Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 15) by ashfa

Let’s begin..

Sanskar was sad that he was not allowed
San:why can’t i go office dosth
Rag has no answer
San:every men in the house goes to office.. Why can’t I?? M i that bad that i can’t go anywhere
Swalak listens this and feels bad..
Rag:no.. U know wat you r very special… You are not bad actually very very hmm i cant predict you r that much good you r like an angel
Swalak lightly smiles

San:bt still i want to go office
Rag:that’s it!!
San:bt bade papa is not allowing me ryte
Rag:so wat
Lak:ha so wat… We vl go to ur own office
San :my office.. Do i hv office
He looks at swarag.. They nods their head like swarag
San:wn i has
Rag:long before.. She looks at laksh.. He nods
Lak:tho chale bhai
San happily:do i hv my own car
Lak:a lot more cars.. Bt today vl go in my car wat say
San nods…
Lak opens the back door for him
Lak:sir.. Driver laksh is repoerting on your duty sir
Lak:no no driver
Lak sits in driving
Rag knocks:sir
San:dosth tum bhi
Rag:sir dosth kaun dosth i m your PA
Rag:can i come with u
San was happy
Rag sits next to him

Sw:ab mein kya banu
San:sorry.. Driver tum batao
Lak:there is no need of anyone
Sw:i too want to come
San:ok…shonu U sit infront
She happily sits
They goes to Sanskar’s construction co

They sees a board karma constructions
They gets down the car
San sees it and remember something
He remembers a person caressing the board.. He couldn’t see the face of the person he remembers a person saying “I DID IT”
Swalakrag looks at eachother and sanskar as he was seeing the board so keenly
San remembers and repeats:”I CHANGED MY KARMA AND THIS IS MY KARMA” He smiles widely
Rag goes to him
Rag:sanskar ji….
San:this is my karma… Look this is my karma.. See i made it possible wn my bade papa gave me an impossible tag…
Lak smiles seeing his brthr back.. Tears start to flow from his eyes

San:see i made myself possible… I proved myself… Today i m the top most businessman and a chef.. Look i proved it… I proved it… My hardwork gave me the success which I deserve… My Karma
He was talking normally
His head starts to pain…
San holds his head:my head.. Its paining… Rag holds him
Swalakrag had tears.. He falls unconscious
Rag:sanskar ji
Swalak runs to them

They takes him to the hospital
Doctor checks him
Rag was crying.. Swara consoles her
Laksh was walking here and there
Doc comes with a smile
Lak:is everything okay doctor
Doc:everything ok… Its a positive sign..
Rag:bt doctor he talk normally
Doc:i said u MRS. MAHESHWARI that he may sometime vl talk normally
Doc takes a leave

They then goes to sanskar who was awake
Sa:dosth wat hpnd to me
Rag cares his hair:nthng.. Jst u got lil fever

Swalak goes out
Swara was some wat feeling different she lovingly stares lak
Sw pov:you r not a fraud laksh.. Day by day you r making me fall…shona wat r u saying its jst a thought nthng else

Precap:wat is honeymoon??

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