Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 8


Hello guys. …..Another episode as today I am free no classes no work as I am alone at home……..
****LET’S GO****
♡♡♡♡ Present♡♡♡♡
Sanky was remembering swara n was crying her photo n slept by hugging the photo.
←←←←Next Day→→→→
He wake up and call on ragini’s number.
Ragu:Good morning sanskar…cut by him
Sanky:Give the phone to cutie.

Ragu:Sanky she is sleeping let her sleep a lill more
Sanky:I dnt ask ur opinion ok Keep the phone near her
Ragu on the speaker so that she can also hear his talk n say : Sanky now speak to her.
Sanky:Princess get up baby its late n u r good girl na get up get up

Shonu smile n woke up n took the phone n kissed on the phone n says good morning papi come soon I am waiting n went to freshup.
Ragu:Sanky she went again cut by him
Sanky:U dont have rit to call me sanky anymore u all r noone to me I am here just for my shona n my shonu .N plz kindly make Chocolate milkshake n Upma for her break fast n sorry to dstrb u but I never say no to her so I allowed her to stay there .
Ragu:No need to say sorry she is my cutie I can…..*phone Cut*
Ragini was tearly eyes she rembers there frndship n sweet nokjhok the sweet n flirty sanky n this arrongent sanky.

Sumi was standing at the door n heared there convo she also regret there acts and behavior towards swasan and cried.

After sometime Sanky came to Gadodiya mansion(GM) n shonu was waiting for him for bf.
Shonu:(run to him n hug him) Papi come I am hungry quick .
Sanky:Sorry princess .That time Ap n sujju came to GM n saw sanky-Shonu n cried aa he ignores them
Sanky Made her eat n he too eat abit.Soon both finish n sanky took her wid him n make her sit on the hall sofa n took his phone n both laugh n others are confuse then ragu went near her and saw swara’s Video in which she was making funny faces n was bitting sanky both were fighting wid pillows n enjoying.
Ragu was crying after seeing her cutie video but soon compoae herslf after sanky gave her a angry look n tell her not to cry infront of shonu through his eyes.

Soon both sanky n shonu has a lill tears in there eyes n cry while laughing only n stop watching the videos.

Sumi:Shonu u were laughing na beta then now why r u crying ?
Shonu:Nothing nani I was watching momi’s video we always do the same after bf we watch her videos n we laugh n cry as we miss her
Sumi was also crying n hug her.

shonu:Papi I came to nana nani’s house but where is my dadi dad’s house lets go there .
Sanky:(fake smile) Ok princess come.*He close his fist in anger n his eyes turn red in anger*
all saw it xcpt shonu.
Both reach MAHESWARI MANSION (MM) N shonu run inside.
She went to Dp n Rp who were sitting at the dining table n hug dp
Shonu:Hi dadu hi dadu2 (to Rp)
Both smile n Dp took her in his lap.
All were shock as he never took Anyone in his Lap like this.
Ap:Ji breakfast
Dp:Ap bring another plate for our princess.
Ap noded n went but Shonu stop
Shonu:Dadi no need I had my bf.U all carryon I will sit in the hall.

N she sat on the sofa n was watching tv just then uttara come n saw her n ask her
Utt:Hey baby who r u ? U r sooo cute n kiss her n pull her cheek
Shonu:I am Shonu Sorry My name is Ragini Khanna. n u
Utt:Was a bit surprise by the name n speak I am uttara but beta why r u here with whom u came.
Shonu:I came wid my papi he is outside oh yes why he is outside wait I will bring him.
Utts was surprise who may be her papi n shonu ran n then Ap Dp Sujju Rp all come to her n say
Dp:Uttara she is swara’s Daughter
Utt:what????? N that means her papi….

