Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 9


Hello everyone. …..sorry guys numbermistake I wrote episode 6 as episode 7 n episode 7 same.
N fransi u r rit dear the college part was from koi aap sa but the story is different. u read n njy.
Thank u all for ur comments.
Sanky came to MM
Sanky:Princess where r u?
Shonu:papi I am here n she hug him.
Sanky:How was ur day princess?
Shonu:it was awesome papi do u know massi me n bua did lots of masti n both the dadi too r so cute n dadi 2 is very funny.
Sujju n ap was sitting at the hall
sujju:chori ke funny kiya mane tare sath.
Shonu:Haha nothing dadi sorry]]

sanky:I am happy if u r happy now come leta go baby
shonu:papi lets take massi n bua wid us
Sanky:Let them be here they may have work na we both will go….
Shonu:no papi plz na lts take them wid cute face.
sanky:*laugh loud*noone can win wid u just like ur momi ok call them
shonu:Ya ofcourse I am like momi afterall I am momi’s girl n papi’s princess right?
sanky:ya rit now go n come fast.
shonu:ok u sit we r cming zn she run
Sanky sat on the sofa n was busy wid his phone.
sujju n ap were sad as there son ignores them.
after sometime
sanky:Princess where r u come fast itz gettng late
Soom she come n all wnt to the car but sanky rember that he leave his phone so he came back.
Here Sujju n Ap were talking
sujju:Dekh jiji mara beta kitna bara ho gaya kabhi socha na tha ke woh itna badal jabega.
ap:ha sujata halat sabko badl deta hai or who dukh jo humne undono ko diya woh toh kisi pap se kam nahi.

Sujju:Ha jiji kas us din hum unhe sumte or unka biswas karte toh aj humare swasan hamare sath hote.
(Guys sanlak swaragini utts were loved by both the family as there own children)
Ap:Dekho na kitna pyar karta hai woh shonu se
sujju:Ha jiji mara chora hai hi esa nahi to kon kisi aur ke khoon ko itna pyar deta hai
Ap:Asa mat………
Suddenly a breaking sound is heard n sanky was standing infront of both wid full anger
sanky:(Shout)HOW DARE U TO SAY THAT SHONU IS NOT MY DAUGHTER.Woh meri shona ka khoon hai n agar khoon ka rista hi asli hota na toh aj main aap logo se door nahi hota sumjhe.
shonu meri jaan hai meri shona ki nisani agar aaj ke bad asa kuch mane suna na or agar shonu ko kuch pata chala iske bare main toh aap soch bhi nahi sakte main kya kar dungi.Yeh SANKAR KHANNA ka waada hai.

Dp n Rp were present there n were listening them as they know it will be waste if they try to cntrl sanky.
Ap n sujju were very much scared.
Sanky went but make himslf cool down.

N they went to shopping.
Here in MM
Ap:Mene sanky ko itna gussa toh usdin bhi nahi dekha tha kya yeh wohi sanky hai woh mujse kabhi uchi awaj main bad bhi nahi karta tha.
Sujju:Na jIji hamara beta badal gaya hai.
Dp:why u both speak abt shonu like this its not that he talk rudly becz he is angry wid us he speak wid everyone whoever talk smthng againt his shonu *n tell what happen at office*
Ap:What owr sanskar is the owner of the most famous S.R.company he is Mr.S.KHANNA but how *Then she remember*Oh sanky has changed his identity too .
N all cried
Dp: But I am happy my son is so successful the son who was usless some years before is now a bussiness magnet.
N I regrt for not trustng him.
****AT MALL****
Sanky:Princess choose ur dress
shonu:Ok papi…..
Sanky:U too also can take whatever u want.take care of her I am going to buy a surprise for her make sure she dnt search for me.
Ragu:Surprise for what? Is something is there
sanky:Ya. her bdy.

