Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 7


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Swaragini were ready with same design gown but swara wear royal blue and ragini wear Blood red.Both r looking awesome. both have curl there hairs.

Sanky wore a jeans n a t-shirt wid jacket. (Imagine the dressing style of Danny From Saraswatichandra) lucky wore a black suit.
Both r looking hot.
N sanky went to bring kavita .
Kavita:can u blve kavya (kavi’s roomate) After a long time me n sanky will be alone without swara.
Kavya:Kavi do u really think they r just frndz I cant blve yaar coz of there closeness. sorry yaar if I hurt u.
Kavi:dnt be sorry I was also insecure but swalak r in rlsnshp so no worries.
Soon bell rings n kavi went to open the door she close her eyes n ask
Kavi:How am I looking?
Awsome a voice came but It was not sansky kavi opened her eyes n saw swara there.
Kavi:Swara wht r u doing here?
Swara:Sorry actually ragu went wid her frndz cz she will be a bit late n lucky wid his frnd kartik so I came wid sanky.
Sanky from behind:Letz go guys . (to kavi) Hey beautiful u r lookng awsome yaar.
Kavi:fake smile. thnk u letz go.
The trio reach the college during the drive swara was in middle of both that is why kavi was a bit irritated. swara understand n
swara:Sanky go n dan e wid kavi n ya dedicat a song to her .
Sanky:is it necessary.
swara wid fake angry face.
Sanky: ok ok chill yaar.
sanky dedicate the song Sanam re to kavi n both went to dance.

After sometime a peon come to her and tell
Peon: swara mam a man has come n he asked u to meet him.
swara:Where he is n who is he?
Peon:he is standing outside the room n I dnt know him.
swara:ok u go n thnx.
Swara tries to call aanky but he was. bit busy so she went to meet the person as she was going she collided wid ragini who has just entered the partym
ragu:cutie where r u going ?
Swara:Di someone has called me so I will see n come u njy
ragu:shall I come wid u?
swara:no need di u njy I will be back soon.
By saying this she went away and saw the person.
swara:aree kartik what r u doing here come to the party n where is laksh u both were suppose to ve together right?
Kartik:Actually I got an important call so I jave to leave for Australia now itself I jave my fight after 1 hour.so I came to meet u n to give u a gift .
Swara:Gift for what kartik no need of it thnk u.
kar:Plz swara if u think me as ur friend then u will not refuse plz
he pretend to forget the gift at the car and
kar:Actually sorry I left the gift plz come wid me
swara:it’s ok u go
he force her n finally she agreed n both went.
After walking a while he saw a room he pull swara to that room
n push her to the floor
swara :*shock n scared* what r u doing ?……why u closed the door kartik u said u wnt me gift …..cut her word
kar:Ya its here only baby I know what u want.
He come closer n swara warn him not to
swara:what rubbish r u talking kartik leave me let me go
Kar:what happen baby I know girla like u dont worry I will not tell anything to laksh
Swara:U r sick leave me
she push him but he is strong
kar:whatz wrong wid me baby u never say no to sanskar. then why not me I know wht relation u both have
swara was shock after this statement n slap him .
Kartik was out of his mind now he
tied her and atlast he did what his dirty mind thought he r**e her swara scream for help

Here in party sanky also get some negativity n search for swara n excuse himslf frm kavi n ask ragu abt swara’s whereabouts.
But after getting negative rply from all he was a bit scared n search her outside the hall he meet the peon n ask him when he says about swara meetng a boy he run to that direction when he saw her pendent chain in the floor n hear a scream he seach n saw swara in the opposite room he tries hurt to open it n finally he succeeded.
He was shock to see swara in such a state .N close his eyes went near her n gave her his jacket n frees her he was crying n swara was moarning in pain she was not in her sense now he saw kartik but kartik run he follow her but he sat on his car n drive to airport but sanky too follow him ……………..
But god has Its own plan kartik’s car meet wid n accident n the car blust on spot he died.
Sanky was shock n went back
He took swara wid him n went to his farmhouse.
He make swara lie on the bed n went frm there he was crying as she was his bst frnd smewhere he feel guilty cz he was fail to protect her.
He inform ragu that they left from the party.
Swara wake up n remember the incident n scream
Sanky was out she went to the washroom took a blade n cut her wrist soon she faint in the bathroom.

To be continue

Credit to: Ashi

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