Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 13) by ashfa

Here we resume..

Lak:babhi do u know who is the owner of this hotel?
Swarag looks at him confused as why he is asking this
Lak:bhabhi this 5 star hotel belongs to bhai
Rag was shocked and sees sanskar was playing in the swing
Lak:babhi only u can make my bhai perfect so u should know abt him.. How was he before
They then goes and sits…

Lak:bhai in childhood itself he was very selfless… Caring kind and spreading happiness guy he never liked papa and chachi bcs papa wanted all kids to stay in his control and chachi don’t know why bt he didn’t like her bt listens to her
In the age of 18 bhai wanted to explore.. Do something by himself…he was a cook.. Bt papa he never gave or let others support his passion
Like this his interests on exploring went more more
In age of 19 in days he was going colg and night he was doing a part time job of cook… He went higher in cooking.. He was in lack of sleep.. Bt still he wanted to be something.. He got higher post

He completed his studies…
Papa told him to join the business bt he was not interested… Nobody knew abt bhai being chef.. Bhai refused one day papa got to know abt bhai on that day he scolded him and insulted him and his passion on that day he left our house after one year we got to know that bhai was one of top most chef and a businessman.. He used to help poor and a needy once he met an accident from saving a kid by which he is like this.. From that we bought him home… He still used get outside of the house he used to meet u… Before he was not listening to anyone bt now he is that too only urs…

Rag was shocked and proud of her husband her dosth that he achieved in a very small age.. She looks at the hotel this hotel stood here that’s only bcs her husbands hard work…

Lak:not only this he has a construction company… He is an inspiration
Lak wipes his lone tear and wipes it..

They all then geys back home.. They then tells the family abt wat doctor said.. They were very happy…
And the day passes by rag thinking abt sanskar

Next day
All are out except swalak ragsan and pariut
San:let’s dance

Swasan:yes yes
Raglak:no no
Rag:ok do wat u want to
Sw:dekha mere behen ke dosth laado always listens to me bcs she loves me more
San:no she loves me more not u
Sw laughs:she loves me more
San angrily:she loves me more
Sw angrily:she loves me more
Rag hits her head

Lakpariut were enjoying this

San:don’t you hv lucky y r u coming btwn us
Swalakrag was shocked…
Pariut burst into laughter.. Rag too joins them
San:my dosth loves me more than anyone.. Lucky love shonu more so that she never comes with this torpic..
Lak excuses himself
Sw was embarrassed
Rag:ok.. Wont u dance now…
Ut plays song

Swasan puts goggles

Teri naam diya dhuman pe gaiyan
Tu Chandigarh toh aayi ni
Chandigarh toh aayi ni
Tenu dekh ke haunke bharde ne
Khare chownkan vich sipahi ni

San pulls rag and dances with her.. Pariut too joins.. Lak was lovingly staring swara in the corner… Sw sees him and blushes she stops
San goes and pulls laksh and dancrs

Thodi te kaala til kudiye
Thodi te kaala til kudiye
Jo daag hai chan de tukde te
Tenu kala chasma
Tenu kala chasma

Now all puts the goggles and dances

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

San was jumping like a kid…. Rag laughs.. He hugs her tightly she was shocked bt smiles
Swalak has a romantic eyelock

Precap:swalak marriage truth

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