By saying this he went.
Both ragutt bought dresses for shonu n also took two dresses which was choose by our princess shonu.
Here sanky was searching special for his princess.
when he saw a princess gown (Barbie dresses)
He went n bought it n again goes in search for some more things he bought shoes n a princess crown too.
Suddenly he saw a person n a tear fall his eyes.
The person:hi sanskar. how r u? How is swara?
Sanky:Hello kavita (yes guys she is kavi)I am fine n abt swara she is also happy I hpe.
Kavi:hope wht do u mean
sanky:Nothing bye.
kavi:Sorry sanky icame to know the truth after u bth went away.I should have trust u sorry.
sanky:Its ok kavita.
He went away.N all went to there home next day is very special for everyone .Sanky left utts at MM n ragshonu at GM.

He went home and start preparing for his princess bdy…….
********AT GM*********
He call ragu.
ragu:sanky what happen at this time u called is everything ok???
Sanky:open the door plz…..
Ragu run n open the door.n saw sanky with lots of packets.
Ragu:What is all this ???
He went inside and ask

Sanky:Where is shonu’s room?
Ragu took him to ber room.
As he enter he become emotional a bit coz after 4 n half year he entered in this room.
He started to blow balloons by sitting on the floor.
Ragu n sumi came to the room n was surprised
ragu:What r u doing sanskar atleast tell us?
sanky:Tomorrow is shonu’s bdy every year I surprise her by decoratng her room .
Ragu too start to blow ballons at first sanky oppose as they were fighting
sumi:shut up u both shonu will get up.
Both Shut there mouth n both decorate the room beautifully.
At 12:00
Sanky went near shonu’s ears n
sanky:Happy birthday to u happy birthday dear princess happy birthday to u.
Shonu wake up n jump wid excitement n hug him by seeing the room decorated so beautifully.
shonu:thnk u papi it is soooo beautiful.
Sanky went back to his car n bought a cake n also gifts.
sanky:Come princess lets cut the cakes.
Ragu:Cakes for what ?
sanky:princess plz go n bring a knife.
shonu run
Sanky:U all may forgot but I cannot that today is my shona’s bdy too.
Ragu n sumi were sad after hearing as they remember it was swara’s bdy. today.
Shonu:papi lets cutthe cake.
they cut the cake n all were present there.
Sanky gave two gifts
sanky:Princess I have arranged a party as usual so be ready with this gifts.ok baby good night
Shonu:ok papi bye good nit.
Sanky went home.

Here Shonu n ragu both were watching the gifts.
1st gift-it was a barbie frock (Baby pink )
2nd-Princess crown
3rd-Princess shoes(pink)
4th-it was a old gift
Ragu:what is this baby it seems like it is very old gift.
shonu:yes massi this is momi’s gift every year papi give many gifts including one momi’s gift.
Ragu was sad but didnot show.

She open the gift.
It was a cute but big teddy which was of Blue color
It was written happy birthday my princess momi loves u alot.

Shonu hug the teddy n cry ragu too cried but consol shonu.
Ragu:cutie dnt cry u know ur momi love su alot n u know today is ur momi’s bdy too
shonu:ya massi I know .
Both soon sleep shonu hug the teddy n sleep.
Sumi saw all this n she too cried but was also happy
sumi:my shona has become so big I never thought that she will be so intelligent. I miss u beta why u leave us beta n went to her room n cry heart out.
Shekhar come to her n try to consol her.
Shekar:sumi control urself I know we loose our shona……
sumi:our no shekhar she was only my shona u only said that day na u cut all ur rlsn wid her then why u r showing ur fake tears to me. U only think of ur reputation na stay wid it get out of my room.
Shekar leave the room dishearted.

he went to his room n cried a lot
shekar:I am sorry my princess I should have trust u then u may be wid us today I am sorry I miss u beta why u leave me beta……….

Here sanky was also crying by seeing swara’s pic .
sanky:today is the day when I got our princess and today is only the day when I loose u I loose my love my bestest friend my queen my shona.
why u leave me yaar u promised me that u will alwys be wid me then why shona why?
He cried n slept by huging the pic.
it was his routine to cry at night by hugging her photo.

To be contine

PRECAP:Party / past

Credit to: Ashi

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