Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 10) by ashfa

Here we resume…

Next day..
Rag gets ready.. She sees sanskar sleeping like a kid.. She smiles
At the time door knocks.. She sees ap at the door
Rag goes to her
They goes down..
She then makes food as its her first rasoi

Here sanskar gets up and searches for his dosth… He gets scared that ragini left him…
He sees pari
San:pari ma.. Wr is dosth??
Pari smiles:she is in kitchen
San goes to kitchen
Rag looks at him
San:wat r u doing??
She was not answering him
San:abhi tak mujse gussa ho.. With most innocent face
Rag lightly smiles and nods in no
San:then why r u not talking to me…. Jabse tum aayi ho mein hi baath kar raha hoon
Rag smiles
San:now tell me wat r u doing
Rag:breakfast for everyone
San:i vl help you
San:dosth sab kuch share karte hai.. Hai na dosth
Rag:no.. Sanskar ji i vl do it myself
San:tum Mujhe dosth bula thi.thi na
Rag:ha.. Ab hamare rishta badal gaya hai
Rag gets confused wat to answer him
San:i know that… We r husband and wife… Ok now we vl cook together
He takes a knife
Rag:no knife
San:why.. I vl work with this only
Rag:no.. Ok then u r not listening to me
San stays silent
Rag:ok.. Then i vl leave u and go..
She turns.. He holds her saree pallu she stops
She fowards her hand
San:u vl not leave and go ryte
Rag nods no.. She signals him to give.. He gives…

Ap and pari was watching this…
Rag:ok.. And u hv to sit here silently
San keeps his finger in lips and sits silently.. Rag lightly laughs
San:dosth hasi… Dosth hasi
Rag widely smiles
He then again keeps his finger on lips..
Ap:true only ragini can handle him…
Pari:ha.. Ma bt wat abt ragini
Ap’s face fell
Ap:i m hoping that my sanskar gets well as before..
Pari lightly smiles:ma.. Lagta hai woh din dhoor nahi hai..
She nods and goes..

Later ragini arranges food in dining table..

All comes to dining table…
Ap:today’s food is prepared by ragini
All looks at her.. Rag ignores
San comes
Ap serves food and gives plate to ragini for san
Ap:beta take sans to room and make him eat
Rag looks at her
San:chalo dosth..
Rag holds his wrist and makes him sit in dinning table
San:dosth.. Bade papa will get angry on me
Rag:u r hungry ryte…
San nods
Rag:from today onwards u vl eat here itself
Dp looks at her
Rag notices:i hope that nobody vl hv prblm
Ram looks at dp… He can find he was in anger
Ram:bt beta
Rag:i m hoping so
She makes sanskar eat
Adpariut ap has a smile as someone stood for sanskar

Dp gets up.. Rag was paying no head to him
Ap:ji aap
Dp:mera hogaya
He goes
Suji who comes there was unaware of the things hapnd
Ap follows him
Ut:bhabhi… U stood for my bhai thank you soo much
San sees suji and gets up.:dosth chalo we vl play video game together..
Suj:sanskar beta
San:gundhi aurath… Dhoor raho mujse aur mere dosth se

At the time they heard dp’s voice:LAKSH
All gets panicked
All goes
Rag doesn’t wanted to go.. Bt still goes.. With them and was shocked….

Swalak were standing in the entrance.. Swara has vermillon and mangalsutra

Precap:swalak nok jhok… Ragsan bonding gets strong

So friends wAt do u think.. Wat vl hpn next??

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  1. Awesomeee. I want to tell u onething u said after this ff u write raglak and san swaff don’t write san swaff plzzz its my request orelse i will complain to ur sissy about ur ff(just kiding but my opinion is RAGSAN) i don’t have problem with raglak but san swa nooooo

  2. Asw

    Amazing keep going

  3. Swalak married???love you..thankyou for swalak..and in precap..swalak’snok jhok?plz post next episode soon..i cant wait for that..and hope sanskar become fine soon..

  4. Shrilatha

    Awesome ashu….loved ragsan bond

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  7. Awesome

  8. Asra

    amazing dear…loved it alot…Sanky s soo cute…love their scenes….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

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  10. Awesome dear ragsan scenes are superb

  11. Awesome

  12. I just love ragsan ..they look so gud tgthr …thnx so much ??

  13. Superb loved it dear

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