is it needed bhai
Adar:everything is needed wn it comes to my brthr.. Hai na sanskar
He brushes his hair
San:bhaiyya wat is honeymoon??
Adar:honeymoon.. simple.. Waaatttt honeymoon
He looks at pari.. Pari controls her laughter
San:bhaiyya tell me plzz
Adar:sanskar.. Woh.. Mein…who told you this
San:actually i heard swalak
Adar glares laksh
Bechara laksh???

San:leave it i vl ask with badi ma
He runs
Everyone:maa/badi maa
They runs behind him….

San sees a servant:nandu nandu nandu
Nandu:ji bhaiyya ji
San:wat is honeymoon
Bansi:honeymoon.. I dont know
San:ok.. If i got to know.. I vl first come and tell u

Here everyone goes behind him….
San sees it and runs fast

Sw:is he a running champion i cant run
Lak;i too got to know now itself that my bhai can run this much faster
Rag:stop it first catch sanskar ji
Adar:nandu catch sanskar

San sees another servant champa
San:champa champa
Champa:ji bhaiyya
San:wat is honeymoon
Champa blushes :honeymoon she laughs blushing
San:you too don’t know…
He sees all approaching him… He runs….

Precap:more fun???

Will sanskar reach his badi ma?? Will he gets to know wat is honeymoon?? ????????

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