Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 14) by ashfa

I vl postpone swalak marriage truth for few parts..

Here we resume..

Sw was thinking how to make dp angry???she smirks remembering something

Mrng in breakfast
All were seated as usual rag was making san eat…
Ladies were serving their respective husbands except swara.. Swara was missing

Ap:laksh wr is swara
San:ha ha wr is shonu
Lak thinks that he didn’t see her frm morng
Lak:she vl be here only ma… Wr she vl go
All continues their breakfast

Swara from behind:laksh
All were shocked to see her
Sw was wearing a short skirt and a top…

All looks at dp… His angry went on cloud nine
San:wow.. Shonu u look good bt not more then sonu. He laughs
Rag:shh.. Sanskar ji

Sw:wat hpnd pati dev
Laksh was shocked he comes out of his shocked world
She comes sits next to him
Sw:papa ji cn u pass the curry

Suj:arey swara yeh tune kya pehen ke rakhi hai
Sw:accha hai na aapko bhi laa kar doon
Suj:hain…. ??
Lak audible to sw:yeh kya hai swara
Sw:oh ho pati dev.. Saree and all its old fasion u know
San:ha.. Dosth tumhe bhi shonu jaisa kapde pehen na chahiye
Rag:huh.. She widen her eyes
Sw:laado hi kyun.. Pari babhi uttara

Dp gets up and goes
Then all hv the breakfast.. Lak drags sw to the room
Lak:wat’s this swara
Lak:don’t you know papa doesn’t like it…
Sw:issiliye tho mein kar rahi hoon… Bhool gaye.. Hamari shadi
Lak suddenly gives her a naughty smile
He moves front front
She moves back back
Lak:watever you look s*xy
Sw blushes.. He goes

Sw thinks:wat’s happening to me.. Wn he is around me… Shona zyada mat socho.. Ab is unlucky ko sikhana padega ki mein kya cheez hoon

Here in ragsan room.. Ragini was folding clothes suddenly someone back hugs her… Rag was shocked.. It was sanskar
Rag then frees herself… She dont know why her inner feeling was shy????
San:dosth wat hpnd

Nxt day

Laksh goes to bath…
Sw:bohoth smart ban rahe the na… Ab dekho
She goes out and of’s the gatewall
Lak who soaped himself was shocked seeing no water
He calls swara… Sw laughs outside.. She again on’s…. Then of’s then ons the of’s
Then finally on’s and comes to the room

After hving bath lak comng out of the bathroom
Sw:kya hua patidev paani nahi tha…
Lak was abt to say something then he gets that it was swara’s prank..
Lak:wait and watch… Next is ur turn
Sw who was laughing holding stomach stops listening this

San:dosth i too want to go to office like lucky adarsh bhaiyya
Rag doesn’t know wat to say
San:plzz.. I want to
Rag:ok.. I will talk to adarsh bhaiyya
San dances happily
San:bt i dont hv clothes like lucky
At the time swalak comes there
Lak:wat hpnd babhi.. Why bhai is sad
Rag:sanskar ji want to go office
Lak smiles:so bhai get ready i vl take u
Lak finds him sad
Lak:wat hpnd
Rag:he doesn’t hv clothes like you.. He is sad… She smiles seeing him pouting
Lak:hmm.. This is the prblm.. Why don’t you wear my clothes
San:sacchi.. I can wear
Lak:jo mera hai woh aapka hai bhai
San:except shonu.. I dont want her u keep it her for urself
(smart sanskar)
Rag controls her laughter
Swalak were embarrassed

Lak:ok bhai lets get ready

Lak takes him and makes him wear a 3 piece suit
They comes to breakfast
Ap looks at sanskar
Ap:sanskar.. You
San:how i am looking
Ap:most handsome
San:today i m going to office
Ap’s face goes pale
Dp comes:u r not going anywhere
San:no i want to go
Lak:papa don’t worry i will look after him
Dp:i said no.. He vl not come
San was in the verge of crying.. Rag notices him
Rag:plzz he vl not do anyything
Lak:yes papa.. Rag:plzz he is very excited
Dp:my decision vl not change
She hold his hands….
Rag:ok.. He vl not come…
She drags him all looks at her confused
They goes outside the mansion

Lak:whenever i think that my papa vl change… Bt how can expect…i m doing wrong that…. Abhi bhi aap khair meri baatein kis kaam ki..
He goes angrily… And follows ragsan

Sw follows ragsanlak

Precap:Ragsan and swara feeling for laksh..

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