Swaragini Ek nayi kahani intro 2+episode 1


Hello friend. ……
Sorry introduction khatam nahi hua n there are some age mistake …….

Laksh:25 years
Sanskar:24 n half (only 3 month younger than laksh)
Uttara:20 years
swara:22 (one year smaller dn ragu)
The ages will be of past……
The story will start after 4years……

in this time period many changes wll occure.

As I said before I dont hqve any story in mind but now I got some ideas I will mix all ………

is that ok with u all guys…..if no pls comment I will try to change and improve as much as I can……

Rapanzal-in my ff uttara and sanky are twins.

N thank u all for u loving n supporting comments. hope I will get again.
Guys I will introduce a new gadodiya character. ….later


Life runs so fast nobody knows what will happen next moment.
Its been 4 years I loss u but I am living only for u.I am living with the only memory I have of urs.

No one knows my pain but I will live as much as I can coz I dont have any other choice: he writes in his diary and went to his room and kept it in his wardrob…….

He went near a big pic in his room beside his bed and kiss that photo……..

So who is that person who is speaking????
whom the person is speaking????

Credit to: Ashi

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