Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 12) by ashfa

Here we resume..

Few days passes… In this ragsan bonding for strong and swalak stay to fight like a typical husbands and wife… Swasan used to fight and enjoy with eachother… Lak wants to talk with ragini nw rag started to forgive.. He comes to her and talks his whole so that she talks to him at final she gives him her suggestions to his prblms…

Swalak room
Sw :aaj mein kaisi lag rahi hoon.. Pati dev
Lak was shocked
Sw:why r u seeing me like that
Lak move towards her romantically sw moves back.. He holds her from waist…
Lak:tum aaj na…
Sw was breathing heavily
Lak:u r looking like a

Sw:like a
Lak:beautiful…… Beautiful (sw was blushing) beautiful chimpanzee
She pushes him
He burst into laughter
Sw:apni shakal dekhi hai… Aaya bada.. Unlucky kahi ka
Lak:hey.. Sati savitri ko aisi baatein shobha nahi deta
Sw:accha.. Pati dev.. She stamps his foot..

Sw:kya hua pati dev… Dard ho raha hai

This was all seen by a person.. Who it is?

Lak:u should be thankful that u got a handsome husband…
Sw:jhoota pati jhoota handsome..
Lak:waise sati savitri…
Sw:ha pati dev
Lak suddenly pecks her cheeks
Sw widens eyes in shock

Lak gives her a charming smile…

Lak:tho chale
Sw shockingly nods..

They goes to ragsan room they enters

Rag:mein aaj kaisi lag rahi hoon pati dev..
Swalak smiles confused
San like a kid:you r looking… Like a beautiful chimpanzee
Swalak both widens their eyes…
San laughs
Rag:apni shakal deki hai aaya bada unlucky kahi ka

San:hey… Sati.. Sati…
San:ha.. Sati savitri ko aisi baatein…
Sw:shobha nahi deti…. She bites her toungue

Rag laughs….
Swalak both r embarrassed
Rag:shona.. Plzz if you want to talk then plzz check the surrounding if there is any detective.. (Looking at sanskar) so better close your door and talk
Swalak understands it was sanskar
Rag:ok now u 3 go down i vl
Swalak leaves
Rag:sanskar ji aap bhi

He comes to her
Rag:do you want something
San suddenly kisses Ragini’s cheeks
Rag was shocked
San:lucky ne bhi shonu ko kiss kiya tha

San goes
Rag hits her head:yeh kya tha… Shonaaaaa

Ap:laksh today take sanskar to doctor… We should know abt his condition now
Lak nods
They hv breakfast
San:i don’t want breakfast…
San:i want ice cream
Sw:ice cream i too want

Lak:chodo bhabhi kisko samjha rahi ho…
Rag:sanskar ji… If you didn’t eat breakfast so better i leave you and go
She turns
San holds her wrist:this is cheating everytime you do this

Sw:ha laado this is cheating
Rag hits her head
Rag:if you both want ice cream then you should eat ice cream
Both pouts
Rag makes sanskar eat
Sw eats

Then ragsan and swalak leaves for hospital
Doctor checks sanskar
And tells to ragini and laksh
Doc:his condition has been improved… And i think if he gets improvement in his condition like this then he will be soon all right

Raglak felt happy listening this
Lak:Thankyou Thankyou doctor
Doc:i think you should thank his wife… Bcs before there were no improvements…
Lak:ok.. Doc we vl leave now..

They were abt to go
doc:Mrs. Maheshwari
Rag:yes doctor
Doc:in these cases may be sometimes he vl behave like a normal person and u try make him remember abt his past
Raglak:it will help him to regain his memory
Doc:can’t say may be may not be
Raglak then leaves from there and sees

Swasan eating ice cream…
They goes to them..

Later they all leaves
Lak stops infront of a big hotel
All gets down the car
San:lucky why we came here
Lak:to hv a treat
San goes to nearby swing and plays….

Lak:bhabhi do you know who is the owner of this 5 star hotel
Rag looks at him confused….

To be continued…..

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