Sujju:Yes beta my sanky ur bhai
He dnt come home for once also after coming to India he disnt look into our face till now.
Utt:Then ma Shonu went to call him inside he will be angry on her coz he dnt like anyone forcing him for anything.
All got thinking and were scared for the lill girl coz sanky’s anger is very bad so they decide to go out bur to there surprise sanky come taking shonu on his lap n was smiling
Utts:Mom how is it possible is that my sanky bro
Sujju:U have not even seen him beta he has changed completely
Ap:Shuuup sujata
Ap:Sanskar beta come have bf
Sanky:(Wid fake smile) No thank u I had my bf wid my princess.
Shonu:Papi have a lill so he will eat dadi u serve.
Ap n sujju went smiling
N sanky n utt stare shonu in mouth open
Sanky:What was that princess I said I had my bf then…..cut
Shonu:Papi I saw how much u had ok now keep ur finger on ur lips n sit on the dining table sanky does what she says like a good boy
Utt:*think*No one has ever dared to talk wid sanky bhai he never does what he dont like but now …..

Ap n sujju came wid gobi paratha n kheer n panner subji which is sanky’s fav n serve him

Sanky:Princess start
All were confuse
Shonu took a bit of paratha took a spoon of kheer n also paneer n asked him to eat now

Utts Dp n Rp were shock but ap n sujju saw it before.

Sanky:Sanky eat all n was crying silently while eating .Soon he finshed all n shonu wipe his face wid tissue .
All were happy to see there bonding
Shonu:Papi I want to go for shopping u only broght 5 dresses for me from home now what I will were in massi’s wedding.*wid a pout*
Sanky:Princess no worries we will go for shopping at the evening coz I have my office work so u tell me what u will do now will u stay here or go to Ur nani’s house or to our home.?
Utt:Bhai let her stay here only I will take care of her….
Shonu:U call papi bhai (to sanky) papi very bad u dnt tell me that u have a sis very bad n mess his hairs.
Sanky:Sorry princess ok wait I will intro u
Dp-this is ur bade dadaji
Rp-ur dadaji

Ap-badi dadi
n point to lucky photo on the wall-ur chaha n also mausaji(Massi’s hubby)
shonu:ok I get all but the last one is confusing papi.How can my chacha be mausaji????
Sanky:Becz ur ragini massi is marring ur laksh chachu baby .
Shonu:O wowwwww so nice na .

Soon sanky went to his office dp rp also left for there office n ap sujju n utts play wid shonu.
shonu soon bond wid utts n also call ragu there n the trio did lots of masti.
He has an importing meeting for which he has come to India n was waiting for the clients .
Soon they came n both the client s were shock
1St client was Gadodiya’s
2nd were Maheswari’ s
And other too….bth they were not shock
Sanky:Hello everyone plz take ur sit n start the meeting I dont have much time
One of the client:What so hurry mr khanna lets have some talk…..
sanky:Sorry sir I have promised my daughter to take her out so plz be quick
Same man:Dont joke sir u r such a big bussinessman n u listen to ur daughter leave the plan letz go for a party today…..
sanky:U get up (anger) I said get up(shout) who d hell r u to tell me wht to do wht not to mind ur own bussiness n I can do anything fke my daughter ok she is my life I am not like the parents who leave there children’s when they need them the most (taunt dp n rp n shekhar) I can even leave my work for my princess so u better concentrate on ur work.

Soon the meeting start n all the presentatins were good but Maheswari n gadodiya were best.
sanky:All the presentations were good but I like mr gadodiya n mr maheswari’s presentations so let me give u a offer do this project together n the contract will be urs.
N he stand up n say so people thank u for ur presence n I am sorry mr sarma for speaking like that wid u but plz next time dont talk abt my daughter like that she is my everything n I cant hear anything abt her. N mr maheswari n gadodiya think n inform me today itself if u r not interested I will give it to mr sarma as his presentation was second best.
Thank u everyone n bye bye.oh one more thing This Sunday I have arrange a small party cz my daughter is turning 5 so plz do come n bring ur family members to wid u …………….

By saying this he goes………Shekhar Dp Rp discuss n accept the proposal.
They call sanskar who was near his car was abt to go but stop after hearing the call of dp
Dp:Beta we accept ur proposal…..

Sanky:Mr khanna Mr maheswari call me that u dnt have any rit to call me beta.
By saying this he went away.

Credit to: Ashi

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