Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 11) by ashfa

Here we resume..

Dp:wat is this laksh??
Lak:wat is this mean.. Oh sorry sorry sab kuch itna jaldi mein hua mein kisiko nahi bata sakadp:i won’t accept this
Lak:aapne aaj tak kya accept kiya hai jo aap aaj accept karenge
Ap:if you would hv said
Lak:ma.. Do u think papa vl accept
she stays silent
San:lucky tumne bhi apne liye dosth ko lekar aagaye.. Now we 4 vl play together
Rag was totally shocked she can’t digest the fact..
Dp was abt to say something
Lak interrupts:get out of my house… U want to say this ryte.. Ya i would hv not come here.. First thought abt my bhai ma all family members and ur respect in the society.. Aadhe tho kho hi chuke hai aap papa
Dp angrily leaves from there…

Swalak were abt to enter
She makes aarthi and makes them enter..
Swalak takes everyone’s blessing.. Atlast they comes to ragsan
San:wat is your name??
San:u r my dosth sister.. So you too my dosth…
He forwards his hand… Sw smiles and shakes with him…
Rag:tumne yeh kyun kiya swara
Lak takes sanskar with him…
Swarag both has tears
Rag:swara you didn’t like laksh.. Why did you spoil your life
Sw:tum na badal gayi ho laado… Shona se swara
Rag cries:shona…. Why did you do this….
Sw:i too can ask you the same
Rag:meri baath alag hai
Sw:swaragini kabhi alag they hi nahi tho tum kyun apne aapko mujse alag karna chahti ho.. Bolo na mahaan ban na chahthi ho… (she was crying like kid).. Meri nazar mein tho tum pehle se hi mahaan ho
Rag:tumne aisa kyun kiya
Sw:i will tell you reply wen u vl tell me the reason behind this…
Sw wipes ragini’s tears and hugs her

San comes:dosth aur dosth ki behena
Listening this both swarag smiles through tears
San:only dosth was there now u too started to rain
Swarag laughs
San:tumhe meri dosth shona bulati hai na
Sw:ha.. Now u too can call me
San:u know i hv 2 more frnds u know wat their name is?
Sw:no.. I don’t know.. Won’t u make me meet them
San:then come.. He drags ragini
Sw follows them

San shows 2 dolls to sw:one is rinku and one is sonu
San:sonu and shona.. I vl call u shonu
Sw:shonu?? She smiles
San:ha.. Bt u r not beautiful as my sonu..
Rag laughs
Sw:see i more beautiful than ur sonu
San:no.. No no no my sonu is beautiful
Sw:i m the beautiful
Rag:stop it you both…
Sw:see meri behen ke dosth… One day u vl admit it
San:in your dreams
Sw opens her mouth in shock.. While rag controls her laughter seeing their silly fights
Sw:so u r challenging me
He laughs
Sw:ok challenge accepted.. U vl say one day that i m more beautiful then (she looks at sonu) this sonu
San:ok.. Vl see… If i didn’t say u should bring me new video games
Sw:ok.. If you say
San:i vl give u everything except my dosth
Rag was shocked listening this
Swara smiles:ok then be ready…

Its night…
Rag makes san sleep.. Sw was sitting in one end of the bed
Rag:now u should go to ur room..
Sw nods
Rag:plzz tell me swara why did u marry
Sw:i vl tell wn u vl tell me complete truth
Rag avoiding eye contact:there is nothing like that
Sw:ok.. Then i vl leave
She goes

Lak was doing something in his laptop
He sees swara.. He closes his laptop
He moves towards couch
Lak:i vl sleep here.. U sleep in bed
Lak suddenly:wat you said
Sw:o ho patidev ab aap sun bhi nahi sakte.. Bechaara(makes a very sad face)
Lak:oh sati savitri.. I thought u vl stop me and tell me to sleep in bed.. Bt u..
Sw:its not my problem… Good night
She sleeps
Lak comes there with a naughty smile
Lak:why vl i sleep in couch.. We should sleep together… We r husband and wife ryte
Sw:ek maarungi na sab nasha uthar jaayega.. Husband and wife my foot… If u crossed ur limits any day na.. Then it vl be ur last day
Lak:if its night
Sw smiles and punches him on his face:kaisa tha trailer
Sw murmurs :fraud
Lak smiles sadly
He goes and sleeps in couch

Precap:days passes…

So frnds how was this part??

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