Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (last)

Let’s begin…..

Here both swarag present bowls of chillies in front of sanlak.. Who are now damn scared…

Sw: laksh you vl Eat first na for me
Lak gulps
Rag: u vl start first na sanskar…. Plzz!
San too gulps
Sanlak both look at each other
They closes their eyes….. And abt to eat it

They listen laughter’s….
They opens their eyes and we shocked to see all their family and swarag were holding their stomach and laughing

Cabir: bakra halal ho gaya….
Sanlak looks at swarag with fake anger and goes from there

Swarag pouts…..

Kavya:u both hv made them angry.. They were ready to eat chilies for you… Now u hv to make it up….

Swarag goes behind them…

Lak was facing window
Sw:m sorry….i…plzz mujhe maaf kardo
She waits for him to reply by no rply

Sw:i m sorry laksh.. i didn’t knew it would hurt you…. i was just….. She cries she hugs him from back
Lak smiles
Sw: and for my sake why we you ready to eat those chillies….
Lak: bcs i love you… And i m not angry on you
Sw: sacchi!
Lak turns and sees her smiling teasing
Lak: so you were not crying
Sw: why should i?
Lak: it was all acting
Sw: en u can act… Why can’t i?
Lak: hey bhagwan iss ladki ko thoda akal dho
Sw pouts…
He smiles seeing her antics and hugs her…
Both composes.. He gets to be romantic with her
Sw pulls him: not now… All after marriage
She runs from there
Lak:oh no wn vl this mrg hpn

Rag was continuously pleading him bt he was ignoring him
Rag: i m sorry.. i didn’t do it intentionally
San: oh ya.. Whenever u wish u can make a fun of me.. Even before you did the same
Rag feels guilty….
San: do i look like joker to you…. Or any useless thing.. That you always make a fun….
Rag: i m sorry sanskar…. i didn’t….
San: oh ya… Now say that u didn’t do it intentionally… Bt leave whom i m explaining….u always does like this..no you only tell me that how i look….i always loved you… Bt you……
Rag bends her head and tears fall from her eyes

San turns to face her smilingly
Bt to his shock ragini was not in the place….

San: oh shit.. Meine much zyaada hi boldiya… Hope she wont leave me again.. Sanskar sanskar sanskar wat you did….
He goes in search of her

He sees all the family was talking and laughing…

He searches while house and he goes out and sees Ragini sitting in the garden and crying

He goes and sits next to her

Rag:i m sorry sanskar i ….. She cries
Rag: i don’t hv anything to say… Bcs i m it culprit.. i don’t….. i don’t suit….
San:shhh….ho gaya….u don’t hv right to say that u don’t suit me…. And i can’t imagine my life without you and one more thing i was also joking i thought to laugh at the end bt u didn’t let me to do anything…..
Rag: so you are not angry on me
San:ha i m bt not for that…
Rag: then…. Plz forgive me sanskar ji
San: arey let me complete
Rag: wat?
San:u hv to make it up
Rag wow her tears: wat i hv to do
San: tonight be ready as my bride
Rag confused: ok bt why?
San smiles and comes close to her she bends back…. He held her waist and pulled her close
San whispers in her ears: for our special night….
He leaves her and goes smiling
Rag sits there blushing

San enters the house he sees dp
And he didn’t expected him to be there
and he remembers the Goon saying that dp has told him to kill sanskar….

He can’t believe that… Bt… Still there….

Lak goes to dp
He was abt to bend..bt dp held him and hugs him
Dp:i m sorry laksh.. i didn’t let you to live your life per Ur wish….. Vl u forgive this old dad
Lak smiles and plus he was shocked too he somewhere knew that he will change one day bt soon….
Lak:even i m sorry dad..i was behaving with u rudely never had a second thought to talk to you as son.. Not an opposition

Dp then looks at sanskar..who was seeing everywhere bt not him
Dp:laksh..can someone hear this oldy…i m waiting for a person to come to me and talk to me bt i guess he is so angry on me that he is not even looking at me bt was smiling wn i hugged laksh..i know i did many wrong with him..bt i was not completely wrong he could hv made me understand there is no where written that i m too strict

All understand to whom he was talking
Now sanskar looks at him
Bt now dp was looking at ragini and swara as they goes to him and took his blessings

San:lucky… Even i was waiting for years that someone will call me bt i guess he was not all bothered

Lak smiles

Dp: laksh..why can’t the person call himself of he was so waiting

San:lucky…bt that someone could also called ryte..wn he can check over me as wat i did..how i became success..wn he can come to my hotel secretly..why he didnt came by himself

Dp looks at him and sees sanskar who was already looking at him with tears

San smiling with tears: i m sorry bade papa…..
Dp wides his hands for hug… san runs to him and hugs him…..

