Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 1)

Hey friends this is ashfa with my story not aliya’s…. I asked di abt the concept and she supported me and helped me.. Love you sisso..
Plz forgive me if i do any mistake…. My mind is working in thrilling story… Hahaha kidding… So i am gonna start swaragini from beginning… Shri di love u????…. Ya it was me who commented on your post… See again i started… Ok enough of my bak bak so begin with the first chapter…

Swaragini begin with swaragini best friends later ragini gets to know abt swara being her half sister.. Ragini was sad she started to believe her dadi… Dadi used to fill her ears against swara sharmishta and dida… Ragini innocently believed dadi…swara tried to talk to ragini instead ragini used to get angry on her…. One day ragini listens to dadi dadu talks she was shocked as she found truth that shek before loved sharmishta and janki ‘s death was accident…. She was guilty to avoid swara her mother like sharmishta aunty and dida.. Swara tries many ways to talk to ragini bt ragini couldn’t face her due to guilt… Like this days passed…. And shekar and sharmishta’ s truth get’s out infront of society…. The society head DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI comes there to put gadodia family out of their society…..

Rag was returning back with her dadi she was shocked to find the scenario at the same time swara too was shocked… As the ppl were trying to put greece over their face…. Swara runs immediately and tries to stop them bt few womens hold her she cries…. Dp goes to shekar make his face black… Shekar closes his eyes in which tears were flowing… Ppl too forwards in front of dada dadi sharmishta and dida…. Ragini who was froze till gets back…

Ragini holds dp’s head
Rag:khabardaar…. khabardaar…. Agar aapne ek kadam bhi aage badaaya tho…..

All were shocked to face angry ragini….
Suddenly swara:rag shall i ask you a question
Rag confused:ask.. Why r u taking permission
Sw:hmm… Wat type of guy u want as ur life partner
Rag:no.. Whoever our parents choose
Rag pouts
Sw:tell abt your dream guy… Plzz i know u would hv dreamt for..
Rag:hmmmmm…. He should love his family and my family… He should love me… Then i m not getting swara
Sw:ok ok…
Rag:wat abt you

Dp was shocked… He was jst looking at her

Rag:first of all who r u to decide this.. A society head… Who r u to put us out of the society.. We ourself dont want this society in which there is a dirty thoughts…. So beware MR. DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI… MY MOM DAD ARE NOT ALONE THEY HAVE 2 DAUGHTERS…

swara frees herself… And comes near ragini… Both has tears… Ragini holds swara’s hands and stands infront of their family as protecting them…

Rag:u have to face us before our mom sharmishta bose and dad shekar gadodia….

Dp was jst froze he was jst looking at ragini


Swara smiles through tears…..

Sw:aur uncle we dont want this drama…. I hope u would hv understood my sister’s word…

They both look at eachother… Swaragini plays in the background

Dp’s eyes were on ragini….

A man:dp ji we dont need their talks..we should do wat we here for… Hamein un donon ki moo kaala karna hoga….

They were abt forward..
Dp shows his palm to stop…. He looks at ragini

Dp:all get back…..

All gets back…. He leaves from there.. And his companions too leaves one by one…

Swaragini hug their parents and cries…..

Ragini conviences dada dadi… Shekar sharmishta gets married on same day……

Ragini asks sorry from sharmishta..
Sharmishta hugs her:i never angry with u to forgive you… My daughters are like my 2 eyes
Swara too joins later shekar

Dada dadi dida smiles through tears…

Sister’s room
Rag:swara.. I m sorry
Sw:bt i hate you…
Rag gets tears listening this
Sw suddenly hugs her:arey buddhu i was joking…
Sw:mucchi meri maa
Rag:maa nahi behen

They laughs and hugs

They both were sleeping together

Suddenly swara:wat type of guy u want laado
Sw:tell me na
Rag:hmmmmm….. He should love and care his and my family… That’s all
Sw:wat?? That’s all… Offo
Rag pouts:wat about you
Sw:i will tell you when i vl get him
Sw:everything is fair in love and war meri jaan
Rag:meri behen

They again laughs

Sw:wat if we both fall for same guy…
Rag:u sacrifice
Sw glaring:wat?? Why should I??
Rag laughs:meri behen ke liye meri jaan bhi haazir… Isme kya badi baath
Sw:wait wait… No sacrife and all ok
Sw:let me complete…. We vl leave him and both vl search again
Rag:wat an idea sir ji!!!
Rag:now i am sleepy lets sleep.. Tmrw we hv to go for temple remember…

Swarag both goes to temple they both prays for their family…
There comes Maheshwari ladies..
Swarag were spreading foods for needy…
Maheshwari’s sees them….
Ap suji looks at eachother and at ragini.. They smiles seeing her nature…
Swarag then leaves from there….

Here door bell rings.. Shekar opens the door and was shocked to find dp at the door……

Precap:alliance for ragini…..

So how was this?? Not bad right?? Plz comment both negative and positive comments are accepted?? Pairs u vl know by the story progressing?? Most importantly should i continue

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  1. please don’t make ragini
    negative here or swara also.
    for a change u can make sanskar or laksh negative but not swaragini

  2. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend continue

  3. Superb..and the last part..i liked that verymuch…

  4. Please make swasan

  5. Shrilatha

    Awesome ashfa….amazing ..I know about ur pairs ..I won’t reveal don’t worry…amazing and love u tooo

  6. superb. plz make RAGSAN

  7. Awesome

  8. awesomee

  9. if you are going to give equal importance to swara as well than i will surely read it ……….
    and ya please reveal the pairs asap otherwise you rag—————–san fans will again say that we are bashing the writers but it also hurts us when the pairs are not our favourite when you expect them to be………………..
    all the best for your story

  10. Asra

    awesome dear…..loved it alot…swarag conversation superbbb dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

  11. Amul

    super yarr………
    raglak please

  12. Awesome

  13. Kitkat

    awesome sweetheart n plz keep the pairs as swasan and raglak….

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    Awesome ……..

  16. Bela

    If there is any confusion regarding the title, add your name in it, it would solve the problems ???

    By god, I am really impressed. It is a fresh start and I really look forward to it. No wonder the pairs, even if it turns out to be a Swaragini ff????

  17. IQRA222

    awesome pls do keeep the pairs swasan raglak ok

  18. Asw

    Nice keep going

  19. Loved it dear

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