Laksh smiles
All family admires them…

Soon days passes…. In this suji and san patched up and suraj was sent to jail for attempt of murder And sanskar was happy to know the truth which was still bothered him.. Now all we happy as everything back to normal
Swalak got married….

There kavya and Karan met eachother and they hv become friends

One morning
(Note ragsan shifted to mm)
Rag gets up and sees all fresh
Rag:u woke up early
San: ha my beautiful wife… There is one work which is left incomplete…
Rag stands: wat work
San: u vl know it soon…

He goes

Here in swalak room

Sw was getting ready and laksh was admiring her
Sw: don’t look at me like that
Lak: why any prblm… Now u are my wife and i can watch u anytime…. Hey now i telling how abt moving honeymoon
Se blushes
Lak: don’t blush like this i can’t control… So how abt going to honey only u and me
Sw: shameless

At the time they heard door opening voice it was obviously sanskar ?

San with a teasing smile: so now tell me lucky and shonu wat is honeymoon

Swalak were shocked and remrmbers the wat is honeymoon?? Incident ??
They laughs

Lak:oh is it? Let me ask babhi… Wait he goes
San was shocked

He goes behind him

Rag who was coming out
Lak:bhabi bhabi bhabi….
San covers his mouth
Rag: arey wat hpnd?
Lak frees himself
Lak:bhabi i didn’t thought that u still say him
Rag: wat?
San: ragini chalo him chale he
Lak: babhi..u still didn’t tell bhaai wat is honeymoon?
Rag was shocked: wat?
Now both sanlak laughs seeing ragini’s reaction
Rag: kya tum dono bhaaiyon ko mein hi milti hoon aise sawaal poochne ko
Both: sorry
Lak:bt seriously babhi i think u should tell him… He disturbs my romance with my wife.. So that your this husband won’t disturb us….

Lak goes….

Rag:chi.. Sanskar.. Still u r behaving like kid
San: wat is the prblm? Now tell me wat is is meaning
Rag gets in the room
San: oh ho i m asking you something
Rag: oh really honeymoon means ghoomna hota hai
San with teasing smile: oh is it?
Rag nods
San: bt i think it’s not… Bt
He forwards his steps to rag… Rag moves back.. He pins her to the wall….
San: honeymoon is……!
Swalak who came there: oh tell us too wat is honeymoon?
San turns
Lak: u r getting angry na.. i also felt the same….
San: u……. He chases him…..
Lak hides behind both swarag: save me plz…
San: ahaaa… Come i vl save you properly….
He drags laksh
San raises his hand to hit him playfully
Laksh thought sanskar will hit him… So he immediately his sanskar
Sanskar smiles
And swarag to smile

Later all 4 goes to dining

After the breakfast…
Dp gives the envelops to swarag
They get confused
Dp:sanskar.. It is the answer for your question on that day
San confused: bade papa i m not understanding
Dp: you asked na wat is honeymoon… So i m giving you small gift to u 4…

San gets embarrassed while laksh laughs
And all joins laksh in laugh

Both swarag were sitting together
Sw:see..laado rani…jaise humne socha tha waisa hi hua
Rag smiles: ha.. We got married to brothers and our promise didn’t break too….
Swarag: thankgod we didn’t loves the same guy
They laughs

A new day…
Lak: ek dhoop chanchal hai
San:aur ek chandni

They looks at swarag who has opened a music school

Sanlak: phir bhi hai ek dhooje ke liye bani…

Lak:suron se saji meri swara
San:ragon se rachi meri ragini

Sanlak:dono milke banti hai swaragini
All their family claps….. As how they describe their wives

Swarag comes to them and they hugs their respective husband’s
And all family members admires them..

There were many ups and downs in the family… That only family can complete

With this the ff end with a happy note hum saath saath hai?? And kabhi khushi kabhi gham

And no more swalak and ragsan scenes…. i had no more plans for this ff… So i thought to end this…

Thankyou all my besties for your continuous support.. Bcs of your support i could write ff….
U can give your reviews of this whole ff… Even negative too…

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